Torments Ot Hell

the doctrine itself.' It is strange to consider, men are so set upon the popish principle to be saved fot their works, that they count all profanenes» which crosses their way. Some have burned the Bible, and Dr. Crispéis book of Salvation by Christ alone; the treatise of Mr. Archer, late of All-hallowes, London, entitled Comfort to Believers against their Sins and Sorrow, was burned by the hangman. The same spirit is alive tosburn this also; I expect nothing better from such as are not taught of God; they condemn those things which they know not, and think they do God service when they persecute the truth and the professors of it. n >

That the fear of the torments of hell is no such preserver against sin, is evident; for thosé who sin with thé greatest greediness, the greatest sinners, they do believe there ate hell-torments; for though they be nefer so wicked, they hope it doth not belong to them, or they hope to repent and lead new lives before they die; though they sin for the present, they hope to make God amends for all: as an Arminian, being drunk, said, that he was now in a state of damnation; but, he said, he would be in a state of grace to-morrow; so he comforted himself. The lives of many heathens, who have denied the resurrection of the body, and therefore did not hold a hell of torments after, have been better than many who seek to escape hell, and gain heaven by their own works. If fear of hell were a preserver against sin, then those who are delivered from the fear of hell, Who believe they shall be saved, would sin more than others; but we find the' contrary, that none are more free from sin than these.

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