Chapter V

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Several Considerations, showing that there is not to be a Punishment after this life, that shall never end.

1. We do not find the place of hell mentioned in any of the six days work of God; if it be a place, it is created a place, and so a part of the creation of God.

The whale is mentioned in scripture; if there be a place of hell, it is a greater thing, and inasmuch as it is not found in the creation of God, it may well be considered as the creation of man, a vain imagination of man; for their reasons prove not its actual existence, nor do they agree among themselves of the proof of it, neither where it is, nor what it is.

2. Solomon was wiser than all men, 1 Kings iv. 31, yet he spake not any thing of the torments of hell, nor of any punishment never to. end. He spake from the cedar to the hyssop; he spake also of beasts and fowls, of creeping things, and of fishes, ver. 33. If he had known of any hell and torments there, he would have spoken of that also.

3. The Jews, unto whom were committed the oracles of God, Rom. iii. 2, to give unto us, have delivered no such thing to us, nor do they believe any such thing: for the Hebrew doctors understand the seventh day of seven thousand years, which is in the world to come, he blessed, because in the seven thousand years all souls shall be bound up in the

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