Chapter Iv

The Seven Pillars of Hell shaken and removed.

1. The Greek Fathers w$re the first pillar of hell-torments. This came to pass by reason of the ignorance of the Fathers in the Hebrew tongue ; their not understanding the word sheol deceived them; so saith Dr. Fulke in his Defence, p. 77.

2. The second pillar of hell-torments were the writers of the Hebrew and Greek copies of the Bible; their defect hath put us to a,great loss. The original copy which the Apostles wrote is not only Unknown to us,: but to the learned. We do not hear of any alive in England who can produce the New Testament which .the Apostles wrote. It is not enough that they say we have books in Hebrew and Greek, unless we could certainly know that these copies, as they call them, agree word for word with those which were written by the Prophets and Apostles. Many boast of God's preserving the Hebrew and Greek Bible amidst so many enemies; as God hath been pleased to deliver up Christ his people, so also the Scriptures into the hands of sinners, to be used at their pleasure. It is wonderful to consider, what adding and altering the Scriptures have been subject to; one Pope publishes what he pleases for Scripture, as Pope Urban V.; and within two years Pope Clement, who succeeded him, call#them in and burns them, and puts out what he pleases, and calls it the Holy Scriptures. If you


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