Whose point of view should we consider as we learn the origins of our customs

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This discussion could take place between you and your parents, your brother or sister, or a close friend you love dearly. You tell them what you've learned about the origins of Christmas, that it's really Satan's "birthday", because this being was worshipped (obeyed) by diverting obedience away from the true Creator of the Universe. Observing Messiah's birthday is not a commanded activity, and in no way can our worship be man-made, or originate from a formerly Pagan custom. So, you've stopped observing Christmas, Easter, and Sun-Day worship services, but they want to remain a pig-eating Sun-Day worshipper regardless of what Scripture says. They haven't studied personally, and they think you've come in contact with some form of "cult". You might say something like,

"If I understand your viewpoint about Christmas, it's OK for us to observe this formerly Pagan ritual birthday of the sun idol, because it's now revised in meaning, and applies itself to the worship of Ya-hushua, the Mashiach of Israel, and is no longer associated with its origins."

Researching the origins of birthdays, they come from Babylonian Astrology, not the guidelines of Scripture. (Research the word horoscope, and find that it means hour watcher. This was one of the duties of the Chaldean priests of Babylon. They watched the skies at the hour of a birth). The person led by "tradition" is in the majority, and believes by simply re-naming Saturnalia "Christ's Mass", and reinterpreting the symbolic ideas surrounding this solstice festival, we can consider the Paganism purged and rejected, and the formerly Pagan-founded ritual is applied to the obser vance of the birth of Mashiach, which cleanses the idolatry completely. Amazingly, it was just that simple to do this for every detail of Paganism — this is why Scripture refers to this kind of devious, scheming, misleading behavior as: "masquerading", inheriting lies, strong delusion, washing a pig, returning to vomit, etc.,.

Father YHWH has a point of view concerning all the celebrations his children observe - do we take His feelings into consideration when we decide to follow men's traditions? If we only take the viewpoint of human tradition, and never question what we have inherited through human designs, we will never see things of the world from the viewpoint of YHWH.

Concerning the lies and falsehood we have inherited, Jer. 16:19 tells us:

"In the day of distress the Gentiles shall come to You from the ends of the Earth and say, 'Our fathers have inherited only falsehood, futility, and there is no value in them.'"

The verses continue, and tell us that the folks that realize Who He really is, by His hand and might, they shall know that His NAME is YHWH. Not knowing the personal Name of the Creator, people today worship what they know not what, with great enthusiasm, fervor, and zeal; and are in great ignorance as they do so. The prophet quoted above is telling us that the things the Gentiles have inherited (customs) are "only falsehood, futility, and there is no value in them." Surely this would not be speaking of technology, but rather the Pagan framework of world-wide celebrations held to be most dear to everyone, but abhorrent to Father YHWH.

Most importantly, I would like to point out that we can interpret history differently, but Scripture is what we must use to correct, rebuke, and train. If we find a letter written in the 9th century by a mere man who wrote about someone like "Nicholas" who lived hundreds of years before and thousands of miles away, how does that relate to our obedience to Torah? The Catholics teach that Nicholas was a "saint", died on December 6th, and was an "elder" (bishop). Yet, the same traditions tell us this lad died at the ripe old age of 17. Who cares if its all true, or entirely false? It is not related to anything remotely pertinent to our faith, or spiritual work while in our flesh. Revelation tells us that the dragon has deceived the whole world — how? Eph. 5:11-13 clearly explains how we are to "expose" the darkness; Jer. 10:2-5 shows the use of the tree in worship (it was a Pagan altar); Ezek. 8:17 exposes the sunrise services conducted at "Easter"; Deut. 12:30,31 warns us to not learn the ways of the Pagans, nor worship YHWH in those patterns; and 2 Pet. 2:22 clearly warns us to avoid returning to the former Paganism we are delivered from, which Peter likens to a "dog returning to its vomit". If we clean up a pig (a Pagan festival), it's still what it is in YHWH's eyes. Patronizing or condoning traditions which clearly originated in Satanic patterns go against the Spirit we have been given, and the words of life we live by.

Idolatry is likened to adultery/ harlotry in YHWH's eyes, and Gentiles engrafting into Israel are to refrain from idolatry (Acts 15). What I would hope to see accomplished by this debate is that YHWH be True, even if all of us turn out to be liars, or deceived in our thinking. We all have to learn, then teach the Torah of YHWH. YHWH's children speak His Words. I am not offended if you believe Constantine had nothing to do with changing the Sabbath to Sun-day, but I am convinced he did. That is simply a difference of opinion of what is fact. If possible, try to defend Christmas, Sunday, Easter, Holy Water, steeples, bells, wreaths, or the tree using Scripture -and you will be correcting with the highest of all authorities. If there are Scriptures which condone the adoption of formerly Pagan rituals as long as their purpose is revised, and in the end souls of men are saved through doing so, then we can all return to our "Mother", the Roman Catholic Curia and Pope rulership. The end would justify the means. The Roman— Eastern Orthodox schism can be healed again, and all the protestants can once again be re-united with the teachings and authority of Rome.

It is important to emphasize that I am not judging people, but the doctrines of demons which have replaced our Scriptural guidelines. As sheep, we can be deceived very easily without the leadership of our Shepherd. We need to ignore the voices calling to us, and listen only to His Voice. As Sheep, all we require to be deceived is to hear a good excuse, rationalization. If we are living in the mind of the flesh, our hearts are open to following after whatever the world wants to shovel, because we may be living with a mind set on the flesh, not the Spirit. We are the servants of the one whom we obey (Rom. 6:16); if we have been deceived by human traditions, and not searched-out the origins of what we do, and why we do them, we are like blind men. We must test all things. We are doubly deceived if we encounter the Truth, and reject a love for it when we hear it, because then YHWH sends forth the strong delusion that we believe the lie (2 Thess. 2:5-12).

If Christmas, Sunday, and Easter are not delusions, but rather are found in Scripture, then bring the evidence forth. Worshipping what we do not know can be zealous and sincere, but sincerely wrong and riddled with error. The deceived people don't know they are deceived, or they would not continue in error. Adopting Pagan methods to worship YHWH is another golden calf (apis). Propping up a device or behavior rooted in a Pagan origin and diverted to the worship of YHWH is an abomination — but only in His eyes, not ours (if we can't see it from His point-of-view). Even adding to His Word and performing something He never asked us to do for Him can lead to death, as we see in the example from the "strange fire" offered by Aharon's sons. But transforming a formerly Pagan pattern into a camouflaged man-made device has to be even worse. Many times, the root of our problem stems from simple ignorance — and YHWH's people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge.

Why did Father YHWH withhold, or allow the withholding of, the knowledge of His Name from the people of Earth? Israel, Father YHWH's wife/ bride, serves as the priesthood to the whole Earth, and the lips of a priest ought to preserve knowledge. Returning to Pagan practices, the Israelites grew apart from YHWH more and more, as we see Christianity did through the adoption of Pagan elements over the centuries by "revisionism" (changing the reason behind the act).

If we are YHWH's people, He says we will know His Name (Is. 52.6). If we are not engrafted into Israel, we are not His people, His chosen ones. There is no promise or covenant with anyone outside of Israel; Gentiles must engraft to partake of the promises and Covenant (Romans 11).

Through stammering lips and a foreign tongue, Israel will eventually learn and the battle for who they serve will turn (Is. 28). He guides us into paths of righteousness "for His Name's sake" (Ps. 23).

Jeremiah (YirmeYahu) 23:27 tells us that the association with Baal (LORD) worship caused the people to "forget" YHWH's Name. Many of the prophets were persecuted for using the Name. Zeph. 3:9 tells us we will call on the Name eventually, after our lips are purified. Ezk. 39 states YHWH will make His Name known.

If you have access to an exhaustive concordance, you can do a wonderful study on the Name by looking at the many Scriptural references where the words Name, lips, and call are used by the translators. It is my opinion that

YHWH removed His Name from the lips of people because they were headed "back to Egypt" by being drawn into Pagan practices. Literally, "making an alliance with Pharaoh" by adopting a Pagan element is the same as Satanism, so YHWH would obviously remove His Name from those lips. As we draw closer to Him, YHWH reveals Himself in ever-increasing measure. He has revealed Himself to us through His Son, Yahushua ha'Mashiach of Natsarith.

We all stumble in many matters; but we serve the same Mashiach. Our need to rush to point out perceived errors must be tempered with sincere love for one another, not motivated by selfish ambition. We have to accept correction with humility, but this correction needs to come from "the Word", as we are told at 2 Tim 4. Arguing over how we are to conduct ourselves with human reasoning is probably a dangerous and pointless endeavor. May we all serve Yahushua in ever-increasing unity of faith, resulting in obedience He finds acceptable. May His will (Torah) be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

"The Word" is the Torah of YHWH. Our receiving a love for it, and having it written on our hearts and minds, is the New Covenant -Hebrews 10:16, 2 Cor. 3:3. That explains why we love the Commandments — Yahushua wrote them on our hearts.

Our immersion into His Name is the outward sign that He has circumcised our hearts. (Col. 2:11-13)

Shouted from the rooftops

There are many things kept secret from men. Men also keep many secrets from each other. They even deceive themselves by ignoring what they know to be true. One of the best-kept secrets in the world doesn't involve crashed alien craft at Area 51, or any Top Secret plan of any government. What I am about to reveal to you is not even known by the men "at the top", because as you know, they aren't tuned-in to YHWH's Word in a big way — and that goes for all rulers, whether political, ecclesiastical, or mercantile. The secret is simply this: those who are set up to rule over us are the lowest of men.

Daniel 4:17 does not lie:

"This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the command by the word of the set-apart ones, so that the living know that the Most High is Ruler in the reign of men, and gives it to whomever He wishes, and sets over it the lowest of men."

Consider what this means the next time your conversation turns to the conditions in the world. It's sobering to realize that we have been duped into believing that we elect the men who rule over us. It helps us to understand why the Amish, Anabaptists, and Mennonites have little, if any, participation in political affairs.

We have no king, but YHWH

TheTwo Babylons

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