Turning The World Upside Down

( How They Used To Get "Stoned" In The Old Days ) THEY USED THE NAME ALOUD!

The Book of Acts (the book of "Action") records how the early students of OWWhy "turned the world upside down". Put yourself In that lifesetting. The Name of the Creator had been concealed from the common people for centuries, since the Babylonian Captivity. Learning this truth, everyone was astounded, and a natural curiosity swirled among everyone. When Peter stood up and addressed the crowds at Acts 2, he quoted Yah El 2 (Joel) and told them to be immersed into the Name. Today, just before the end of the "times of the Gentiles", the world is being turned upside down once again by the growing knowledge of the Name, which has been concealed for many centuries by the religious merchants. Like today, it was the Name of the Creator that caused the religious establishment to be turned on its head.

NAME OR NO-NAME? People are quick to label others with "handles". Christians in general are called by a Greek term, having no idea that the term was used by Pagans first, as worshippers of Serapis, or that it is cognate with "cretin" (see your dictionary). They hang their hat on one translated verse from the Scriptures (Acts 11:26), while scholars know they were called Nazarenes, as a sect within Judaism.

Many today are apprehensive of groups that use the Hebrew personal Name of the Creator, calling them "sacred name" groups. These who would criticize those who use the Hebrew Name should remember our Rabbi's prayer at John 17, where He said He had revealed the Name to them, and that they be kept as one by the power of the Father's Name. Now, I'm going to initiate a new "handle" ~ the "NO-NAMERS". The no-namers use traditional terms in place of the Name, as most prefaces of the Scriptures will acknowledge. The words "GOD" and "LORD" are used as traditional replacements for the Name, a regrettable situation considering John 17. In review, the Encyclopedia Americana has this to say about the word "GOD":

GOD (god, gawd) A common Teutonic word for personal object of religious worship, formerly applicable to superhuman beings of heathen myth; on conversion of Teutonic races to Christianity, term was applied to Supreme Being, and to Persons of Trinity."

Swell. So, what does this mean ~ are we calling on the Creator with a word originally used by Pagans, to avoid the "ethnic" Name for the Crea tor? Look up the word "BAAL" in Webster's. It is defined as "LORD". Belial is a form of BAAL, and is another term for Satan. What's going on?

The over-looked issue here is this: at the time our Savior came, Whose Name is Yahushua, the Name was concealed, and any who spoke it aloud could be stoned to death for saying it. He said He revealed it to those given to Him out of the world, and that we be kept as ONE (in unity) by it. Are we in unity? He criticized the Pharisees for withholding the "Key of Knowledge" (Luke 11:52), and what they withheld was the Name! Why did they constantly want to stone Yahushua? He kept saying the Name. At Luke 19:38, the crowds were crying out a verse from Psalm 118:26 which contained the Name, and the Pharisees told Yahushua to rebuke them ~ because they were using the Name. Why were the disciples called to stand before the Sanhedrin? The Name! Why was Stephen stoned (Acts 7)? When he said the Name, they screamed and put their hands over their ears, and killed him. Yahushua Himself was condemned because He spoke the Name before the Sanhedrin, which caused the High Priest to tear his clothes, saying, "He has spoken blasphemy!" Blasphemy only involves one thing: the Name. Why was Paul on his way to Damascus to arrest Nazarenes? To carry them back to the Sanhedrin to see if they would say the Name and be similarly condemned to death. Why were the Dead Sea Scrolls buried in the first place? Because worn-out scrolls were treated with respect and buried in jars instead of being profanely burned or discarded, because they had the Name written on them. The book of "Esther" isn't among them, because the Name is not written anywhere in the text. Even at Acts 2, Peter quoted Joel 2:32, emphasizing the importance of calling on the Name ~ and then to be immersed calling on it. No-namers insist it is of no importance, and don't use it in their immersions. Falsehood and futility is what the prophet Jeremiah says the Gentiles have inherited: "YHWH... To you the nations will come from the ends of the Earth and say, 'our fathers have inherited nothing but falsehood, futility, and things of no profit'. . . This time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My Name is YHWH."-16:19-21.

If you are afraid of being lonely, don't try to be right. -Jules Renard, writer (1864-1910)

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