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compromise version developed by interfaith scholars..." - and then follows a version of the Ten Commandments where the Second Commandment about the worshipping of images is left out, and the Fourth Commandment about the Sabbath day (now third) is heavily changed - the portion of the Sabbath day being the seventh day is totally left out. Thus the change made to this sacred Law of (God) by the Catholic Church is honored and support is given to the false Sabbath day, the heathen day of worship and feasting and celebration, SUNDAY - and the posting of this CATHOLIC INSPIRED DOCUMENT is now even in the process of becoming LAW, backed by RAW STATE POWER, in several states nationwide. Its time to Wake Up America! This has been prophesied! (Added 02.16.2000) "] -(quoted as sent by e-mail.)

If you read the full text of the 4th Commandment from Exodus 20, it becomes apparent that this "Sabbath" of rest doesn't honor the day, but rather the Creator, YHWH. By entering into His rest, we show Him that we honor Him as our Creator, and so this weekly commemoration of the Creation sets us apart from all other people. We are Israel, and all those who join to us by engrafting will inherit great reward -- but we will suffer incredible hardships from the attacks of the evil one who hates us, and leads the whole world astray. A big clue is given to us:

"And the woman whom you saw is the great city, which reigns over the kings of the Earth." -- Rev. 17:18. Can you figure it out?

The very CENTER of The Scriptures is the verse at Psalm 118:8: "It is better to take refuge in YHWH than to trust in man." And

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