The Whole World Salutes Him To Music

Earth, not heaven (see Ezek. 37:12, Isaiah 65:17, Mt. 5:5). The universe will be ruled from this Earth, restored to its Edenic state. MAGNA MATER

The Great Mother was translated as Magna Mater in Latin, and is this very same "sungoddess" or witch, Semiramis. To the Greeks, Zeus was the sun, and his mother was Lydia, shown riding a swan earlier in this book, with spikes on her head. The Egyptians depict Isis holding Horus, who is somehow also Osiris, in art that looks exactly like the "Madonna and Child" art seen in Christendom. Shatan has been a very busy character, keeping us all in his control over the many thousands of years.

The Phoenicians called Semiramis Ishtar. The Hebrews recorded her name as Asherah. She has been known throughout the world by many other names; Oster, Easter, Eastre, Eostre, Austron, Eostra, Astoreth, Ostara, Astarte, Artemis, Aphrodite, Tanit, Diana, Nana, Maia, Gaia, Devaki, Ceres, Cybele, Circe, In-drani, Venus, Isis, Frigga, Frey, Biblia, Usha, Eos, Aurora, Ausra, Ushastara, Stella, Aster, Nut (the sky), and others. Astarte, or Venus, was said to have fallen to Earth in a huge EGG ~ Ster; from the word aster, (eAster), Latin stella, for STAR. By diverting people from worshipping the true Creator, Shatan has designed traps to lure people to worship him through stealth. Most don't do it consciously. He removed the Name from our worship, so we won't know specifically who it is we honor: "They think the dreams they tell one another will make My people FORGET MY NAME, just as their fathers forgot My Name through Baal worship." This text from Yerme Yahu (Jer.) 23:27 is from a time that lying prophets were misleading the people by avoiding hYhy's great Name. They had begun to just call Him "LORD" (Baal). Read Yerme Yahu 11.

The Magna Mater or "mother & child" worship doesn't mean Shatan is a "he" or "she", because he wasn't created as a male or female. But, he will accept any worship we can spare, as long as we don't do what hwhy asks of us. As the "Queen of Heaven" (Yerme Yahu 44:17) the Magna Mater is represented in sculpture with radiant sun-rays around her head. Carved images of her associated with "sacred pillars" rallied multitudes of Pagans to the seasonal observances, because these were the times their Pagan religion ordered grand sexual "services" to be conducted. Many of these people were "shrine prostitutes", both male and female, as can be determined from Gen. 38:21 (where Yahudah thought Tamar was a shrine prostitute). The "sacred pillars" were obelisks, like seen In Babylon, Egypt, Rome, London, and the "Washington Monument" in Washington, D.C. They are also the very same Pagan pillars seen on most Christian meeting places today ~ now they're called "steeples". The ancient mind interpreted these religious pillars as a male reproductive organ.

MYSTERY BABYLON: "Queen of Heaven"

The Great Earth Mother, and the religious customs inherited from Babylon, are richly entangled within our world-wide observances, though veiled to the average person on the street. Revelation 17 explains how this great prostitute will be brought down, and how she has deceived the nations ~ or caused them to be "intoxicated". Her title remains the same:

MYSTERY BABYLON The Great Mother of Harlots And of abominations of the Earth

This religious "system" sits on seven hills, called the Great City. Almost all scholars understand this is Rome, which is in fact built on seven hills from the early Etruscan period. The scholars confuse the issue by claiming this is only ancient PAGAN Rome, and draw a distinction there. This is done so as not to "offend" of course, and keep blinders on everyone. Let's consider if there is anything Pagan still there, shall we? Let me think. The "Great Mother" is what she was called? Well, the Church of Rome calls itself "Mother Church", which is literally "Mother Circe". Do they perform anything remotely Pagan? Yes, the name Ishtar became Astoreth, then Eastre, Oster, Astarte, and Easter. Easter was a Pagan spring observance brought into Christianity by Constantine I at Nicea in 325 CE. A Webster's Dictionary will tell you quite a lot about the word itself. If this is in fact the personal name of Mystery Babylon, the Great Mother, why is it the most celebrated observance of Christianity? The answer of course is, Constan-tine re-invented the meaning behind Easter in order to desolate Passover. He also established the practice of Sun-day, superseding the Scriptural day of rest, Shabbat, which is the "sign" that we worship the true Creator, as Creator. He claimed the resurrection as the reason for both Easter and Sun-day, and he got away with it! EARTH MOTHER IN ROME

The statue of the Great Mother is in the Vatican Museum, and was called Artemis to the Greeks, and Diana to the Romans. "Di" means to shine. Diana means bright one. That's why she faces the rising sun; she's the dawn deity. The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor even has seven sun-rays, or horns, extending from her TOWER headpiece. Many statues of the Earth Mother throughout history have this tower emblem on her head, thus harkening back to Babylon. The torch is an old emblem of fire worship, and even the Greeks' lighting the altar of Zeus at Olympic Games owe this Pagan eccentricity to the ancient Babylonians. Child sacrifice was their real purpose for the torch and altar, and the Sun started the "sacred" flame for the offering.


WHAT IS THE "GOLDEN CUP" FILLED WITH ABOMINATIONS? (NOTE "ABOMINATIONS") Well, what do we know already, and what is employed to lead or guide everyone astray?


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