The Spirit Was Moving On The Face Of The Waters

The "Spirit" is hYhy (YHWH). YHWH is Spirit, and cannot be seen. He put His "Spirit" on Mosheh, El Yahu (Elijah), El Yesha (Elisha); and Dawid pleaded "Do not take your Ruach ha Qodesh from me". Some perceive this "Spirit" is the personality of YHWH; others claim it is his "power". Being Spirit, what does YHWH want? He wants to look out through our eyes, completely possessing us. This involves a union that is analogous to a marriage. This is the purpose of all Creation, that YHWH may be "all in all", and the Body of Yahushua is the pre-eminent focus of all Creation, with Yahushua as the Head. The Spirit of YHWH made "covenants" with Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya'akob, and the descendants of the 12 tribes / families of Yisrael, at Sinai -- the marriage of YHWH to His Bride, Yisrael. YHWH is ONE, He is not schizophrenic, nor multiple persons. He becomes the fulfillment of our needs, and takes on specific roles, as I can be a managing boss to my employees, a husband to my wife, a father to my sons, a friend to a neighbor, a brother to my brothers -- yet I'm just one man. YHWH can manifest (show) Himself in diverse ways. Mosheh certainly didn't think He was a bush. The Shekinah Kabod was YHWH, and He goes wherever His Name is honored. His "eyes" search back and forth across the Earth to find any who understand. The plural "Elohim" means "mighty-one of oaths". YHWH is the El who swore oaths to Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya'akob. The oaths are plural, not YHWH. The titles YHWH Rapha, YHWH Yireh, YHWH Nissi, etc., are "roles", they are not different names. Churchianity has come to accept the name "Jesus Christ" as if "Christ" were a last name. The Hebrew original was not "Christ", but Mashiach. This is a title also, meaning He is our "anointed" RULER. In Hebrew, it would be "Yahushua ha Mashiach". In this role, YHWH is our salvation, and "Yahushua" means "YHWH is our salvation".

The New Covenant (Brit Chadasha) sealed in Yahushua's blood is the culmination of YHWH's objective to redeem His chosen bride, the remnant. This New Covenant is: Yahushua WRITING His Torah on our hearts and minds, circumcising our hearts with His Commandments. This is referred to at Hebrews 8:8-12, Yerme Yahu 31:31-34, and Ezekiel 36:26,27. You will note that this Covenant is to be with the "House of Israel" and the "House of Yahudah" -these are the two houses of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. The 10 tribes of the House of Israel were scattered by the Assyrians into the nations.

Yahushua's mission, both 2000 years ago, and NOW, is to regather the "lost sheep of the tribes of Israel". He is doing this through His Natsarim, because many who thought they were "goyim" and following Nimrod's fossilized customs are returning to their Husband, and turning their backs on tradition. We announce the same "message" of the Kingdom, "Repent, for the Reign of YHWH draws near." Repenting means to return, turn around. Yahushua came to restore the Torah to its fullness so that truth and justice could be restored. He told us to not even think He had come to destroy the Torah. This verifies that the "APOSTASY" (falling away) spoken of in 2 Thess. 2 has happened. It


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