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This is a shadow of what Yahushua will do in the Last Day, as we read of its fulfillment in Rev. 7:17, 21:6, and 22:1,2. As Messiah was observing the Festival of Booths in Yoch. 7, we read in Yoch. 7:37-39 how He will give us to drink from the fountain of the river of life, sometimes called the fountain of living waters. Already this has had a partial fulfillment in the lives of the True Believers, but the final consummation of the prophetic promise is still future! (Get ready for Y6K).

The seventh Scriptural month is the time when the ingathering from the threshing-floor and the winepress has been completed (read Deut. 16:13). This ingathering includes those truly converted Gentiles who joined themselves to YHWH (Yesha Yahu 14:1, 56:6-8, ZekarYah 2:11), "even all the Gentiles on whom My Name has been called" (Acts 15:17).

Why did the Church do away with these festivals? The answer is given to us at Daniel 7:25 ~ the little horn (generally interpreted as Rome)

"intends to change Appointed Times and Law." This is exactly what took place when the

Roman Church was set up to lay waste the True Worship, to trample underfoot that which is setapart. The Festivals of YHWH were done away with and they continued with their old Gentile customs and festivals ~ Christmas, Easter, Sunday, etc.,. (Let's not forget the Pagan underpinnings of Halloween, Valentine's Day, Lent, and the "feasts" dedicated to particular "saints" that were all re-interpreted Pagan days).

Chris Koster

Brother Chris fell asleep in the Spring about 5 years ago. Wilhelm Wolfaardt is carrying on the work of ISR (Institute for Scripture Research), which is listed in the back, under Resources.

Note: Chris died from cancer. Everyone needs to be taking the very BEST vitamins and minerals . . . This gives your cells the right stuff so they can divide without "errors" from free radicals. Remember your VITAMINS, VITAMINS, VITAMINS!

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