The Last Supper

Most people have come to understand the final meal of the talmudim (disciples, students) and our Rabbi OWYhy the night before He died was something new. Catholicism has taught it to be the model for what they call the "consecration" and "offertory" of the "mass". They instituted this annual observance of "Passover" into a weekly "morning" observance. The Mithraists were already holding a Sun-day morning service to worship the sun deity, and used a flat disc of bread. The moment the Pagan priest would lift it into the air to receive the sun's rays, it became "tranformed" with the words "hocus-pocus", and "abracadabra". Although these words are now used to ridicule superstitious nonsense, the sun worshippers would have died for them. They believed the bread had "transubstantiated" into the actual presence of the sun, and by eating it, they would possess the powers of the deity. The Egyptians laid the round wafers out in the sunlight at their "consecration". To a Nazarene, these rituals are an abomination, and the wafer is a "death cookie".

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