The Beast The Anti Messiah

Scripture gives us 4 beasts to track. The first beast (Babylon, kingdom of Nimrod) gives "life" to the other beasts which follow. The "beast" (animals, dogs) is the entire Pagan system in rebellion against the Torah, the Covenant of Love between YHWH and Israel.

There are 3 ways to get involved with the beast:

1. Receiving the NUMBER

2. Receiving the NAME

3. Giving homage to the IMAGE

The "NUMBER" may indicate the way we are programmed to measure TIME. The word "measure" in Hebrew is MENE, and is equivalent to "number". So, the calendar may relate to this "numbering" in some way. The first beast is Nimrod's kingdom, Babylon, as we learn from the book of Daniel. The image in the dream which he interpreted for Nebuchadnezzar put Babylon in the position of "head" (Hebrew, ROSH, RESH). The Hebrew word ROSH means head, but also means beginning, as we see in the first word of Scripture, BA-RESH-ITH ("In the beginnings . . ."). This head, the first beast, actually received a "fatal wound" because Noach's son SHEM (Name) slew Nimrod (Rev. 13:12-14). This is perhaps a type or partial fulfillment of the prophecy given to the serpent in the garden, setting the precedent for the final outcome of all rebels against the Covenant ("Nimrod" means rebel). Perhaps this is a lesson to not rebel against the Name & the Covenant!

The adversary has deceived, and is deceiving, the whole world. This being has programmed every facet of religious practice into everyone's lives, based on the pattern of worshipping Nimrod, his wife, and child. This has carried itself through cultures and other "beasts" which are men's kingdoms which ignore YHWH's existence and Covenant. This is why in so many places now, and throughout history, the land which people attempt to inhabit literally vomits them out. YHWH's Covenant is the only workable foundation for civilization to prosper. Compare the African continent with North America. Even if you ignore the famines, droughts, and wars, the mosquito-borne pestilences kill millions each year. AIDS is cutting down lives like a blender on its highest setting. But, as we see Humanism growing in North America (the secularists' religion promoting evolution, socialism, and the destruction of the family), chaos and tyrannical government are bringing us closer toward the brink of our land vomiting us out of it also. Judges making it illegal to post the Covenant of YHWH, allowing men to enter into marriage with other men, and tinkering with YHWH's genetic material (like putting human genes in tomatoes, or pig DNA into human embryos) may bring swift judgment on us. Last year (2004) over 700 deaths occurred in the USA from mosquito-borne encephalitis, and thousands who survived have had their lives radically changed forever. This is very new for this continent.

The pinnacle of power in men's kingdoms (behind which has always been ha shatan) has passed through the Sargon rulers, Persia's Shahs, the Pharaohs, Caesars/Khazars/Czars, Popes, and numerous tyrants of the recent past. The framework this beast system uses to impose itself on the world is the common calendar with its "measurements" inherited from the Pagan Romans. If this is taken away, the whole beast system falls in one day. Daniel's vision, given to him by YHWH, illustrates the 4 beasts. The 4th one is obviously Rome, which will remain until the time of the end.

We are watching the fulfillment of the parable of the Prodigal Son occurring right now. The older son represents the house of Yahudah, now called "Jews"; and the younger son represents all those who left the Covenant many generations ago and became "LOST" due to assimilation into the Gentiles (mostly the house of Israel). The lost tribes are all over the Earth; but this lost "son" comes to his senses and realizes (remembers) who he really is. If you look at Ezek. 37, Jer. 3, Jer. 31, Acts 15, and Eph. 3, you will see that there are 2 "houses" of Israel. These represent the 2 sons in the parable. One remained with the Father, held to the Covenant, and no longer remembers his younger brother. The lost brother has multiplied exceedingly among the Gentiles, but awakens to the fact that he is worshipping (eating) with PIGS (Pagans, unclean dogs who rebel against the Covenant). Reading the parable, you'll see that the Father has to explain to the older brother who the younger brother is. The lost younger brother "repents" and begins to obey the Father again, making the older brother jealous of the attention given to the younger brother over this. We are witnessing the events sealed in Scripture unfold before our eyes.

Shatan has programmed (molded) the entire world to be waiting for someone named "JESUS". Christian, Islam, Hindu, and New Age Humanists are all waiting for the coming of this special deliverer. "Maitreya" means "Lord of Love", and to the Hierarchy/New World Order crowd this "messiah" will be the great teacher they have been waiting for. He is represented as the "laughing Buddha" in Eastern philosophy. NonChristians and Christians alike will "see what they want to see" when he appears on the world stage. The diverse points of view among mankind will converge on this anti-messiah, and each observer will be blinded by their own bias:

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