Thats Going To L Eave A Mark

Because something polluted these Living Waters: WORMWOOD. Wormwood is "poisoned waters", and this is what has been taught, causing men to die (spiritually). The falling star called "Wormwood" took away the Name from us. I've been calling wormwood "Fossilized Customs". We don't have to debate about how many personalities YHWH has, or how many heads, manifestations, and so on; we have to begin by teaching the message (gospel) of the coming kingdom, "Repent, for the reign of YHWH draws near." (See Mt. 4:17, Mk. 1:14, and other references).

This involves the fundamental process that involves the Torah, which CONVICTS EVERY MAN TO BE A SINNER. This will cause wise men to repent. The next step is to teach them how to covenant with their Maker, which is their circumcision, called "baptism". The NEW COVENANT cut in Yahushua's blood involves His "circumcising" their hearts with His Torah. There is no other New Covenant, but this one. Romans chapters 6 through 8 explain this. YHWH is much more than a Trinity. Trinities are the pattern or paradigm embraced by every Pagan religion on Earth, from Babylonian times forward. YhWh has manifested as a ROCK, a burning BUSH, a MESSENGER (to "Joshua" and Abram). He wrestled with Ya'aqob. He was in the Shekinah above the Ark of the Covenant (the box which held the marriage covenant with Israel). He spoke as a friend to both Abram and Mosheh at various times, and walked in the garden with Adam and his wife --- and yet each of these manifestations were about Ya-hushua. There is only one Elohim, and His last manifestation was the Son, Yahushua ha Mashiach of Natsareth (being the product of YHWH's Spirit and the virginal human woman He chose).

The celebration of birthdays is strictly Pagan, and is only a custom that is preserved carefully because our flesh enjoys it so. Find the birthday celebrations in Scripture, and you will notice calamity surrounds each one. Iyyob (Job) lost all his children while they celebrated "each one on his day". Surely you can see that the candles, the making of a wish, and the cake (baked for the queen of heaven) is idolatry -- the Spirit will reveal this to you. The mark of the beast is very insidious. It is a mark, name, or number. It can be received by being led astray by the "first beast", which Scripture defines as Babylon. Revelation 13 through 18 will back this up, and as you know, Daniel prophesied FOUR beasts, each one based on the idolatry of the first. The last one will endure until the end (ROME). The highest sin, the grossest offense to hYht, is idolatry. Whose "mark" we bear identifies us as to whose servant we are. The MARK is not shown to those who lack wis dom -- ("My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge"). The sign of the Everlasting Covenant (remember the marriage vows, the Ten Commandments) is the sign of the 7th day Sabbath of rest. This goes back to Creation, and shows YHWH we are His people. It is our "mark", showing YHWH we honor Him alone as Creator, by commemorating His work of creating, each 7th day. If we are His, Yahushua's Spirit is in us, and we show our love for our Husband by our obedience. And this is love: "THAT WE OBEY HIS COMMANDS".

Israel is more than just the "Jews" -- they are but one tribe of 12. 10 of the tribes are in the nations, and Yahushua was, and IS being sent to the "lost sheep of the TRIBES of Israel" — through us, today. The manna for 6 days was to RE-TRAIN Israel in the observance of Shabbat. Those being called from the nations are called "Ephraim" at Ez. 37, but are really 10 tribes. The parable of the "prodigal son" is about Ephraim, who is today mostly the Christians. The younger son (the lost 10 tribes) left the Father's House (His Torah). Upon drifting through the world of darkness, he came to his senses and realized he was living and eating (worshipping) among PIGS (Gentiles). He returned to his Father, and the OLDER brother (the tribe of Yahudah, the Jews) told the Father he had never left, and that he had always obeyed each Command of the Father. The Father explained that "this son of Mine" (the lost 10 tribes) was DEAD, and is now ALIVE". He was LOST, but is now FOUND.

Israelite, if you return to YHWH, embrace the New Covenant as it is written (not as it is poisoned - the wormwood), you too will see the mark of the beast. It is the mark of the dogs, sorcerers, and all who practice a lie: the SOLAR mark of Babylon: SUN-DAY, established under the penalty of death by Constantine, and enforced by the Inquisition for centuries. They proclaimed Death to back-sliding "Judaizers" -this is the martyring of the saints, which reaches all the way back to Babylon, the great prostitute who has made the whole world drink from the cup of her fornication (false teachings, wormwood, poisoned waters). It's Sun-day Israelite. I'm so glad you're interested in the Truth; I hope Yahushua writes His Torah on your heart, and you become a worker. We are labeled a cult because the world is so dark, and getting darker; but we are not. In the past, it was the term "heretic" that enabled Christians to justify burning most of us. The harvest is ripe, but you must first stop fighting against the Torah, and admit you love it. I love it, and so can you if you will ask for a love for it. Show Him you love Him.

CANCER EPIDEMIC — Nobel Prize-winning German biochemist Dr. Otto Warburg, in researching into the cause of our world-wide cancer epidemic, has proof that it is largely caused by our increasingly oxygen deficient atmosphere. Evergreens produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide all-year-round. High CO2 levels cause the green-house effect. If you wanted to cause the most damage possible, you couldn't improve on the course of action chosen: destroying evergreens by the 100's of millions each year. And, we are doing it religiously [pun intended]. There is no doubt that the adversary is using his scheme to destroy trees in order to cause the maximum damage, and human suffering as well. Imagine how he laughs at our stupidity as he watches the anguish he's caused; the loss of mothers, fathers, and children to the slow agonizing death of cancer. We're helping him to destroy the world, and ourselves along with it. With all our pompous sophistication and higher learning, we're fabulously stupid socially.

"Do not learn the customs of the Gentiles, and do not be awed by the signs of the heavens, for the Gentiles are awed by them. For the prescribed customs of these peoples are worthless, for one cuts a tree from the forest, work for the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool. They adorn it with silver and gold, they fasten it with hammers so that it does not topple." — Yerme Yahu 10:2-4.

The customs of the decorated tree in the home originated with Tammuz, led into the groves by his mother Semiramis, to place a gift on or beneath a tree of the forest. This custom was at the time of the sun's "birth" — the winter solstice, which in the ancient world was our December 25th. The tree was decorated with gifts by the rest of the Pagans, and it represented NIMROD. The custom echoed through the cultures, until at last it found its way to the Celtic DRUIDS, who also worshipped the sun as Baal, among other names. Boniface influenced them to change from the oak tree to the evergreen tree during the 8th century. (See tree, page 3).

We need much more oxygen. Air bubbles preserved in amber (ancient tree sap) contain a 38% oxygen content, indicating that oxygen levels in the ancient world were much, much higher. 50 years ago, our air contained 21% oxygen. In many urban areas now, it is as low as 12%. If it gets near 7%, we all die. No wonder we can't think — and our school children can't read. Our gas furnaces use the oxygen from inside our homes to combust the gas, drastically reducing the precious-little oxygen inside. We're literally causing our own cancers. Get a furnace that uses outside air for combustion, quickly; and take vitamins each day. We have to wise-up to what's going on. The way we live is harmful to life in many ways, but the decision to change is within the grasp of each of us. Read Yerme Yahu chap. 11, and you will see that we are all the victims of a conspiracy. The conspiracy involves not obeying the Creator, and instead obeying the Pagan customs. I sincerely hope this book has been enriching to your knowledge, and lifted you up to a higher level so that you can see history with more clarity and truth. I'll see you in the world-to-come!

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