That interpretation results from the way we LOOK at the Scriptures with an eye filled with darkness

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Looking for excuses to disobey and using Scripture to "prove" such excuses is what Ya-hushua called having a "dark eye". In other words, the outcome is resting on how you "see" or interpret the texts. The result? Your whole body is filled with darkness, because you live in disobedience, and your conscience is "seared" -- incapable of convicting you of your sin, because you "believe the lie".

Our faith is YHWH's gift to us. We are being saved by the unmerited kindness (grace) of YHWH, THROUGH our faith, which is His gift to us, resulting in our future obedience. Our obedience isn't what saves us, but it is evidence of our faith, and evidence that we are being saved. Our wills are controlled by the

TORAH, or "living Word" -- which is the mind of the Spirit of Yahushua. At 1 John, this Torah is referred to as the "Word" which you heard in the beginning. The "Word" of YHWH is simply His Torah, the Covenant. And, it is an everlasting Covenant, because it defines how His wife is to behave. Acts 5:32 says that the Spirit (of Yahushua) is only given to those who obey Him. This is "receiving a love for the TRUTH", and since His "WORD", the TORAH, is what TRUTH is, receiving a love for it changes our wills, and the result is we walk in a mind of the Spirit. TORAH is the Hebrew word which specifically refers to the Covenant, or 10 Commandments at Exodus 20. It is also used to generally refer to the 5 books/scrolls of Mosheh (Moses). The Torah's effect on the world is LOVE for YHWH and others. Rejecting it is hatred, and results in DEATH. Proverbs 1 through 4 calls Torah "her", and we see she is called "Wisdom". Proverbs 8 goes into how "Wisdom" is crying out at the doorposts and gates, where we are to WRITE the Commandments (see Deut. 6:49). The lie will sound very good: "OBEDIENCE IS UNNECESSARY" (This is the opposite of the New Covenant).

If we refuse to receive a love for the Truth, His Torah, then He sends us a strong delusion to believe the "LIE" -- that obedience is unnecessary. This is the secret of lawlessness, called the mystery of iniquity. It's the same trick satan pulled on the woman in the garden of Eden. Simply believing Yahushua died for our sins so that we can continue to disobey and keep on sinning willfully is the very thing Hebrews 10:26-28 directly refutes, as well as the often quoted 10:16,17. First, the message of the Kingdom is: REPENT (stop sinning, and return, turn back to Torah) -- it is a mystery, veiled to those YHWH does not call. This message is the one our Rabbi Yahushua said over and over, and it is what is called "the gospel". He enables us to love the Commandments by His supernatural power. This is a light yoke, but it comes with worldly costs attached -- persecution for righteousness' sake. His criticism of those of His religion in that time was only concerning the things that were ADDED by human tradition, He did not found or invent any NEW religion at all. Second, the New Covenant is having the Torah written on our HEARTS, as you will see if you read Jeremiah 31, Hebrews chapters 8 & 10. The same laws (or more accurately "teachings") are written on our hearts by Yahushua's Spirit, enabling us to LOVE them. This is what happened for the first time at "Pentecost". He said, "If you love Me, keep My Commandments". When we are convicted of our sinfulness, we are to repent of our sins, and obey. The Torah (10 Commandments) DEFINE what is a sin, 1 John 3:4. Please read 1 John 3:22-24, and see if anything harmonizes with what we're discussing here.

Try to find in Scripture where "legalism" (according to Torah, not human traditions) is ever a problem for anyone's salvation. Human "legalism" is rampant -- look at "Sun-day", Easter, Christmas, and so on. These things are invented by men, and are not found anywhere in Scripture. If you don't observe them, you're considered strange. They are men's laws, or legalism. It's lawlessness, the ignoring of the Torah, that will condemn us, and this is what satan has been so successful in promoting. My words here are not enough to convince, you must look up the Scriptures I've quoted -- look also at James 1:23, and the entire chapter 2, where "faith" is perfected by "works". We show our faith by our obedience. This is not in conflict with Ephesians 2, because the "gift" is our faith, which enables us to do good works, such as observe the Torah. The unconverted human who is still in the "mind of the flesh" interprets the Scriptures seeking out lawlessness from the dark point of view, and will not submit to the Torah of YHWH, nor can it do so. But, the mind of the Spirit enables us to obey, because we AGREE with the Torah, and love it. I love the Commandments of YHWH, and teach them. Ya-hushua told us that whosoever keeps and teaches them will be called great in the Kingdom, but whosoever annuls the least of them will be the least. Romans chapters 6 through 8 will explain the New Covenant to you.

The denominations each have their "seminaries" where they train young ministers according to their denomination's LIST OF EXCUSES for NOT OBEYING. Each denomination has their own peculiar list of excuses, and when these excuses are learned well enough by the seminary student, then they are granted their "ordination" to speak for the denomination. When you enter into the New

Covenant fully, you will hear ANTI-MESSIAH each time you listen to such men. Seeing with eyes filled with LIGHT (Torah), you will be enabled to LOVE the Torah, and LOVE obeying. Your ears will be opened. Yahushua is near, ask Him to reveal the Truth to you -- and write His perfect Torah on your heart. Then, you will begin an incredible task He has prepared just for you to go and teach others all He has commanded, and immerse them into His Name, Yahushua. You will see your teachers (the Commandments), and hear a voice behind you, saying "This is the way, walk in it".

You will love obeying. Your obedience is your way of showing YHWH that you love Him. It is evidence of your salvation. The serpent is still lying to us from the tree! This time, let's not listen to the wrong voice. We can obey.


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