Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Way back on page 11, you'll notice this tower Image, with the "all-seelng-eye" of Nlmrod. This same shining "Eye-ln-the-Sky" held the people of Egypt In Its spell as Horus. Because of Nlmrod's Idolatry, his uncle Shem killed him. Some have hypothesized that Melchlzedek was Shem. Nimrod's wife/mother, Semiramis, was perhaps the first noteworthy woman to be possessed by the adversary. She "deified" her dead husband Nimrod, and led the Babylonians to worship him as Baal, the Sun. She became the Earth Mother, and was also known as the "goddess of the dawn". Towers or turrets were part of her crown all through the ages, based on the Babylonian "ziggurat", the tower of Babel. Diana of Ephesus had a tower headpiece. The Statue of Liberty has both a tower headpiece, and rays. The more one studies history and Paganism, it becomes increasingly apparent that "Satan" has concealed himself as female just as often as male. The rising popularity of the "Mother Goddess" is simply another masquerade by which ha shatan diverts worship toward "himself" — a sexless fallen cherub without a name.

The power behind powerful men all through history has been this nameless being we refer to as ha shatan, or Lucifer. Most all the popular customs over the Earth point back to ancient Babylon, and it's founder, Nimrod, the builder of towers. Masons celebrate Nimrod as their founder. Shem, the preserver of the Torah, points the way for the "children of light". Nimrod, the tyrant who rebelled against hYht, has established a pattern of folly, and leads the world to continue the production of ignorant "children of darkness". The "sign" of this Nimrod / Sun God is "Sun-day", and this action is set against the recognition of the true Creator, Who set-apart the seventh day to commemorate His work (not Sun-day).

The "position" or "office" of the deceiver of men has moved across the Earth over time*. It began in Babylon, eventually found the throne of the king of Tyre (Ezek. 28:12-16), Pergamum (Rev. 2:13), Rome, Germany, and now resides in Washington mainly (although he can move about quite quickly around the entire Earth). He has always used the emblem of the eagle as his principal image. His rulership is not only over nations, but all religious government as well. The Papacy has been one of his most deadly instruments. The "anti-Messiah" is one who stands "in place of" the Faithful and True Anointed One, and the title "Vicar of Christ" bestowed on the Pope has the meaning "in-place-

of" Messiah. Daniel 11:37 describes this "office", which will endure until the time of the end, and this man of "celibacy" "will show no regard for the elohim of his fathers or for the DESIRE OF WOMEN". Looking at the towers and turrets around the Earth, it is apparent they are of some ancient significance. Could it be that the "elohim of fortresses" referred to in Daniel 11:38,39 is Nimrod, and these fortresses are the steeples, towers, turrets, and high places which our Father hwhy calls pillars of jealousy? Is Nimrod truly "the Great Architect" the Masons worship in their Masonic Temples? Behind Nimrod is ha Shatan, who is also Semiramis, Tammuz, Astarte, Ashteroth, Ge, Gaia, Molech, Baal, Venus, Woden, Aphrodite, Cupid, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Orion, Ninus, Zeus, Apollo, and Beelzebub. The names he/she goes by are without end. His/her image is on our currency, so no man may buy or sell without his image, seal, and value given in his name. "In GOD We Trust" is not exactly specific, is it? The GOD of this world exacts worship, honor, and obedience — and he is opposed to the Covenant, and hates those who live by it.

The United Nations' banner displays the whole Earth encircled by the ancient wreath/ crown of Caesar. The General Assembly is eventually to be the legislative branch of the New World Order; the Security Council will act as the Judicial branch; NATO will be the executive branch. This beast's false prophet will be the papacy, who will use smooth words to convince the world to follow the leader of NATO, which will be a great peacemaker, but also the end-time anti-Messiah. He will anoint himself the leader and sovereign ruler of the Earth. From this position, he will move against those who do not conform to his proclaimed moons and "holy days". This is why we must be as "wise as serpents, but harmless as doves." The "peacemakers" are already fighting under the banner of the UN, and will ultimately move against the wife of hwhy — Tsiyon (Zion). Israel has a different calendar than Babylon. She is the bearer of the Covenant (marriage vows / Commandments), and is the wife of the Maker of the universe. The two witnesses will prophesy the end-time message of repentance to the whole Earth, and soon after that planet-wide destruction will threaten all life on Earth.

Nationalism began in ancient Babylon — the people sought to "make a name for themselves", so others would fear them. Control mechanisms began, national "laws" were instituted, and land was placed under dominion and ownership of powerful rulers. The nations

themselves became more than just their populations; they took on a type of incorporeal persona, or life of their own. While individual men would live and die, the nation would go on. The men who were most corrupt, driven by greed, power, and lust, were usually the ones who rose to the top. So, today, and next year, where do our leaders come from? They are all struggling and fighting their way to the top of a pyramid of power, established by Nimrod back in Babylon. Babylon is the "head" of the kingdoms of the Earth. Men's kingdoms are really ruled by Shatan, who was once "the anointed cherub who covers" (Ezek. 28:14), the "star of the morning, son of the dawn" (Yesha Yahu 14:12).

So, mankind's horrific history is not all his own doing, but rather his choices. Mankind has been led by a powerful entity that is filled with intense hatred. Fallen from the highest place of all, our nameless adversary once enjoyed being in the presence of the Throne of hYhy. He was the most beautiful and powerful creature — above all the Watchers; and was loved dearly by hYhy. When pride swelled inside him, it corrupted his judgment; he sought equality with hYhy. This grew into a murderous rage, and there was WAR between the Sons of hYhy who followed him, and those who did not. This cherub set up a system of control on this planet, and each person born here unwittingly comes under his sovereignty.

Throughout time, a few of us have been chosen, and trained by the Spirit of Truth (hYhy) to leave a witness to the facts preserved in the writings of the prophets. We do not enter the pages of history, except in the instances that we become a threat, are discovered, and expunged. Of the increase of Yahushua's government there will be no end. This is not to say it will grow larger and larger visibly on the Earth, but that there will always be people awakened as others die — thus it still grows larger. As the time of the Gentiles grows shorter, so does the time for the fallen cherub.

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