involves some definite "religious lawlessness" -- a delusion -- because those in the apostasy believe the LIE, and delight themselves with lawlessness. This "lawlessness" means they have not received the Spirit of Yahushua, Who circumcises our hearts with His Torah (Commandments) -- and they are not in the "New Covenant", but rather are deluded. Human customs ensnare millions of people, benefiting swindlers who "peddle" the Word of YHWH for profit -- the rich merchants of Revelation 18.

Most perceive that the Scriptures teach we will "see" (GOD) and "Jesus" seated at His "right hand". Two seats? The first problem here is understanding the Hebraism "right hand". It means simply "authority", not literally on the right side of someone. These kinds of issues really don't matter salvationally. Remember, the thief on the stake who died next to Yahushua didn't have all his "dogma" worked out in every detail -- but he had enough LOVE, kindness, and sought justice; and accepted his penalty -- while the other thief was making a joke, and inviting Yahushua to do something to rescue them all. In fact, Yahushua WAS DOING something to rescue ALL OF MANKIND. So, in all our struggles attempting to understand these things, we must keep focused on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. We must have love for each other, and the Truth; even love our enemies.

Scripture also states that the Father is greater than the Son. Well, when we see Yahushua, we are seeing the Father; this is what Yahushua told brother Philip. Actually, Yahushua is all of the Father we will ever see, and He will be seated on the Throne Himself. YHWH became a man. He took the form of sinful flesh, and died to atone once-and-for-all His bride. The Husband had to die, ending the Old Covenant / Marriage, so the Bride could re-marry; a bride is bound to her husband until he dies, and so, HE DID. The Old Covenant was imperfect, because it was written in stone, not the heart; it was also sealed in animal blood, and atonement required yearly offerings. Obedience was rewarded with blessing, disobedience with curses and death. The New Covenant involves the Torah circumcised on our hearts, so we walk in the Spirit, not the mind of the flesh -which cannot and will not obey. Our immersion pictures this circumcision, the death of the mind of the flesh, and the resurrection to life of the mind of the Spirit. The Torah thus becomes our way of life, and wells up into unending rivers of LIVING WATER (the eternal Commandments of Life). If we have this seed (the Commandments) within us, we have the Truth, Life, and are children of YHWH; children of LIGHT.

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