(the wedding anniversary) Having cleared our field and made ourselves ready for the good seed, WE ARE PLANTED with the "good seed" of the TORAH at Shabuoth. Mt. Sinai was an event: the marriage between YHWH & ISRAEL. The "good seed" is the personality of YHWH, the Torah. These teachings are the 10 Commandments, the wife's wedding vows. They grow in us during the growing season, summer. This is the time when we remember the giving of the Ten Commandments at Sinai in Midian, but now (in the New Covenant) they are written on the HEARTS and MINDS of YHWH's Bride by the indwelling Spirit of Yahushua, Who circumcises His Commandments into us so we

LOVE the Covenant. The same 10 Commands given in stone are now written on our tablets of flesh, fulfilling the "NEW" (or renewed) Covenant promised at Yerme Yahu 31:31-34, Ezek. 36:26,27; Yerme Yahu 31 is quoted at Heb. Chapters 8 & 10. Our immersion pictures our circumcision, as a Bride washes after her period of uncleanness, when we make our personal COVENANT with Yahushua to obey Him as a Bride obeys a Husband. The first Natsarim received the Spirit of Yahushua at this time — We are His Temple now. The "Ark" of the Covenant was just a box made of gold — but we are so much more than it was. We contain the living Elohim, Maker of Heavens and Earth, and His Personality (the Torah) grows into our being as we practice obeying His Commandments — this is evidence that we are His (1 John 2:3-6). The third step is obedience, and begins with our immersion, accepting the Covenant (10 Commandments), and going to the water as our outward sign of becoming Yahushua's Bride, joining Israel, escaping the spirit of the world (mind of the flesh). Accepting the Covenant by immersion, we become Israel and His wife; we agree to obey our Husband, and He CIRCUMCISES our hearts with the Covenant, allowing us to LOVE the Torah, the Ten Commandments. Sinai happens to us personally, and our immersion is our circumcision by the Spirit of Yahushua in our hearts, the objective being love, evidenced by our obedience.

THE SEVENTH MONTH A final warning (Yom Teruah, day of the blowing of a shofar, shadowing the "last trump") comes at the beginning of the seventh moon. On the

10th day of this moon we are JUDGED at Yom Kaphar (the 10th day of the seventh month, called "the Fast" at Acts 27:9). The Judge of all flesh will one day look at each person, and decide whether or not they are of the wheat or the weeds, and separate them as with a winnowing fork. Some day, we will be HARVESTED (the feast of the harvest, called Tabernacles, or SUKKOT). What should you see in your sukkah?

We are told to build a temporary dwelling and place branches freshly cut from trees of the brook upon it. This very clearly "shadows" our own bodies, our "tent". The seventy years of our life are pictured by the seven days, and we notice the branches slowly whither and die over the seven days of this feast.

These "shadows" of things-to-come will

The Jesuit's Oath 159

be understood better by practicing them. For now, we should observe the "times" appointed for us, and be mindful that it is not in the details of how "perfectly" we perform them, or of being critical of others as they observe them. Rather, we must understand what these "shadows" represent spiritually, and grow in our appreciation and love for YHWH — and love for those He has redeemed. As imperfect as we all are in our various levels of development, we are all very special to Him. We not only are commanded to love one another, but also our enemies. We are the living TEMPLE of YHWH, and living waters (the TORAH) should flow from each of us. Remember to forgive, because no one is perfect except One: Yahushua ha Mashiach L'Natsareth. Those of the synagogue of Satan must leave it and begin to restore what has been lost, and return to their First Love. The Word (Torah, Yahushua) is living and active; it is a double-edged Sword, and able to discern between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and to judge the thoughts and INTENTIONS OF THE HEART.

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