not of this fold (Gentiles) will also take the Name of the Groom. We'll discuss this in greater detail here. The word "Gospel" is one of many words we have inherited from dead translators that has taken on a kind of life of its own. Even encyclopedias admit that it is a bit "fuzzy". Scholars accept the term, but both what it is, and how the term came into use, are not clearly understood. The word's meaning and use is the result of our imitating each other for centuries, or our attempting to say the same thing everyone around us is saying. People who want to defend the altered names and other words they are conditioned to use by imitation sometimes will say, "Well, I speak English, and not some foreign language." English is like a wide river with many other languages flowing into it. "Gospel" is Celtic. "Evangelical" is Greek (from euangelion, meaning message, or report). It became the Latin word evangelium. You can see the word angel in both, which simply means messenger. "Epistle" is Greek for letter. Many words we think of as English are really Celtic, Latin, Greek, French, Hebrew, or aboriginal tongues spoken by the natives of an area prior to English settlers. Rivers, states, and countries are often named by "foreign" terms. They're not "English", but our familiarity with them causes us to believe they are.

When Rabbi OWYhy was in the synagogue (Mt. 11) and read from the TaNaKh, He read aloud in Hebrew the words of Yesha Yahu 61. He told them that this prophecy had been fulfilled in their ears! He announced the fulfull-ment of the prophecy of the awaited Mashiach, as His listeners comprehended. He proclaimed the "acceptableyear of hYhV, known as the year of Jubilee (every 50th year, native-born Yahudim are to be freed, and land is to be returned to the heirs according to their tribes). He was also proclaiming the "Gospel": the announcement that the "Reign of AYA!" had come into their midst. If you read all of Yesha Yahu 61 & 62 (as He probably did), you'll discover that it promises the day when the "Bridegroom" will rejoice over His BRIDE. At Mt. 11:5 where this passage of Yesha Yahu is being quoted, the word "Gospel" appears in our translation from the original Hebrew word BASAR (rwb or r s a), meaning tidings, message, report, or news. You must know what the message is, to carry it to others.

The Testimony of Yahushua

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