Roman Church Timeline


CE 300 "Baptism" by immersion changed to affusion (sprinkle).

CE 300 Prayers for the dead. (Against Deut. 18:11 & Yesha Yahu 8:19).

CE 310 Making the "sign" of the CROSS.

CE 325 Anathema (death) decreed to anyone who adds or changes the creed of faith of Nice. (See years 1545 & 1560).

CE 370 Council of Laodicea rejects Apocrypha, calls Sabbath observers "Judaizers", worthy of death.

CE 375 Veneration of angels and dead saints.

CE 394 The Sacrament of the Mass:

Missa Recitata, Low Mass, priest + 1 Missa Cantata, Sung Mass, " + 1 Missa Solemnis, High Mass, " + 2 Missa Pontificalis, Bishop + " + ?

CE 431 The worship of Miryam (Mary).

CE 431 Miryam "Queen of Heaven" (against Yerme Yahu 7:18, 44:17, 44:25).

CE 431 Miryam "ever virgin" (against Mt. 1:25, Mk. 6:3, Yn. 2:2-4).

CE 431 Miryam "Mediatrix" (against 1 Tim. 2:5, Yn. 11:28).

CE 500 Priestcraft began to dress in "priestly garb".

CE 526 Sacrament of "Extreme Unction".

CE 593 Doctrine of "Purgatory" ~ by Gregory (against Yn. 5:24, 1Yn. 1:7-9, 2:1,2, Romans 8:1).

CE 600 Latin language only language permitted for prayer (against 1 Cor. 14:9).

CE 709 Kissing the feet of pope is ordered (against Acts 10:25,26, Rev. 19:10, 22:8,9).

CE 750 Temporal Power of pope declared (against Mt. 4:8,9, 20:25,26, Yn. 18:38).

CE 754 Council of Constantinople ordered removal of all images and abolition of image worship.

CE 785 Miryam "co-redemptrix" (against Acts 4:12, Ps. 146:5, Yisraelites/ Hebrews 7:25).

CE 788 Miryam "worship" (against Romans 1:25, Yesha Yahu 42:8, Mk. 3:21).

CE 788 Worship of cross, relics, and im ages re-authorized (against Ex.

20:4, Dt. 27:15, Ps. 115:4-8). CE 850 Fabrication and use of "holy water".

CE 890 Veneration of St. Yosef, husband of Miryam.

CE 965 Baptism of the bells ~ ceremony of actually "baptizing" bells to ward off demons and to call the elect to vespers when blessed bells are rung.

CE 995 Canonization of dead saints

(against Romans 1:7, 1 Cor. 1:2). CE 998 Fasting on "Fri-days" & during "Lent" (against Mt. 15:11, 1 Cor. 10:25, 1 Tim. 4:1-8). CE 1079 Celibacy of priesthood/priestcraft declared (married priests ordered to cast off wives, against 1 Tim. 3:2-5, 3:12, Mt. 8:14,15). CE 1090 Institution of rosary prayer beads, or "chaplet" (against Mt. 6:7, Dt. 18:10,11 Yesha Yahu 8:19 ~ also, Bud dhism, Shinto, and Islam practice prayer bead counting). CE 1190 Sale of indulgences (against Eph.

2:8-10). For those of you who don't know, this was a practice of people actually paying the clergy money to have punishment time taken off from burning in "Purgatory" after their death. They probably weren't swimming in their own gene pool to be swindled so easily, but they were just kept uneducated. CE 1215 Dogma of "trans-substantiation" declared (against Luke 22:19,20, Mk. 13:21, Yn. 6:35, Mt. 24:23-28, 1 Cor. 11:26 ~ this was truly a case of the idiot looking at the finger!). CE 1215 Confession of sins to priest ordered (against Ps. 51:1-10, Luke 7:48 & 15:21, 1 Yn. 1:8,9). CE 1220 Adoration of the wafer "host" (matzah adoration! Against Yn. 4:24).

CE 1229 Scriptures forbidden to "laymen"

CE 1265 Miryam's house moved by angel to Lorento Italy. (as fishy as this smells, I don't think they violated Torah, unless they were lying ~ what do you think?). CE 1287 Scapular protection decreed (brown cloth talisman with picture of virgin packed with tea leaves proclaimed to contain supernatural powers or "virtues" to protect wearer. Sure, like Miryam and "St. Christopher" are omni-present, and can speak and hear you. They're DEAD, Jim).

CE 1414 "Chalice" forbidden to laity at "communion" (a radical distortion of the Passover Seder, the annual remembrance of ow Yhy's death). CE 1439 Dogma of seven sacraments (against Mt. 28:19,20, & 26:26-28). CE 1439 Purgatory declared valid dogma

(against Mt. 25:46, Luke 23:43). CE 1508 Miryam "Mother of GOD" (against Mt. 12:46-50, Lk. 8:19-21, Acts 1:14).

CE 1545 Church tradition equal to Scripture (against Mt. 15:6, Mk. 7:7-13, Col. 2:8 ~ also adds all of above and many other dogma to Council of Nice!).

CE 1560 Creed of pope Pius IV decreed

(against Gal. 1:8). CE 1580 Pope declared to be "LORD GOD" (that ought to just about be enough to get some people roasted). CE 1593 "Ave Maria" adopted.

CE 1710 Stuffed donkey in Verona, Italy, at Church of the Madonna of the Organs, decreed to be the actual animal Rabbi' Yahushua/ Yahushaha Mashiach entered Yerushaliyim on. (This is the idiot looking at the finger again. I'm ashamed to say, but when I first heard about it, I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes.) CE 1854 Immaculate Conception of Virgin Miryam (against Romans 3:23, & 5:12, Ps. 51:5, Yerme Yahu 17:9). CE 1864 Miryam "sinless" (against Luke

1:46,47, Romans 3:10-19, & 23). CE 1870 Papal infallability decreed (against 2 Thess. 2:2-12, Rev. 17:1-9, 13:5-8, 18). CE 1907 All sciences condemned.

CE 1922 Pope declared to be "Jesus Christ".

CE 1930 All public schools condemned.

CE 1950 Declaration of the bodily assumption of the Virgin Miryam into Heaven.

The dogma of "trans-substantiation" that popped-up in 1215 caused many people to lose their lives. The idiot was looking really closely at the finger, because when our Rabbi said " This is My Body", and " This is My Blood", He was picturing what was soon to be. The matzah

is pierced and bruised, and the blood of the grape is red. These emblems are to remind us once every year at Passover, OF HIS DEATH. First of all, this remembrance isn't done every day, or every week. Second, the "metaphor" for "eating" and "drinking" His Body and Blood was mistaken to be literal by several Pagan rulers, so they killed as many of these "believers" as they could find, because they thought there was some sort of cannibalism involved. The believers being killed didn't even understand why they were being killed! But the "believers" were led astray also by their enchanters, thinking the "priests" had some supernatural ability to call out certain Latin words, wave items in the air, and by some superior powers in them LITERALLY CHANGE BREAD AND WINE INTO THE ACTUAL LIVING BODY OF THE MASHIACH. Rabbi meant that He would be IN US like the food we eat, not BE the food we eat. The New Covenant is receiving the Spirit of OWVhy, where He writes His Covenant Torah on our hearts, and we walk in the Commandments obediently. Our mind of the "flesh" no longer controls us, He does. We don't receive Him by eating bread. The bread we eat at Passover is to remember His death by, at that time of year (Passover). People need to stop looking at the finger. Millions are entranced, and can't wake up from this bad dream! No one has explained it to them, because no one "gets it" in the circles they find themselves in. The pope himself doesn't understand. But I pray he will learn, and then teach everyone who is Catholic what they need to comprehend. It's still a huge "mystery" to most Protestants too ~ many have an indoor "altar" left over from the Catholic "bloodless sacrifice of the Mass". But, remember ~ without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins. Throw out the "altar", tear down the "steeple", and start over again is my advice to pastors. Tell the congregation THEY ARE THE TEMPLE ~ if the Mashiach dwells in them. If He does not, they are not His! NATSARIM - not "Nazi" "There will be a day when WATCHMEN cry out on the hills of Ephraim ..." ~ this is from 31:6 of Yerme Yahu (Jeremiah), and in the same chapter as the prophesied New Covenant. The word

'watchmen" is NATSARIM. Those today who see" are announcing that the world is off ourse, and out-of-bounds.


After Constantine's action of moving the head of the Roman Empire to Constantinople, the Empire faded into what is called the Byzantine Empire. Rome was in ruins, wounded to death. By the 6th century CE, the bishop at Rome was regarded more highly than any other by reputation, simply because the name "Rome" was a profoundly stirring one. During the 7th century, the bishop of Rome took on the Mith-raic title, "pope", or papa. The title "Pontifex Maximus"* was also bestowed on him, the Caesar's title. ("Caesar" is also spelled Czar and Khasar). By the end of the 8th century, Rome was resurrected back to life in the leadership office of the "pope", and in the year 800 this bishop crowned King Charlemagne the "Defender of the Faith", and announced the beginning of The Holy Roman Empire, or First "Reich". This remained intact for 1000 years. The pages of history record the evil "fruit" of death and destruction of this empire. The symbol of Caesar's authority can be seen on the front of a US coin, the dime, or 10-cent piece. It is a bundle of reeds, wrapped in red leather strapping, called a FASCIS, from which we derive the term fascist. Caesar's throne had this symbol under the armrests on the left and right. It symbolized complete unity, and the power to control and punish all opponents to magistrates and Caesar's universal authority. (Thomas Jefferson designed US currency).

The men in the picture above include Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, and Hitler's inner circle of fascist henchmen. Who would Hitler himself salute with the old Roman soldier's salute? These fascists marched with a swastika crux inside a golden wreath modeled after the old Roman style banners in their military parades. The word "Reich" means "realm", and the First Reich was the "Holy Roman Empire", as your dictionary will explain. This "3rd Reich" was planned to last 1000 years, like the 1st one. Shatan was unleashing his "Final Solution" on


the Earth, establishing Catholicism, with Hitler as the "Defender of the Faith".

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