Prodigal Sonephraim 137

pronounced the Name. What else could be worse, bad eyesight? He then spent the rest of his life in the flesh spreading the Name and the message of the Reign of hwhy. SABBATH'S DISTANCE - is there one?

First, let me say that meeting together with other saints is very important, for edification; this little study brings up points on how we have been used in a power-play by ravenous wolves who have enslaved our minds with deceptions.

There is not a specific Shabbat "distance" in Torah as a Commandment to keep, however we are specifically told to "stay in our place on Shabbat (Ex. 16:29). This means your "vicinity". Consider that we're not to ride on our animal, because the Commandment says to not make our animals work in any way. The providing of the manna in the wilderness was used to teach Israel how to observe Shabbat, which they had not done during their 430-year captivity in Egypt / Mitzraim. Manna is Hebrew, meaning "what is it?"

Concerning the gathering of manna, the camps of Israel had to walk some distance away to find enough to eat for the day; it wasn't just lying around a few feet from their tents / sukkot. Look closely at this passage:

"See, hwhy has given you the Sabbath; therefore He gives you bread for two days on the sixth day. REMAIN EVERY MAN IN HIS PLACE; LET NO MAN GO OUT OF HIS PLACEONTHE SEVENTH DAY." Ex. 16:29.

This text spells out the fact that there is no reason for us to have to GO anywhere on Shab-bat. Neither is there any Command for everyone "gathering to hear the Torah" every week. Although the English word "convocation" is used in reference to weekly and certain annual Sabbaths, the Hebrew word is "MIQRA" (#4744, from #7121) and comes from the root word "QARA" (#7121), to call, ANNOUNCE, or proclaim. This root word has no use or meaning of "gathering together" whatsoever. It can mean cry, shout, dictate, or call. (I'm sorry if this sounds like "pontificating"). A "gathering" or "council" is the Hebrew word "SOD" (#5475). To assemble is the Hebrew word QABATS (#6908). The Hebrew word "YAAD" (#3259) is used at Numbers 10:3, and is specifically a summoned gathering -- a meeting together -and this was for the leaders of the congregation to come together to prepare to set out. None of these words meaning "to meet together" are used in association with how to observe Shab-bat. I thought this was odd, considering how we're programmed; but it started to make sense.

Of course Shabbat is a day to read Torah,

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