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Understanding Constantine, Mithraism, and the fertile Pagan background environment of the Romans will help explain many beliefs and practices seen today. Mithraism is about the worship of the sun, which was titled Mithras Solis Invictus (Mithras, the unconquered sun). The "mysteries" of this religion were revealed only to the initiates, who were predominantly soldiers of the Roman army. They spread this religion all over the civi lized world by way of the good Roman roads. Mithraism was the primary religion of the Roman Empire from BcE 222 through the 4th century CE. It was the chief rival of "Christianity", which history shows compromised radically in order to convert pagans into "believers". By the 4th century cE, the sect of Yahudaism called the N'tzarim no longer existed openly, and gnostic clones of it had sprung up and began to compete with Mithraism for dominance. One historian said, "The entire European continent and New World would be Mithraic today, if Christianity hadn't come along." Other historians have put it another way: "Christianity didn't conquer Mithraic Paganism. Mithraism blended in, and CHANGED NAMES." The doctrines, feast dates, rituals, accouterments, and organizational structure have scarcely changed at all. The religion of Mithraism itself was the result of a merger of the astrology of the Chaldean priests of Marduk (Baal) with the Indo-Iranian priests of Mithras. The sun-idol, Mithras, is mentioned in the 'sacred writings' of both cults; the Avesta and the Vedas. The sun-idol is called "THE LORD" in both. The Hindu Krishna is called THE LORD, as you will recall the syncretistic lyrics in the song, My Sweet Lord by George Harrison, where vocalists chant hare Krishna interchangeably with hallelu Yah. All the while, the song blends the concepts under the impersonal, indefinite, and vague title, "LORD". MITHRAIC DOCTRINE

1. The center of the Mithraic sun-cult was at Rome.

2. The leader of the ritual service was titled pater, Latin for father ~ inherited by the priestcraft of Catholicism (against Mt. 23:9), and they wore cruxes as amulets, with costumes of black, having NEHRU collars, originating from the Indo-Iranian roots.

3. There was a Pater-Patratus over the paters; a papa, or pope.

4. The hierarchy initiates below pater were called brothers.

5. The cult was for men only.

6. The cult had the Trinity: Mithras, Rashnu, and Vohu Manah ~ 3 persons', but yet 'one'.

7. Sun-day was kept hallowed in honor of Mithras, the sun, called Mithras Solis Invictus. This has produced our popular name for the first day of the week, Sunday. The pattern of resting on Sun-day comes to us directly through what is called the Blue Laws, enforced first throughout the Roman Empire, then through the western traditions into our "New World". The edict was initiated by Constan-tine I, forbidding officials, artisans, or merchants from engaging in any work on the Sun-Day, to give honor to the sun, Mithras.

8. There were 5 levels within the hierarchy.

9. December 25 was observed as Mithras' Birthday, called "Natalis Invictus", the rebirth of the winter sun, unconquered.

10. Initiates had to undergo a ritual sprinkling (affusion, which involved being under a bull, or Taurus, which being cut to death allowed the initiate to become saturated. The custom of bloody bullfights seen in Spain hearken back to this cult. The custom of performing Christian "baptisms" in the spring at Eastertime will take on greater meaning as you learn the following information).

11. Special value was attributed to the moral virtues of religion, truthfulness, purity, and generosity.

12. Mithraists would enter "paradise" (a Persian word itself, also called Eleusian Fields, Nirvana, and Nether World) by the Three Steps: A. The Good Thought.

B. The Good Word.

C. The Good Deed.

13. The cult supported the divine right of kings (including Emperor worship).

14. The pater (father) stood at one end of an oblong room, performing mysterious blood rituals; there was an indoor "altar" at his end, on which a victim (Latin, "host") was sacrificed. They had a sun-shaped wafer disc like the Egyptians, and the assembly knelt, sat, and stood in unison.

It was during this time of the "clash" when Christianity and Mithraism merged, that Jerome translated the Greek Writings of the "New Testament" into Latin (391-403). His real name was Eusibius Heirymonius Sophronius. He took the Greek word STAUROS (beam, stake, pole) and carried it over to the Latin word CRUX. This was an important shift in the meaning of the original word. The Hebrew term was "NAS", used for the word "POLE" that the serpent was lifted up on. To a Mithraist, the CRUX had a significant religious meaning. It could be represented as an "X" or a vertical line crossed horizontally. In the spring, when the Mithraists sacrificed a Taurus (bull), the sun was "CROSSING" the celestial equator, and was in the zodiac sign of the Taurus. ("Zodiac" actually means animal figures, related to the word "zoo"). These rabid Pagans "allegorized" or interpreted this as the sun (Mithras) overcoming the bull, "crossing" the celestial equator, so the cross was their most cherished religious symbol. The cross symbols of many different Pagan cults from around the world is what scholars call "the symbol of the sun, par excellance". The words we have inherited from "Jerome's" Latin translation include cross, crucifixion, and crosier. So, "cross" is a Latinism. In one of it's Babylonian forms, it was a tilted crux, with an arrow point at the high end, representing Nimrod standing on the tower shooting his hunter arrow at the skies. It was a bow and arrow. He may have even done this, shooting at the constellation Taurus. This is the link with the "Golden Calf". We still call the center of an archery target "the bull's eye". The sign of the "cross" was a Pagan sign of "overcoming". The Babylonian constellation "Orion" the Hunter (Archer) represents Nimrod of Babylon. Pagans practiced Astromancy, Pyromancy, Necromancy, and other occult forms of divination, and the cross was intimately linked to their rituals ~ and still is. A "Black Mass" uses the cross, and was practiced long before Christianity existed. Let's keep our spiritual priorities intact as we move along, and see if the Mark of the Beast can be linked in any way to Sun-day, the sun itself in Pagan worship, and the Pagan's symbol of the sun.

Since the Earth Mother was thought to be "fertilized" in the spring (Ishtar, or Easter), the Babylonian symbol for "woman" was also a cross, with the sun circle above it (the sun did the "fertilizing"). If you research Constantine, you will learn he had a vision of the sun with a "cross" beneath it, the same symbol used for "female" today in biology, a type of "ankh". The circle is also interpreted as the sun, and "circuses" like the ones held by Caligula were occultic religious displays, involving animals of the Zodiac, and three "rings". The Olympic Games today use 5 rings as a logo, representing the 5 original planetary deities worshipped in Babylon. In fact, it is still the custom to carry a torch lit by the "sacred fire" altar on Mount Olympus to the site of the games. Where the games are held, an altar dedicated to Zeus is lighted with this torch, so all the nations and athletes who participate are unknowingly worshipping Zeus. That's why this book is titled "Fossilized Customs", to open your eyes so that you can see them. The whole world follows after the "Beast", through the fossilized customs. So, you can see there are many ways we can be found practicing a lie, and having a "mark" or outward sign of following this beast. Human traditions may appear innocent, but if you can easily trace their origins to ancient Paganism, they are abominations. ODD THING: People who are Christians today don't usually ever think of their "Jesus" as being a Yahudi, nor do they realize He is a "rabbi", and was called such by many in the Brit Cha-dasha. Yet they also use the "excuse" that the TaNaKh (O.T.) was mainly written to "Jews" and by "Jews" for "Jews", so Commandments like observing Shabbaths or making a distinction between the "clean" and "unclean" are now irrelevant for them. Quoting verses from the TaNaKh will often be met with a response like, "but that's Old Testament". Likewise, unbelieving Yahudim will not acknowledge the Brit Chadasha either. Can you imagine Shaul or Peter standing there quoting a passage from the TaNaKh, and being told "but that's Old Testament'? CHRISTIANITY'S PAGAN CONNECTION Constantine is the connection which bonded Paganism to the belief in the Yahudi Mashiach. Excused as "inculturation", Paganism poisoned the message of repentance beyond all recognition. If you study any aspect of the growth of Christendom, you will only encounter one bloodbath after another. If you go in search of the worst persecution of Christians by Pagans, you will find that it was a picnic in the park compared to what Christians did over many centuries to non-Christians, and even to one another in various struggles for dominance. Constantine made Christianity the Roman State religion, but its form was far from anything known to the first Nazarenes. Constan-tine had to MERGE the multitudes of Pagans— who were mostly his own soldiers—with the Naza-rene faith, in order to control his vast empire. This reconciliation, or merger of the Nazarene faith with Mithraism, produced what we see today as "Christianity". He made the "cross" the primary symbol of this new merger, thus rallying the Pagans around its emotional meaning. The main issue at his Nicene Council in 325 CE centered on the date of "EASTER", again the most important point in the Pagan mind when the sun "crossed" the Zodiac at Taurus. Constantine confused Mithras and "Christ" together, borrowing from the Pagan background of sun-worship for every interpretation. Many of the Pastors in Christendom know these things, but never bring them up. Most don't care, it's just a job. A few are afraid that bringing it up will unravel their world. You will notice that if you privately discuss these things with a pastor, he will pluck two or three verses from Shaul's letters, then turn to stone ~ not wanting to pursue the real truth. He really doesn't want to get the "bottom" of it, because it will expose everything he teaches and lives by as being a lie.

The secular population live in their own dream world as well. Some are idealists, blissfully going through life getting the weather reports and sports scores. There are many distractions to occupy yourself with, but very few people can get real information, or put it into a meaningful form.

The Roman Beast's most powerful tool is the calendar, as I called it the great "dragnet". When people are made aware that old Babylonian "rhythms" are being kept in the annual cycles of Sun-day, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, it sometimes endears these rituals to them even more. The "EasterN" religions have become fascinating to many westerners, and they search for hidden secrets in them ~ and call it "New Age". One recent movement of a New Age cult has been the embracing of the Statue of Liberty as an idol. They place lilies near a plaque which displays a prayer to her as the Earth Mother. This enormous colossus is an image of the Babylonian goddess of the dawn, the Earth Mother. The "liberty" she offers the people of Earth is liberty from the Creator's pattern for living: "Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the Earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against hwhy and against his Anointed One. 'Let us break their chains 'they say, and throw off their fetters." This is from Psalm 2, and sums up how people seek to be "free" to choose their own way to happiness. Queen Semiramis remains their image, although she was a witch. The image was a gift to America from the French people, a larger replica of a statue of the sungoddess on a bridge in France. The global "secret societies" linked to the Illuminati know all about this, and they just make sure the common people are manipulated to carry out their agendas. They refer to their armed forces as "cannon fodder", and actually use wars to make more money, and keep populations under their control. The love of money drives the evil. But, remember, we are not called to change any of this; but endure to the end in peace with all men. We love our enemies, they kill them.

Constantine adopted the insignia called the "labarum", a cross with a wreath above it with the Greek letters CHI and RHO inside it. He had it displayed on the shields of his soldiers, as the "Christian" emblem to go forth to conquer in. Later, the "Crusades" were launched with the marauding murderers wearing large red cruxes emblazoned on their chests. The word "Crusade" refers to this crux. The errors overwhelm the world because they and it are in great darkness. Rabbi OWWhy came to teach the world, but it has not received His teachings. Therefore, when the time comes, it will be punished, convicted of its crimes against Him, and the obedient children of the Father will inherit it. The saying goes that a wise man pointed at the moon. The idiot only looked at the finger. Considering the processes and outcomes of Christianity over the last 1600 years, it would appear that early on, the whole point was lost. Constantine's government tried to "fix" a perceived problem, and wound up making it worse. It's a sad commentary, but governments haven't changed much in that respect.

During the Christianization of the Norse areas, and all during the Crusades, people were given the choice:

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