Mission Statement

We are a Messianic ministry, promoting Scripture (the Word/Oracles of Father YHWH) for study and understanding.

We are watchmen (Natsarim, Acts 24:5, Jer. 31:6), and consider all believers to be on the path to redemption through repentance, immersion, and obedience to the re-newed Covenant through the work of Rabbi Yahushua ha Mashiach, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

We do not judge or separate people into denominations (even if they do), but steadfastly press on toward the perfecting of the saints.

Our goal, and the goal of all Scripture, is love. We teach the 10 Commandments as the Covenant of Love which they are called.

Our mission is to seek out the lost sheep of the House of Israel dispersed among the Gentiles, who are called and chosen to receive a love for the Truth. We hope this is your objective also, and that we can work together often to accomplish it as we are enabled to by the Spirit of Yahushua, our soon-coming King and Redeemer.

Messianic groups come in every shape and size, and vary greatly regarding beliefs. Scripture makes it clear that in Mashiach there is no distinction between Yahudi and Gentile, but those who live and think "in the flesh" make these distinctions all time. When a leader of a group imposes his/her personal understandings on those in the group, as most do, exclusionary behavior is the result. The BODY (or group) is the mouthpiece through which the Voice of Yahushua speaks to us -- where ever 2 or more are gathered, He speaks to those present THROUGH the assembly. 1 Cor. 14:26 indicates that we all have to have a voice at addressing the assembly. In attending any Messianic group, be discerning of the good things you find, leaving the errors. The "lost" sheep of the House of Israel are not properly understood by most Messianic groups yet -- they tend to shun any reference to ideas that there are others who are not of the specific tribe of Yahudah that are called. But, even a former Pagan who has no bloodlines to Abraham can be gathered by the Spirit of Ya-hushua, and they must be accepted as a native-born among the people of YhWh. We are His "benai shalom", children of peace. If anyone enters into the Covenant (by immersion), they become like Ruth or Rehab and are joined to Israel; their former "self" is no longer living -- they are a NEW creation in Yahushua. When you sense this change within yourself, He is preparing you for the work you are to go and do. I'm only here to serve the Body in the role of a messenger of awakening -- I'm blowing a shofar making people uncomfortable in their slumbering. The Body that is awaken ing is now being taught by the Spirit of Yahushua, GUIDING it into all Truth. You will plant more of the same seed that was planted and grows in you, and the fertile "soil" around you will sprout others of the same seed. This is the way the Body is grown and nurtured by Yahushua. We will be hated because we seem "strict", because we don't compromise with error.

Sometime in the future, a "messiah" will appear on the scene to deceive the nations with power and great signs. Because he will be using the name "Jesus", most will believe and follow him. We were warned by Yahushua personally that this would occur. Translators have been deceived and have deceived most people into believing that our Savior is named "Jesus", and this programming has caused a raging battle over the true Name, revealed in this book.

ISRAEL currently consists of 2 "Houses". One has kept Torah, and the other is returning to Torah from the pig pen.

House of Yahudah & House of Israel

Father hwhy is the Elohim of all Israel. The "older brother" in the parable of the Prodigal Son can easily be understood to be the "House of Yahudah". The prodigal son is the lost tribes, Reuben, Ephraim, Naphtali, etc., and these are sifted among the nations (Amos 9:9), and are called Yahudah's "sister", the "House of Israel", also known as "Ephraim", the descendants of Yosef, or the "lost sheep". These 2 Houses, Ya-hudah and Israel/Ephraim, are only "enemies" regarding the belief in Mashiach; but for the prophecies to be fulfilled, there is a blindness in part. These are the "two sticks" which will be reunited into one stick in YHWH's hand one day in the future (Ez. 37). The older brother, Yahudah, has preserved the "oracles of YHWH", and are blessed of the Father;

Ephraim and Yahudah now strive against one another, but one day neither will vex the other. (Is. 11:13)

Natsarim Discipline

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