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The word "Gospel" Is English. It's really 2 words crammed together: GOD + SPEL. We have already seen that the Teutonic Celts worshipped the sun with the word "GOD", and It was a proper name. It was used because It was already a familiar word to them, coming from the Greeks' translation. The Greeks used THEOS instead of "Elohim", because they were already familiar with their old word also. The Greeks called Zeus " Theos", and their letter "theta" © was originally a circle with a dot in the center, representing the sun running across the sky. They called all their deities by the title "Theos". Some scholars believe that using "GOD" and "THEOS" to refer to hYhy is the prophesied abomination of desolation. Pillars of Jealousy (steeples), Sun-day, calling OWYhy "Yeh-Zeus", Easter, and more yet to be exposed follow in that line of thought. The second part of the word "Gospel", SPEL, is also Celtic in origin. It means incantation, speech, spiel, news, message, or report. It is the "spell" spoken to others.

In 1948 CE, A. W. Tozer wrote the following words, underscoring how we can become swept up in mindless devotion by imitating others:

"Christian literature, to be accepted and approved by the evangelical leaders of our times, must follow very closely the same train of thought, a kind of 'party line' from which it is scarcely safe to depart. A half-century of this in America has made us smug and content. We imitate each other with slavish devotion and our most strenuous efforts are put forth to try to say the same thing that everyone around us is saying."

The true "Gospel" is virtually unknown by most people on Earth today, yet "collections" to "spread" the "Gospel" are being donated to men who don't know what it is. It's all wasted, because like cancer researchers, they stumble in great darkness. The original followers of OWYhy carried its free message, but it died out (on the surface) with the last of the Nazarenes and Ebionites before the 4th century. The Writings reveal that it is a SECRET, and a mystery, and will one day be revealed just before the end of men's kingdoms. It is directed only for the understanding of those whose names are written in the Scroll of Life, sealed with 7 seals. These are the BRIDE of Mashiach. The wedding betrothal occurred at Sinai, when the children of Israel listened to the Voice of the Groom, and agreed to obey Him. Other "sheep"


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