Lieve the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness

The word "delusion" used here is translated from the Greek word, PLANOS, #4106 — and means a wrong opinion, errors in morals, a leading astray, a working of error.

How can we tell if we are under a spell or hypnotic trance? Is it possible to test for such a condition in ourselves? The only sure test to find out if we are deluded is to do a personal topical study of Scripture, and compare what we learn from this study with our "reality" as we have perceived it to be. We must be careful to let Scripture speak alone, without our bringing any former beliefs to the study we are undertaking. This will be very sobering to everyone who takes time to test themselves in this way.

If you are like 99% of sincere Christians, you honestly believe that "SunDay" is the "Christian Sabbath". At the same time, you may have been told that "Jewish" believers in the same Messiah may observe the usual "7th day" of the week Sabbath, because they were "BORN" as Jewish-folk. So, we immediately have re-built a dividing wall that had been removed by Messiah's death and resurrection (Eph. 2:14). Instead of ONE body, we have TWO bodies of Messiah, based on the distinction of being BORN as a Jewish person, or as a Gentile person. This surely cannot be -- it turns out to only be one of many "human traditions", brought about by a working of error (a delusion!).

As you slowly read the book of Acts, you will discover the truth of the matter -never has the 4th Commandment (the Sabbath) been "changed" by any doctrine originating in Scripture. The first chapter of Acts will reveal this to you. A delusion (working of error) has hypnotically entranced most of the world in a deception practiced openly. Oh, but there's much, much more to be revealed. Are you prepared to fully awaken? The next level will cause you great pain, yet you will be so grateful for reaching it. You will meet with your pastor after you awaken, and he will show you a side of himself you never knew to exist.

He will seem to be "asleep" to you.

Topics that you should personally study to test yourself for being deluded: The Sabbath - has anyone changed which day is the Sabbath mentioned in the 10 Commandments? Sure they have - it was imposed by Roman emperor Constantine I. But can the change be found in Scripture? Well, yes; but it's a bad thing -- read Daniel 7:25. It may be that it is linked to the "mark of the beast" (Rev. 13) since "buying and selling" is NOT allowed to be done on the Sabbath Day. Those having the beast's mark (Sun-Day?) are allowed to buy and sell, but those having YHWH's mark (the Sabbath) are not permitted to buy and sell -- but this is self imposed on these obedient folks, only pertaining to the day of rest. Scripture refers to those who disobey the Covenant (Torah) as dogs and beasts. The Commandments -- and those obedient to them out of love -- reveal who is of YHWH and who is a servant of the deceiver of this world. (And this article is about delusion, deception, and error).

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