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Jupiter -- 5th planet, named for Roman idol meaning "Zeus-father" (IU-PITAR). NOTE: It's a pagan name, folks, forbidden by Ex. 23:13, Ps. 16:4. This giant ball of mostly hydrogen has al ways been intriguing to scientists, since it would have been the second star in our system if it had only a slightly larger bit of mass. It has the same make up as our sun. With only a LITTLE more mass, the core temperature would be sufficient to cause a fusion effect; the nuclear reactions of the hydrogen cycle -- to ignite the star! For all practical purposes, it is an un-ignited star. This is the premise of the movie 2010 (the sequel to 2001 A Space Odyssey). This movie was based upon a real possibility, however.

In the real world, a controversial book called Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper has revealed many unsettling government secrets, and has quite an extensive historical perspective of events world-wide. This book is not fiction! He discusses the spacecraft Galileo which orbited the 5th planet, and how its decaying orbit was expected to deliver its payload into the dense inner regions of the planet sometime about December 1999. So what? Well, the book goes on to say that the dangerous power plant on board Galileo generates from a nuclear source: 49.7 pounds of weapons-grade PLUTONIUM. The pressures it may encounter in the deep, hot regions of the planet could simulate the conditions created by an implosion detonator. There is no worse place in our solar system for such a set of circumstances to exist, since the possibility of igniting the planet into a sun is very real. Just how long it would burn is unknown, because sustaining the nuclear reactions is linked to the stability of the hydrogen cycle in the core. But, it could explode so violently that it actually destroys the planet, causing a chain-reaction that turns the planet into a huge hydrogen bomb. The plutonium is encased in ceramic chips to keep it from going 'critical', and it is undergoing fission to generate the heat necessary for electrical production for on-board systems. But, if the ceramic chips are subjected to intense heat and pressure, they will melt -- and they could take their time to do it. It could sink into the liquid planet, drifting into hotter and hotter regions. It could take years, or even decades to explode, or maybe nothing will ever happen. There is also the asteroid belt to consider (between the 4th & 5th planets); if the star ignites, the explosive action would disrupt millions of chunks from this belt, sending them right at us, and distributing them into the entire inner solar system! That would be 'stars' falling from the sky, burning as they enter our atmosphere, and impacting on our planet! The asteroid belt may have been put there for this very purpose, as the waters of the FLOOD were.

Planets do not emit energy, as a star does. Yet, the 5th planet is radiating twice as much infrared (heat) as it receives from the sun! Something is already happening inside it -- scientists estimate that only several hundred miles down, the metallic hydrogen is liquid, and is thousands of degrees. The core could be tens of thousands of degrees, or hotter. The Earth is one "AU" (astronomical unit) from its center to the center of our sun. The 5th planet is about 5.2 AU from the sun, making it 4 AU from Earth at its closest position. Double stars are more common than our system's single sun, and it appears that we could be responsible for igniting the giant gas bag. The additional radiant heat from a second star in our system would completely melt the Northern and Southern polar ice of Earth, flooding the lower elevations and coasts -- many islands would be no more (another prophetic occurrence). Then we really would have to "flee to the mountains", high ground! When you take it all in together, with the added situation of the asteroid belt to pelt us, the final days of distress were created beforehand to fulfill their purpose; like the frogs, flies, locusts etc., that plagued ancient Egypt! Being children of light (Torah), we will understand these things, while many others' hearts will fail from fear of the things coming upon the Earth.

If and when any of this happens, this Earth will be in distress. "And the fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun, and it was given to it to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with fierce heat; and they blasphemed the name of Elohim who has the power over these plagues, and they did not repent so as to give Him esteem." - Rev. 16:8,9. There is no indication which 'sun' is being referred to! People will "blaspheme" His Name (not use it), thus not giving Him esteem. The saints will be on Earth during the Tribulation, counter to the Christian Rapture Myth, and it will be the 'weeds' who will be taken first. The 144,000 are being sealed with the Name in their foreheads right now: the palaeo-Hebrew four letters YHWH (Yod-Hay-Waw-Hay).

According to the book, scientists have already chosen the name for the new star: LUCIFER, which means light-bringer in Latin. Our Nazarene Rabbi, OWYhl, told us of a prominent sign or signal that He is coming: "But pray that your flight may not be in winter, or on a Shabbat; for then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever shall. And unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, those days shall be cut short." -- Matt. 24:20-

22. As a prelude to the final days of the 'times of the Gentiles', a world-wide message is to go forth, called the 'Gospel' or message of the Kingdom:

"Repent! For the Reign of hwhy draws near".

This report was the same message spoken by Yahushua's cousin called 'John the Baptist'. 'John' just prepared the way for it, and the One Who will be our Ruler one day soon. The whole Earth will be in distress. And then, the end will come.

(You might have guessed, but "John" wasn't a "Baptist", but rather a Torah-observant Levite priest. Being a priest, they didn't stone him when he said the Name ~ it was only a problem for non-priests. But, no one else was ever saying it, and many probably didn't even know he was saying it, not realizing what it was). NOTICE the above stone carving of Mithras as a lion standing on a "sphere" with a cross on it?




Plato wrote that the unIverse was created In the shape of an X, beIng the IntersectIon of the celestIal equator wIth the axIs of the Zodiac (constellatIons of "lIvIng anImals", sInce "zoo" and "zodIac" are related words). Could thIs "X" be the Image of the beast? To the above rIght, we have a Pagan altar pIece depIctIng MIthras slayIng the bull, or overcomIng the constellatIon of Taurus the bull. ThIs Is reverently cared for In the VatIcan museum. MIthras, the sun deIty, Is shown In the act of tauroctony, slayIng the bull. ThIs act showed MIthras to be the supreme power In the unIverse, able to move the sprIng equInox out of the Age of Taurus (really caused by the precessIon of the Earth ~ a wobble). In thIs photo, the zodIac anImals are represented along wIth the sun and moon (upper corners); the bull Is Taurus, the dog Is CanIs MInor, the snake Is Hydra, the raven Is Corvus, the scorpIon Is ScorpIo, and the stars around MIthras' head are thought to be planets, but could also be the PleIades, or seven sIsters. The lIon motIf represents the constellatIon of Leo, the lIon. The unIverse Is Illustrated as a sphere wIth the cross on Its surface, depIcted above wIth MIthras standIng on It as Its supreme ruler wIth a lIon's head. Atlas Is seen holdIng thIs same sphere wIth the IntersectIng axIs on Its surface. Hopefully, thIs book has successfully slaIn some "bull" too.

LeavIng all thIs Pagan MIthraIc nonsense behInd, what can we turn to? We can't follow after the Roman calendar, because It Is lIke a dragnet trappIng the whole Earth In Its tentacles. You may wIsh to pIck up a "JewIsh calendar" at a synagogue or funeral home, to roughly famIlIarIze yourself wIth YIsrael's ScrIptural tIme system. Although there are a few technIcal glItches, they are mostly correct. Some MessIanIc groups have very good calendars avaIlable, and I recommend the one Issued by Petah TIkvah, lIsted In the Resources portIon In the back of thIs book.

Before Chris Koster dIed, I asked hIm to summarIze the annual appoIntments for us, so here Is what he provIded. (My additions will be in italics):



The Hebrew word Is mo'edim, and In the tradItIonal versIons of the Scriptures, It was mistranslated as "festIvals". The Hebrew for festIval Is "chag". Although many a "mo'ed" Is also a "chag", thIs Is by no means always the case. ElohIm legIslated these AppoInted TImes to be just that; a tIme that He has appoInted for us to draw near to HIm to serve HIm, to worshIp HIm. In 3 Mosheh 23 (Lev. 23), we fInd these AppoInted TImes lIsted. The very fIrst and most Important one Is the weekly Shabbat, of course. The weekly Shabbat, as well as the yearly Shabbat, the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), are "mo'edIm", but they are not festIvals. The other AppoInted TImes In 3 Mosheh 23 are also called "festIvals". If we turn our attentIon to these "FestIvals of hYht", we naturally ask two questIons: What Is theIr sIgnIfIcance, and secondly, why were they done away wIth by the Church? Before we dIscuss thIs, please note that the seven festIvals are grouped In three groups:

1. The festIvals of the fIrst moon, AbIb,

2. The FestIval of Weeks (Shabuoth)

3. The festIvals of the seventh moon. THEIR SIGNIFICANCE They were InstItuted "as a law forever", as we repeatedly read. In the fIrst ScrIptural month, AbIb, we fInd the

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