It Had To Be Darkening As He Died

Many of you have wondered why it was required that the Passover Lamb be slain at twilight, "between the evenings". And, if Ya-hushua is our Lamb, His death at 3 p.m. seems to be at a strange time of day (only to some), because it was not twilight. But it was. Even though it was a full moon and an eclipse would be impossible, darkness hung over the land for 3 hours — much longer than any eclipse could ever be. YHWH made it happen correctly. It's wonderful to watch how He works.


In the New Covenant, we have both men and women. Those who belong to Yahushua have His Spirit dwelling in them, and these individuals have experienced having the Covenant (Ten Words) "circumcised" on their hearts. They LOVE the Torah now, having been sealed in their foreheads with the Name of the Father (YHWH), and immersed into the Name of Yahushua, for the forgiveness of their sins. They no longer want to sin. The "Sinai experience" of the giving of the Torah for us is in our hearts, and we obey willingly. We are the Temple, the living containers of the Covenant, as the Ark used to be. It was only a model, or form; we are the reality. It was a throne, or Mercy Seat; Yahushua is now enthroned in our hearts. Any Spirit-filled individual who meets with another one, or several together (2 or more), is in the presence of Yahushua in their midst. 1 Cor. 14:26 states that when we assemble together, EACH ONE has a teaching, prophecy, tongue, etc.,. It isn't to be just one man or woman "lording" over the people (nicolaitanism).

The "Spirit of prophecy" is the testimony of Ya-hushua. This phrase from Revelation 19:10 tells us that Yahushua speaks to us THROUGH one another. His voice is uttering prophetic messages to the assemblies all the time, but most of these prophetic utterances are ignored and those speaking them are sometimes disfellowshipped when this happens. An "evangelist" is a bearer of the message of the Kingdom, and they should be aware of what it is: "Repent, for the Reign of YHWH draws near". It matters not whether the person is a man or woman, and all the esteem and honor goes to the Spirit of Yahushua dwelling in us -The Law Beside the Ark

You must test everything you hear, to make certain you are not just listening to "winds" -- and you know how they can blow all sorts of doctrines (teachings). Christians have been taught for centuries that the "law" has been done away with, and that we now live under "grace". This has satisfied theologians and the laity (people) they have lorded-over very well, while none seem to have ever comprehended exactly WHAT the "New Covenant" actually is. The ceremonial laws, which were daily sacrifices pointing to Yahushua's one-time atoning death, were brought to a crashing halt, since they served as our temporary covering for sin. Daily, weekly, and annually ceremonial laws had to be performed, because they were impermanent. Yahushua's death ended the need for this ceremonial law. Even the Temple was removed in order to make it all come to an end. There was a change in priesthood also. We became the Temple; and the Torah (The Covenant Law, or Ten Words) was circumcised on our hearts by the giving of the Spirit of Truth. Yahushua fulfilled even the "drink offerings" by taking sour wine from a sponge as He hung dying, nailed to wood. Each ceremonial law was hostile to us, while the Commandments could never be hostile to us. There was a "law" OUTSIDE the Ark, while INSIDE the Ark was the Covenant itself. What was outside the Ark was impermanent, and passing away. Inside the Ark was the Covenant which is a lamp for our feet, and a light for our path. The ceremonial law was placed beside the Ark, not inside it. Dt. 31:26 states:

"Take this book of the law and place it BESIDE the Ark of the Covenant of YHWH your Elohim, that it may remain there as a WITNESS AGAINST you."

Comparing the above text with Col. 2:14, we can better comprehend which "law" was taken out of the way:

"Having cancelled-out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees AGAINST us which was hostile to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the stake."

So, we can see there really is a case for a "ceremonial law" that was cancelled-out. This is part of the central misunderstanding of Christianity, keeping people in bondage to sin, since they reject any idea of obedience to Torah. The true New Covenant, having the Torah written on our hearts, can be easily seen when the truth of this misunderstanding is dispelled. The "ceremonial" law was never referred to as "THE COVENANT", the "Ten Words" which are INSIDE the Ark are the Covenant. These were never "against" us, but are our wedding vows. It is a MARRIAGE COVENANT, between YHWH and the 12 tribes of Israel. Now, in the Brit Chadasha, this Covenant is written (circumcised) on our hearts, so that we LOVE them, and obey willingly. We are now the "Ark" of the Covenant, and represent living stones -- together we are built up as the Temple of YHWH. We are the "New Yerushaliyim", which will come from the skies "adorned as a bride". The third Temple is built, without hands, and will not be destroyed -- it is us. The Spirit of prophecy is the "testimony of Yahushua". He speaks to us through one another today. Where ever two or more are gathered in His Name, He is there; each individual has a prophecy or teaching. We can hear Yahushua speak.

"Indeed, He will speak to this people through stammering lips and a foreign tongue, He who said to them, 'here is rest, give rest to the weary', and 'here is repose' - but they would not listen." Is. 28 (see whole chapter).

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