Abraham Wilmington And Islam

The Arabs are the children of Abraham by his wife Hagar, who lived apart from the tribes of Israel, and became Pagans. They worshipped hundreds of deities. The big black "box" now called the Kaaba was filled with images of their deities, one of which was called "Allah". "Islam" means submission. Muhammad was born among the Pagan Arabs, and converted to Yahudaism. He was eventually ejected by the synagogue


because of his violence. He sought to convert his mis-guided people from their Paganism, but had to flee for his life from Mecca to his birthplace in Medina in CE 622, because the Arabs were dedicated to their idols. This "flight", or hejira, is the beginning point in the Islamic calendar. When he was in his mid 20's, he organized a large band of followers, and attacked the Pagan hierarchy in Mecca, and destroyed the idols in the Kaaba, replacing them with oil lamps. A large black rock inside is believed to be a gift from an angel to their father Abraham, and the Kaaba is considered to be the "holiest" place on Earth today by Muslims. "Muslim" means one who submits, and is based on the same word as Islam. He married an older woman in her 40's, Kadjah, who was a Roman Catholic nun. It is believed by many that she had been sent to him by the Vatican, who taught him from the Scrolls of the TaNaKh. In these scrolls, there is a different "transposition" of the names Isaac and Ishmael, indicating that "the Covenant" was really with the firstborn son of Abraham, Ishmael. This may have been with the purpose of causing the Ishmaelites to eventually rise up and re-capture the land of Israel from the Persians. After the slaughter, Rome would make her move, which history shows she did, in the Crusades. The "sign" of the land Covenant is circumcision, which the Pagan Arabs did not practice. The Islams embraced praying to "Mary" because of Muhammad's wife's dedication to her. They consider Rabbi OWWhy to be a prophet, but they pray to His dead mother! The "sacred" writings of Islam are called the Koran (or Quran, from the Hebrew word qara, for "proclaim"). Their use of the word "Allah" is known to them as meaning the god, and seems to be from the word elah, which in Hebrew means mighty one; but it is not a name. Muhammad instituted Islam's "Sabbath" as one day before the 7th day, or what is called "Friday". The Ishmaelites and Israelites are both Hebrews, and are brothers, yet they fight over the land given to Abraham. The problem is really their difference of religion. The Romans re-named the land "Palestine", a Latinism for "Philistia", the land of the old Philistines, who came there as settlers. They were "sea people".

When we see the Arabs referring to themselves as "Palestinians", they are calling themselves "Philistines", as if their claim to the land pre-dates the "Jews" because of this. Yet, Genesis 21:34 states "Abraham sojourned in the land of the Philistines many days." Obviously, Abraham wasn't a Philistine, so neither Isaac or Ish-mael, his sons, were either! The Ishmaelites lived in Arabia, hence their name "Arabs". They were the merchants who bought Yoseph who was carried off to Egypt and sold to Potiphar, Pharaoh's captain of the guard (Gen. 39:1). When all of these things are objectively presented to an Islam, they become very confused. They face Mecca when they pray. When they rise up in their "jihad" (holy war), they are sometimes heard chanting "first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people!". The name "Ishmael" means Elohim hears. The descendants of Ishmael have lived in hostility to all their brothers (Gen. 25:18). The name "Ishmael" was given by hwhy to the boy of Hagar, since she had fled Sarah for being mistreated (Gen. 16), and He told her that Ishmael's hand would be against everyone, and would live in hostility toward all his brothers. There is nothing worse than a religious fanatic. They are taught that if they die in jihad, they will be instantly taken into "paradise" and given dozens of dark-eyed women as wives. They actually can't wait to die; they strap explosives to themselves, put their children in the line of fire when they instigate skirmishes, and generally seek to kill everyone who will not submit to their "Allah". The objective of Islam is control of the whole Earth, and the extermination of the "unbelievers". They control the Temple Mount in Yerushaliyim, so the focus remains being hostile to their brothers, even though no one is meddling with their "holiest" place in Mecca.

Now, notice the similarity of this image of the beast with the one on page 17. It represents THE SUN, Mithras:


The above flag was modeled after the old Roman Empire flag, and came into use during the 800's under Charlemagne. Most Pagan nations' flags utilize a "beast" of one sort or another, and the eagle is as old as Zoroastrian-ism ~ being a symbol of Ahura Mazda, or Mithras. The Pagan priests, "Magi", wore an eagle over their chests. This chapter started out with this old Pagan BEAST image. The Egyptians, Romans, Germans, Americans, and KLA cherished this image of the sun, the great Mithras eagle ~ which is a vulture. Soon, you will see what simple image it later became!


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