As we have already covered, this name became Astoreth, Asherah, Astarte, Eostre, Eastre, and she is now embraced (or blurred) in the festival called Easter. Find Easter, and you find her. She's a bit fossilized, but nonetheless still around. The "beast" is here, and has been here for many centuries. If you are waiting for a "beast", then you will miss it, because it has been here deceiving ~ even the very elect ~ since it's deadly wound was healed, since the bishop of Rome became Pontifex Maximus. You will know them by their fruits. If you can honestly say that Rome isn't the beast, in the face of the wars she's waged, the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Roman Catholic Hitler, Concordats, Pogroms, and the bloody "convert-or-die" policy from Constantine onward, then many men before me have been wrong. If, on the other hand, Rome is not masquerading but is in fact doing the deeds of the Father, hYhy, would she be capable of such evil fruit? No, she is doing the work of her father ha Shatan. HYhy would not "change" His Shabbath to the Pagan Sun-day, nor use the Earth Mother's name for a celebration of His Son's resurrection, or re-invent by deception the Pagan festi-

val for the rebirth of the sun, and call it His Son's birthday. He would not promote "Halloween", called such because it was "all Hal-loweds' Eve'n, the night before All Saints' Day, a re-invented Druid feast of the dead. HYhy would not continue to "sacrifice" His beloved Son over and over in a ghastly "mass" ritual ~ but ha Shatan would. HYhy would not have us "praying" to anyone but Himself in His Son's Name, but Shatan guides the Church of Rome to pray to Miryam, and many other so-called dead "saints" for blessings, protection, guidance, and intercession. I can go on and on. But, if there is the chance that these things are being misunderstood, perhaps the pope would like to discuss some of these issues with myself or any other Nazarene, then let it be televised world-wide in the City of Yerushaliyim. We'll bring OWYhy with us.

Below, some Egyptian "priests" are honoring an image of the sun that looks very familiar. The priests in the picture below are also offering to an image that is sun-like. The Roman Catholic "Monstrance" in the picture at the above right looks quite a bit like these other images. There is no such item mentioned in the Scriptures, so they must have borrowed it from the Pagans.

GOD OF MANY NAMES Shatan conceals his identity, and uses many names — while hYhy only needs one. Shatan is not omnipresent, and uses a network to gather information. Among his names like Baal, Molech, and Woden, he also uses the "female" forms like Ishtar, Frigga, Venus, or Aphrodite. Masons revere Nimrod, whose eye it is at the top of the pyramid on the back of the US $1 bill. "IN GOD

WE TRUST" takes on new meaning when one discovers Shatan, the "shining one", is the "GOD of this world". He uses the "reins" of old customs to rule us. So, it is really not Nimrod ruling us from the grave!

(Many share this opinion). See the "Monstrance" above? Catholicism has taught that these display the actual "presence" of the literal body of Mashiach. Millions were killed for denying it was. Yet, Rabbi OWYht told us:

"At that time, if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Mashiach!' or 'There He is!', do not believe it. . . So, if anyone tells you 'There He is, out in the desert', do not go out; or, 'Here He is, in the inner rooms', do not believe it." ~ Mt. 24:23 - 26. RELIGION HAS BEEN THE "DISNEY WORLD" OF MANY CENTURIES, DISPLAYING WONDROUS SIGNS AND MARVELS, WHILE PILFERING THE IGNORANT. A funny quote:

"Isn't Disney World a people trap, operated by a mouse?" ~ Steven Wright A famous quote: "That which you find hateful to yourself, do that not unto your neighbor." ~ Hillel, 1st century Pharisee Many Christians are awaiting a one-world "government" they call the "beast" system. The text doesn't say there will suddenly be a "beast" government ruling the whole world prior to OWYhy's return, but rather it says, "The whole world was astonished (overwhelmed) and followed the beast... All inhabitants of the Earth will worship the beast. . ."Rev. 13. This is not just a government, but a religious system ~ people are not legislated to worship this beast, they are tricked into it through tradition, the establishment. The intoxicating "wine" is the calendar, as you will

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