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fire, carefully numbered for each annual cycle completed. The prayer chant and all the ritual procedures are carefully preserved, and it is a religious occasion. Witches regard the day of one's birth the most significant >JJi event in a person's life. As- - - -trologers base everything on it. If the celebrant can blow-out all the candles, then a secret wish made to a GENIE (or JUNO if the person is female) will be granted. The birthday itself was a time of great superstition to a Pagan, so they were surrounded by their friends and relatives for protection. In the Greek culture, it was believed that personal abilities and talents were bestowed on an individual by being "inhabited" (possessed) by one or more demons, called MUSES. A person's "genius" was the gift of the Genie, thought of as the overseer of the Muses. The Muses were 9 female deities believed to endow skills in speech, art, science, memory, scholastics, agility, and music ~ a word derived from the 'MUSES" (9 daughters of Zeus & Mnemosyne). The names of these 9 Muses were Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Urania, and Calliope. You may recognize some of their names as having become part of our language, like "Uranus". They are the Greek deities of the Arts and Sciences, giving us the word museum, a showplace of Art and Science. The fairy tale Sleeping Beauty directly refers to the gifts and benefits bestowed by the Muses, since the Muses were known as Fairies in the Germanic and Gaelic cultures. The "Three Fates were a triad of female deities also known as the Three Graces, or Three Charities. In the Greek and Roman mythologies, they ruled the lives of men, and determined the length of a person's life. "Clotho" spun the "thread of life", "Lachesis" determined its length, and "Atropos" cut it. This is the type of idolatry that Shaul was correcting the Galatians and Ephesians for observing, since they were falling back into these patterns instead of exposing them and excluding them from their lives. He told them that they had lived as Pagans and been in darkness, but now were called-out from such ignorance. This "programming" in these practices became absorbed, and people are either


ignorant of them, or too weak to break free of them. Their spiritual leaders aren't going to tell them, because they are hypnotized as well. The reason the Writings don't make much sense to people is because they are not aware, and don't recognize their own behavior as being Pagan. Everything has been pushed into the "background" so well, their eyes are "blinded" to the real truth. Astrology, an ancient Babylonian process of worship, was used to determine the 'sigh' under which a person was born. Everything that happened to a person was determined by "the stars". The position of the sun, moon, planets, and stars at the time of one's birth produced a personal "horoscope", used since ancient times by witches, palmistry experts, fortune tellers, diviners, sorceresses, tarot card readers, magicians, soothsayers, and others who dabble in the "OCCULT". The word "occult" means hidden. Such "divination" is idolatry: "Do not practice divination or sorcery" and Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists" Lev. 19, Dt. 18:14. Ex. 22:18 says we are not to allow a sorceress to live. "Letyour astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions moon by moon, let them save you from what is coming upon you..." Yesha Yahu 47:13. These practices from Babylon are tightly woven into our cultural tapestry.

When the people of hwhy mixed Gentile religious practices into their lives, He brought the punishments forth that He had promised would come upon them at Dt. 28, and Dt. 30. The severe punishments for idolatry documented in the Ta-NaKh are to serve as examples for us (1 Cor. 10:5-7). "This calls for patient endurance on the part of the qodeshim (saints, called-out ones) who obeyhYhVs Commandments and remain faithful to OWVht". Rev. 14:12. The Sovereign OWWhy commands us from the skies, to come out of Babylon: "Come out of her, My people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues, for her sins are piled up to shamayim, and hYhy has remembered her crimes." Rev. 18:4,5. The great "dragnet" is the calendar we use based on the solstices. Witches have used it since Babylon. Shatan, by stealth, has this planet worshipping him by diversion. By the process you are about to see explained in the following pages, it will be evident to you that everything is designed (although in the background) according to the plans of Shatan. He is behind the sun-worship customs: "How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the Earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, '/ will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of Elohim; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High." Yesha Yahu 14:12-14. Shatan will be exposed as the source of sun worship! If it is in the "background", then it's still there.

"Christmas" is really 2 words: Christos (Greek), and missa (Latin). Christos means "anointed", and missa means "depart". Both of these words were inherited from Pagans. The Mashiach was never called "Christ" in His own tongue (language). The "anointing" in the Pagan mind was performed by a physician, who carried a wooden box with vari- ^

ous ointments in jars. The medi- — cal symbol "Rx" is derived from 2 Greek letters, rho (p) and chi (X). These are the first two letters in the Greek word Christos spelled xpioxoZ ~ anointed. The sick were anointed for healing, and the letters rho and chi were used as a "logo" for the physician's trade ~ hung up as a sign designed to appear as an EYE (the "eye in the sky"). It was the Egyptian "Eye of Horus", which the Greeks had adopted. Medical students learn this history of the RX symbol in their study of pharmaceuticals. At this point, let me remark that the Mashiach never authorized or invented a new "religion", but rather was upset because of changes already made. He said "repent" ~ turn back. This is what makes all this so bizarre. The word Christos is cognate with the Hindi Krista, the sun deity of Hindus. It means shining one. The Latin word Lucifer means light bringer. Kris means shining. The Hebrew ' Mashiach' means anointed one, but refers to Him as Sovereign or King, as Samuel anointed Dawid. The "oil" (lamp oil) symbolized the power of LIGHT, or wisdom of Torah, poured on the head (reasoning organ) so that the king would rule wisely in the Commandments. The Torah is "a lamp", and a "light". But, you can still see the way the original word was avoided, and Shatan's "shining" was adopted instead. The word Christmas means "anointed-depart", and is seen abbreviated in "X—mas". The "X" stands for Christos. Let me just say this: "Ii men originated any word or idea, then be suspicious oi it." Is nothing sacred? The word "sacred" is Latin, sakra, and is used in place of the Hebrew word qodesh, meaning set-apart. Sakra itself traces back to an Indo-European language, "Sanskrit", and turns out to be a Vedic form of an India sun deity, "Indra". It came into Old Persian, and in one of its 12 forms is "Sakra". Another form is Mitra, or the

Persian/Roman "Mithras". OK, then is nothing qodesh? Yes! The Name of hYhy is setapart, which is in the Name OWYhy. The Word, or Torah (Commandments) is qodesh. The Temple Mount ~ which He calls His set-apart mountain forever, where He has placed His Name is qodesh. And finally, His people, called Yahudim, who bear His Name are qodesh. Pretty much everything else is rock, dirt, metal, water, air, and such. The day we call Shabbat is set-apart in time, as a memorial of creation, and is in the To-rah. The teachings of Torah are a solid "Rock" on which to build, because they will never change, nor can any man bend them. They were made "straight" by hYhy.

Missa, Latin for depart, was the last word spoken at a Catholic "Mass', and so the word for the liturgical procedure seems to be from that. It was tacked-on to the word "Christ" because the Mass ritual on December 25th was called Christ's Mass. But, even the "Mass" existed before Catholicism. It was what the Pagan priests of Mithra-ism and Mandaeanism called their Mass of the Dead, which was a ghastly "sacra-mental" ritual of animal and human sacrifice ~ on an indoor "altar", with the Pagan worshippers assembled in two rows of benches with a center aisle. The Pagan priest would be at one end of the room, mumbling obscurely, leading the service to Mithras. At the spring equinox, new "initiates" into the mysteries of the cult were "baptized" (sprinkled) in blood, under a bull being hacked to death. This was the time which the Earth's orbit "crossed" the celestial equator. These sun-worshippers interpreted this as "Mithras slaying the bull " ~ the sun had "crossed" over the celestial equator, overcoming the "bull", which they called the constellation of Taurus (Latin for "bull"). Every "Mass" is truly a Black Mass! The Pagan mind "mixed" this up with the Passover Seder known as "the Last Supper", and POOF! The 'magic' became our Sun-Day morning "supper". You have just broken the Truth Barrier, as I call it. The word abracadabra was used during the Mithraic mystery Mass, when they transubstantiated a sun-shaped disc of bread into the sun, and ate it. You can find this out by digging it up in a library. The Mandaeans also had "7 sacraments", among which were Holy Matrimony, the "Eucharist" sun-disc bread wafer, "Confession", Holy Orders, and the Mass of the Dead itself. They were sun-worshippers, from which a "Church Father", Augustine, had come from. Are we still talking about Christmas? Sure! There was never an "indoor" altar in the ceremonial law of hYhy, and now there is no need for any altar. Our Rabbi had to die but once, and said "it is finished'. The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) hasn't gotten the message. Catholicism calls the

Mass a "bloodless sacrifice", offering the "miraculous" transformed bread into the body of OWYhy to the Father over and over. But, Heb. 9:22 says "without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness." At Heb. 9:28, it says "Mashiach was sacrificed ONCE, to take away the sins of many people." (see Heb. 10:12 also). He cannot be sacrificed over again! There was no such term as "Christmas" until the 9th century. Going back to the 6th century, there was a time when our "years" were not even reckoned as we think of them today.

Imagine it is the year 525 CE. No one at that time knew it was "525" though; here's why: There was a real man named Dionysus Ex-iguus. Mr. Exiguus was a pretty Pagan guy, but he didn't know it. He was a "monk", and lived in a part of the world called Scythia, an ancient region of Asia, north of the Black Sea. Remember, "monks" are unknown to the Writings, as are nuns, popes, and cardinals. But, Mr. Exiguus had no idea he was toiling as a monk for absolutely no reason at all, other than ignorance. During his time, and for over 1000 years after him, y.;-/^'^,% the city of Rome was venerated ^rtf above every other place on '''//^•¿Kf Earth, even Yerushaliyim. The \cjfSj greatest "pilgrimage" a person could make was to the city of Rome. Finally, the opportunity came for Mr. Exiguus to make his journey to this city of his dreams. Upon arriving, he witnessed things that disgusted his devout sensibilities. The people were drunken, orgies were in full swing; ivy, ribbons, wreaths, garbage, and madness seemed to be everywhere. He was exasperated at the spectacle. What did he witness? He saw the authentic, raw and abominable Pagan festival of the winter solstice: Saturnalia (also called Paganalia). It was an ancient belief that the winter sun was slowly dying, because it was seen rising further and further to the south each morning. "Sol-stice" means sun-stop. By December 25th, the ancient world's solstice, it could be recognized as beginning to return northward, and was said to be "re-born". It marked the time for a celebration that lasted for days. Carved idols were exchanged (dolls), people hung wreaths on their doors, or wore them around their necks (an echo of the symbol of Nimrod, the branch of a tree, twisted into a circle, symbolic of the shape of the sun, and the annual cycle). Hawaiians use a "lai", a circle of brightly colored flowers as a "sacred" religious emblem of protection and friendship. This "re-birth" of the sun came 9 months (a gestation cycle) after "Easter", when the Earth Mother was impregnated by the sun at the "crossing" of the Vernal (Venusian) equinox, when Mithras (the sun) "slayed the bull" (the constellation of Taurus), and the sun moved into the next constellation ~ bringing on warmer weather. If all of this sounds complicated and wild, that's why it was called the "sacred mysteries". The Writings call it "folly". Folly is the religion of fools, and if what they were doing was foolishness, falsehood, lies, and of no profit, then the Writings explain why people will say: "To you the nations will come from the ends of the Earth and say, 'Our fathers have inherited nothing but falsehood, futility, and things of no profit'" (Yerme Yahu 16:19). "We have made a lie our refuge, and falsehood our hiding place" (Yesha Yahu 28:15). This is why what you are reading will cause what the prophet says "The understanding of this message will bring sheer terror" (28:19). The "world" which the Writings speak of which we are to be set-apart (qodesh) from is the "broad road" of tradition we see everywhere, based on folly. We are called-out of the ignorance, and repent of observing "Easter", birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Sun-day, the Nimrod based year cycle, and so on. But, we don't show "hatred" for people who are still trapped in them, but love. Nimrod, Constantine, Exiguus, and many others rule the world from the grave when practices they established are still observed by people today. A.D. & B.C.

Under the topic "calendar", your encyclopedia will no doubt mention Dionysus Exiguus. When he became upset by what he saw being practiced when he visited Rome, Mr. Exiguus believed the beginning of the "year" was January 1st, as most do today, but we'll explain why that is under Nim-rod when his truth barrier gets broken. Mr. Ex-iguus knew that the Pagan festival of Saturnalia, the re-birth of the sun at the winter solstice, had to go. So, he proposed to simply change the reason for observing the time. All the customs, the date, and symbols remained in place, but he camouflaged the behavior by declaring it to be observed as the BIRTHDAY of OWYhl. . . . NOT THE SUN. To better "anchor" the idea, he estimated that the actual birth of OWWhy had been 525 YEARS prior to his visit. He imagined that the end of the Roman/Babylonian year of His birth was "YEAR ZERO", making that year our Rabbi's 525th birthday. He further declared it be the 525th year of our Lord. "year" is the Latin word anno, and "our Lord" is the Latin word domini. This produced his main contribution to our present numbering of years. Now, we have embraced his estimate world-wide, and have recorded all history since his time with references to what year of our Lord (A.D.) anything happened. There had never been anyone thinking it was the year "524", because this idea had not yet been established. He referenced everything that happened before the birth as before Christ, giving us the term "B.C.". Since the time of Exiguus, scholars have refined the accuracy of his estimate. It turns out that he was 5 years off, and should have determined that year as 530 A.D. You will see this when you look at any "timeline" in the study versions of the Writings ~ the scholars print the birth of OWYht as 4 B.C. to 6 B.C. That's really very funny, because that means we entered the 21st century back in "1996 A.D.", roughly. But, no one recognizes it; and besides, it's just a made-up date invented by a man anyway. The real truth is, our Rabbi was not born on December 25th, but during the fall. It has been carefully calculated that, based on the exact time when Zechariah's duties in the Temple occurred (Luke 1), and the visitation Miryam made to his wife Elizabeth, that Miryam gave birth to the Prince of Peace during "Tabernacles", an annual observance given at Lev. 23, and Dt. 16. He literally "tabernacled" among men, didn't He? The years are all wrong, as well as when they are supposed to start. But, even if the world insists on this system, let's look at more nonsense. For years, the media has "brain-washed" the public into believing that the year "2000" is the beginning of the 21st century. A broadcaster remarked, "This will be the last World Series Game (US baseball) of the millennium". He said this in 1999! The "20th" century began on January 1st, 1901, and the Centennial Year 2000 cannot be called the beginning of the 21st century at all. If you can count, consider 2000 pennies. There are 100 pennies in a dollar; and 2000 pennies in 20 dollars. To think that you begin your 21st dollar at your 2000th penny is just bad mathematics. The 19th century included the year 1900. Scholars are not deceived by this, and history will record this blunder. I point this out only to show how easily the masses can be led with blatant errors. The Satanists and Wiccans know more about the concealed origins of Christian traditions, and often laugh behind their backs. One said: "The Nazarene Barbarian Church (the one in the hands of the barbarians) stole the tradition of the Folk (Pagan people); what it could not absorb was turned into their own perverse fantasies" (signed Cernunnos><Satan). I be lieve evil is real, and the errors that were absorbed are an outward sign of rebellion against hYht. It is also true that a deceiver (liar) is in our midst, and has planted his seeds (teachings). "The great dragon was hurled down ~ that ancient serpent called the devil, or Shatan, who leads the whole world astray". (Rev. 12:9). Mr. Exiguus was devout, sincere, and had great zeal, but was deceived and lacked knowledge. Teachers have said that it would not be a good idea to change the calendar to the correct year because "it would just confuse the children". Who is the real "kook": the one who ignores the truth and wallows in fantasy, or the one who exposes the illusions for what they really are? Inventing man-made methods of worshipping hwhy are not new, and He has given several specific commands forbidding His people from worshipping in Pagan designs, or "adding" anything to His observances. During the Exodus from Egypt, the children of Israel imitated the Pagan Egyptians when they fabricated the Apis (golden calf). It had never been their intention to offend Him, but they constructed an altar and were going to sacrifice to Him on it the following day. But, they "mixed" an Egyptian custom they were accustomed to into worshipping Him. This "calf" had a sun-disc between its horns. It was also the time of year in the spring when a "calf" or BULL image was an important Pagan item. Remember, the sun was in the "constellation of Taurus" (the bull). If something is Pagan, even if put into "the background" with camouflage, then we should be VERY AFRAID of mixing it into our worship of Him. He doesn't change!

Shaul (Paul) wrote to the Ephesians, people who had been previously Pagans, but converted to walk in the Truth (Torah). He warned them in the following texts, and these are the texts which I am responding to in obedience to warn you also: "For of this you can be sure: no immoral, impure or greedy person ~ such a man is an idolator ~ has any inheritance in the Kingdom of Mashiach and of Elohim. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things Elohim's wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Therefore do not be partakers with them. For you were once darkness, but now you are Light in the (Rabbi). Live as children of Light (For the fruit of the Light consists in all goodness, righteousness and Truth) and FIND OUT what pleases the (Rabbi). Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, BUT RATHER, EXPOSE THEM. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the Light becomes visible, for it is Light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said: 'Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Mashiach will shine on you.' BE CAREFUL HOW YOU LIVE ~ not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil." (Eph. 5:5-16).

We must prove all things, to see if they are being done according to the "Word" (Torah). "Light" is Torah, and "darkness" is lawlessness. Ephesians 6 discusses the armor oi Elohim. We must buckle on the belt of Truth (Torah). We must be steadfast, or possess the shield of emunah (faithfulness); we must shod our feet (our walk) in Peace (Torah); put on the breastplate of Righteousness (Torah); take the helmet of salvation (Torah); and wield the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of Elohim (Torah). This enables us to be able to stand on solid ground in the struggle against the lies sown by the rulers, powers, and spiritual forces of this darkened world. Lies, deceptions, and excuses are the storms and winds that blow against the "house" we have built ~ that skyscraper with missing rivets, or the one with rivets. The foundation, the Torah, is not shifting sand. As it is written, so we walk in it. The wise man will build on it as his foundation! The flesh must be disciplined by practice in walking in the Light of Torah (Heb. 5:14). This is so that when lawlessness approaches, we will be steadfast. What a rabbi teaches his students is Torah; so also our Rabbi. A rabbi "binds" and "loosens". If a student goes to ask, "What does Torah teach about this . . . ", any rabbi will answer according to his knowledge and skills learned from Torah. If Torah prohibits it, then the action is "bound". If Torah permits it, then it is "loosed". Without Torah, a minister, pastor, or teacher is "blind"; and when the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit. OWYht gave eyesight to us, so we would not be blind. Paganism defiles us.

OWWhy gave us the "Keys" to the Kingdom, the Torah written on our hearts. He left us the authority to "bind" and "loose". I do not "bind" anything alone, but with the Spirit of OWVhy, we Nazarenes around the world can bind and loose, and we have bound the items being exposed in this book. We expose them as counterfeit worship. For this, we will suffer, and though we come in peace, some will be killed for it. The merchants have too much to lose. We see that "the Mass" in Christ's Mass (Christmas) is really a song-and-dance operation that has been used for well over 1000 years to take up collections of wealth. This

"assembling" on Sun-day has carried over into the Protestant assemblies. They carried-over the collections, the indoor "altar" relic of the Man-daean Mass, Sun-day, steeples, the Roman Calendar with all of the "festivals" dressed up in their bright and shiny clothing to disguise Pagan folly. But they left the images of people behind; but this did not keep them from adopting the sign of the "cross", which began with Constantine. And, then some if not most absorbed the "sacra-MENTAL" "dispensation of grace" to some large degree. The weekly plundering of the flock cannot be justified in the Writings at all. There is no "law" requiring anyone to attend a weekly assembly either, but Catholicism instituted a Sun-day attendance ordinance which made it a "mortal sin" if one missed it. We are not to forsake the "assembling of ourselves", but this is speaking of the 3 annual appointed times (Passover, Shabuoth, and Sukkot / Tabernacles), not a weekly regulation. Even some of these are only binding on males 20 years old or over. Synagogues are places to study the Torah, Prophets, and Writings to educate people, proselytes as well. The Mashiach's real "religion" is called "Judaism", or more accurately Yahuda-ism, the worship of Yah. Many are shocked to learn He is a Rabbi; but it is even more disturbing to realize He is not even a Christian! He never practiced ~ nor does He now ~ anything that Christianity practices. He is not a Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Mormon, or Presbyterian; but He is an orthodox Rabbi of the sect of the Nazarenes. The fact that He is about to return and rule the Earth is not a common message you hear, yet we are told to comfort one another with this knowledge, as we see the day approaching (1 Thess. 4:18). At His return, those who died awaiting Him whose names are written in the Scroll of Life (the one with the 7 seals) will be resurrected. Then, we who are alive will be changed; so fast, it will be like the wink of your eyelids, 1 Cor. 15:52. The rest will be caught by surprise. This will be when the elements will be burned, 2 Pet. 3:7.

You already realize that Santa Claus is not in the Writings, but how did this character get mixed into the stew? A character which has many faces to many people, this enigmatic illusion inspires all ages. Ancient Shamanic cave drawings, Pagan Germanic deities, places of cold and heat alike ~ all have this faceless and nameless one in common since long before history was recorded. Or at least the knowledge extends over the sight-horizon of our knowledge about the past. WHO he is was passed down to us from a story from the early Norsemen. That is only true of the English world, because other language groups have a shared cultural memory or such a character as our Santa Claus also. You only get the latest "echo"

of what the character was, because the last major change in him happened within the last 70 years ~ one generation, or span of an average life. At adulthood, when it is realized that it's all fiction, most continue to lie to their children, and the cycle continues.

The whole objective of Nimrod worship, and the character of Santa Claus, seems to be intended to divert our worship away from Father hYht. Even the cycle of Easter and Christmas itself is the adversary's design, so it's really "satanism" in disguise. When a person turns away from these things, other cultural pressures are brought into play, and the name "Scrooge" is often applied to them. As you "read" this book, it is "sweet" because you are getting your curiosity for the Truth satisfied; but as you "digest" it, it turns your stomach sour, doesn't it? Read Revelation 10:7-11. Most of mankind is worshipping Nimrod still, but they don't know it. Incredible effort is expended by most everyone to conform to the adversary's hidden agendas, but they don't see it happening. The whole world is deceived.

There is a war going on against the Truth! The vast majority believe that in the beginning, there was nothing; then, it exploded. Rain weathered rocks, and in solution developed into the building blocks of life, and eventually became biophysicists, who believe they came from a rock. The second largest rock-carving in the world, Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota, depicts the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln (each about 18 meters high). If you ask one of the evolutionists if they think the universe could ever randomly create such a formation by itself, over ANY period of time, they will logically admit it to be impossible. Yet, they believe the universe COULD randomly create the actual men depicted on the rock! The adversary wants people to believe there is no Designer, and this helps him because he can go about manipulating us, because most believe he doesn't exist either.

It is possibility that the memory of the "character" of Santa Claus may lead all the way back to Nimrod, the king of Babylon, Nineveh, and all of Sumer. We sure have received plenty of the other "baggage" from Babylon, and it all seems to be closely related. If the historical time of man could be thought of as an expanding shoreline, the Pagan baggage and the Santa-is-Nimrod idea could be something "washing ashore" together from some ancient, single source. The word "Santa" contains all the letters of the word Satan, perhaps as a little personal joke of his. And the letters are only one off from being in perfect order. If he is dangling that, and we don't believe there's a connection, then we might not get the other one he's "dangling" to see if we'll notice it; SUN-DAY. THE MAGI

"Magi" was the term used for the Pagan priests of Mithras, and they were "magi-cians", who used fire and eagles as representations of their deity. These are Shatanic designs. Ancient Pagans gave us the worship of Fire, "religious" discs, haloes, or circles, wreaths, (boughs, branches), domes with an "oculus" in the top, bells, towers/steeples; candle-altars in front of statues; holy water, wearing black, indoor altars shaped like a flat autopsy table; the idea of dead people's bones being a "relic" that contains powers; tea leaves (scapulas); the dates of Easter/Ishtar and Christmas/ Saturnalia being exactly the same; "Easter" being the authentic name for the Pagan event itself; Sun-day; Lent (lengten); Valentine's Day; Halloween; Father's Day, Mother's Day, the ring in marriage; rolling eggs on the grass, or fields; monks; prayer-beads like the Buddhist monks use (also inherited by a separate path to the Pagan Arabs before they converted to Islam); Princes on flying carpets and flying Santas; gurus, popes, "fathers", Asherah poles, obelisks, colossus images of dead men; crosses of candles . . . (PUFF... PUFF), It sounds like some wild VooDoo doesn't it? Let's see if we can establish a difference between the relative advantage of having the Santa myth in our lives, or spinning a dead chicken by its neck over our heads. You go first. OK, you imagined that; which of the two gains you the greater advantages? If you're truthful with yourself, they gain you the very same results ~ nothing; in the here and now, as well as in the eternal perspective. (Keep your eye on the Torah, and you'll see it is turning out to be a better foundation and house than any other structure around. Names, beliefs, customs, and teachings all dissolve as shifting sand on the beach of history, but the Torah stands like a ROCK.) Let's pause and look at some of the time-traveling luggage we see "washed up" on the beach. The Magi who visited the young Mashiach OWWhy came when He was about 2 years old, not the night of His birth. They spoke to Herod first, and he carefully examined them to learn exactly when the star had appeared. The Magi were probably Mandaeans, sun-worshippers, and were watching for this star because they were Babylonians, who had copies of Daniel's writings, and probably other prophets'. The reason the Magi paid close attention was because Daniel was quite a famous and important figure among the

Babylonian "wise men", and his interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream had saved the lives of all of their ancestors. They were what we would call wizards, and may have been "keepers of the flame" ~ the sacred fire. Remember that these men were also the primary reason the "clergy" wears black today ~ they played with ashes a lot of the time. They were mumblers who interpreted the "mysteries". No doubt "Nostradamus" had a lot in common with them; he gazed into a fire when writing his quatrains. They engaged in "Magi-c". This logically led to the medieval attempt to "transmutate" metal, like iron into gold. The gifts these Magi brought were gold (a gift for a king), frankincense (a gift for a priest), and myrrh (a burial ointment used to glue the wrappings of the body). But, these costly gifts also provided for the flight and stay in Egypt, since Yosef, Miryam, and the Prince of Peace left that very night, being warned by Gabriel of Herod's design to kill the Child. Speaking of "child" ~ any child can show you which day is the 7th day of the week on a calendar. How is it that we adults find it so difficult to rest on the proper day? At Luke 18:17, OWWhy said, "whoever does not receive the Kingdom of hWhy like a child shall not enter it."We tend to "read through" the printed text of the Writings, looking for deeper meanings. From Kabbalism, there are 4 "levels" of meaning that certain sects "puffed-up" the Writings with, like leavening expands bread. We are warned to beware of the "leavening" (inflated teachings) of the scribes and Pharisees. These men and others like Kabbalists, "interpreted" Torah on these 4 levels: PASHAT (the literal meaning of the words), REHMEZ (the simple secondary meaning), DROSH (an exotic derivative going "out on a limb", straining the meaning severely), and SOOD (let's hope we aren't responsible for this interpretation level!). Anyway, if we "strain" to see past what Torah literally says, this might cause us to overlook it. Straining out a gnat, we could swallow a camel as we drink the milk of Torah. Or, we could find that as we correct another on a small detail, we have overlooked a huge "log" in our own ability to see with clarity what Torah says. So, receive the Words of Torah as if you were a child listening to its father. The remark which OV" why made must have really been insulting to the puffed-up "interpreters" who heard Him. The Pharisees' Kabbalism had "leavened" or puffed-up their self-image, and added much. Yahushua said a child was superior to them.


We've heard all the nice stuff; but what entanglements do we have with a man who supposedly flies horned beasts through the air at night? Is it about sorcery? He wears a wizard cap. The red costume is recent, but it's the ancient color of fire. Its our cultural color for danger. The costume is trimmed in sheepskins. He descends into a fire pit at midnight ~ the hearth is directly linked to the idolatry of the Romans. The fire was sacred to them, and its place was the center of the Pagan worship of their deities. Our mythology of him comes to us through Angle-Land (Eng-land), and that traces to Holland, and Germany, and so on. The 3rd-century story about a "Saint Nicholas" never had any mention of "elves", chimneys, flying reindeer, or supernatural feats. Even the "Christmas tree" isn't mentioned in the story. Christianity had made no inroads into the northern areas of Angle Land, Hol Land, Scot Land, Fin Land, and Eire Land, until well into the 5th century. If anyone named "Nicholas" existed in Holland during the 3rd century, he was a Pagan who obeyed his Druid priests. In the 8th century, a man named Boniface encountered these Druid-led people of the north, and sought to convert them. He saw them bringing oak trees into their homes at the winter solstice, decorating them with gold balls (note picture on page 3). The word "Dru-id" means "oak-wise", because oak trees were sacred to them. This comes from Babylon. At the death of Nimrod, the wife/mother Semiramis taught the young Tammuz to go into the groves (forests) and place a gift on a tree at the winter solstice. This was an offering to his father, Nimrod, who was now the sun. The custom of tying a "yellow ribbon" around an oak tree represents a prayer to the sun. At this point, branches of trees came to symbolize Nimrod also, so decorating Pagan temples and homes with holly, boughs, and wreaths was the custom. The wreaths are branches twisted into circles, so the branches would be associated with the sun. Ezekiel 8:14-18 shows how the women in Yerushaliyim were "weeping for Tammuz", and the Lewite priests (25 men) were facing the rising sun and putting a "branch" to their nose. These customs were called a detestable thing. "Do not learn the ways of the Gentiles, and do not be terrified by the signs (zodiac) of the skies, although the Gentiles are terrified by them; for the CUSTOMS of the Gentiles are DELUSION; they cut a tree from the forest, the work of a cutting tool, they DECORATE it with silver and gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers." Yerme Yahu 10:2-4. When Boniface saw the people of the Druids bringing oak trees into their homes, he diverted them to consider the evergreen tree instead, and used it to teach them about eternal life. He never taught them that the tree or the wreath was a detestable thing. People of other regions use palm trees. Scholars call it "syncretism" when a religious or philosophical behavior is united or combined with another behavior. It is a conscious attempt to DISGUISE one of them in the camouflage of the other by re-inventing a new meaning, and believing in it. Nimrod is lurking nearby at Christmas, so maybe he really is Santa Claus too! The Christmas tree ~ whether an oak, evergreen, or palm, is really Nimrod. Shatan is still using the tree to whisper lies to us. When I go out to stores at the end of the * Roman year, I walk by many of these displays, and say, "Look, it's Nimrod!" I do the same with la^Wis wreaths. If there really was a real person named Nicholas, and it's not all just a legend, he sure went through some changes. The oldest account of his existence is vague, and of relatively recent origin. His location places him among the Dutch, but as I mentioned, these people were not yet Christians. The date and location for him makes it an anachronism (the time is "against" it being true). In the 3rd century, the people of the north were barbarians (meaning "bearded Aryans"). They were Druids who burned their enemies and criminals in wicker cages over fires, threw wealth into lakes to water idols (like we still see people do in fountains), burned children as offerings to the sun, and placed jack-o-lanterns outside their homes lit by candles made from the fat of their own children. If they weren't Pagans, nobody was! So, the legendary Nicholas couldn't have been there at that time. Another major problem is this: they claim Nicholas was a "bishop" (presbyter, elder). Yet, at his death on December 6th, he had only reached the ripe old age of 17. "Bishop" means elder, from the Greek word presbus, "old man". I'm not leaning heavily in favor of believing the tale with all these conflicting facts. The RCC honors him as a "saint". How did we get from Nicholas to Santa Claus? In the late Middle Ages, the Dutch who told the story of Nicholas to English listeners spoke in a very pronounced accent. When they said "Saint Nicholas", it came out sounding like this:


The English hearers of this took it down at first as "Santy Claus", and it took the more Spanish form "Santa" later on. You will sometimes see the form "Santy" in old books from earlier in the 20th century.


Irish Potato Blight

The Irish (of Eire Land) had grown very dependant upon the potato during the 18th and 19th centuries. The potato was a transplant to Eire Land from Columbia, South America. In 1846, a fungus destroyed the crops, causing widespread famine in Eire Land. Vast numbers of people died, and the decline of the population was catastrophic ~ so much so, that the only hope of escape from death was emigration. It was precisely at this point that most Irish came to the United States, fleeing the Great Famine. What they brought to the United States for the first time was Catholicism, since many of the earlier colonizers had fled here from the religious persecution of Catholic and Anglican intolerance. These Irish Catholics had the rich cultural background of Druidism, which they had blended together with Roman Catholicism. Their belief in elves, banshees, leprechauns, fairies, luck, and all sorts of Celtic Magic came with them. They brought their pumpkin ritual seen as "Halloween", which had been a Druid festival honoring Samhain, their deity of the dead. They also brought their "Christmas tree" tradition, along with Christmas, which had been outlawed as Pagan in many colonies. The Catholics in South America have assimilated the cultural background of the Aztecs. Other Catholics from around the world would not recognize many things they do ~ and so it is with them in many other parts of the world. Whatever the Pagans were doing before became inter-mixed with the Roman Catholic façade, forming a kind of "crust," masking the Paganism. The Haitian VooDoo of Cajun Catholics has produced a spicy "mix" of Pagan and Catholic tradition down in Louisiana, where the alligators grow so mean. So, there were no pumpkins on peoples porches, or Christmas trees in America until that fungus drove the Irish people to flee their homeland.

Things, ~ like Paganism ~ go better with Coke. In the late 1800's, a pharmacist put some cocaine in a sweetened, bubbling cola beverage, and named it Coca~Cola. By the 1930's, it was a major business, and had its own advertising department, strategists, and artists. One of the artists, Rosenblum, decided to attempt something new. The Dutch/Irish character called "Santy Claus" was beginning to get a lot of attention, so he set his mind on aligning the Coca~Cola product with him. In Rosenblum's time, Santy Claus didn't look like he does now. The original character was an Irish transplant, coming from people who had based their beliefs on Druid magic, and ELVES. The 19th century poem The Night Before Christmas had catapulted our Christmas Elf into the spotlight, because the character was so appealing. Rosenblum used his artistic imagination to change Santy

Claus into what we think he looks like today. Before, Santa was no more that 2 feet tall, skinny, and wore green. He had a long white beard, and for all practical purposes he was a leprechaun / elf creature with magical powers to grant wishes, watch you without being seen, and so on. He could also do you harm. The alignment with the hearth is another Pagan syncretism, right down to the stockings hung by the chimney with care. To make this night visitor charming, and more human, Rosenblum made him a full-sized man, jolly and plump, to better assume the distinctive shape of the Coke bottle. He also used the appealing red and white product colors to clothe Santa in. The drooping wizard hat fJlSol was a must. The final art work «^fesS was combined with a marketing Spy^f— message to encourage customers to leave a bottle of Coke near the hearth when he visits at midnight, Christmas Eve. Now you know why little children say, "But how can Santa fit down our chimney, isn't he too big?" Yes, he is now, but they tell the children that Santa has magical powers. When he was less than 2 feet tall, he could fit into many such tight squeezes. The moral implications of telling an outright lie to your own children also has an effect on them later in life. It perpetuates the lie for generations down the line, and cripples them for life regarding believing in things they cannot see ~ such as an unseen Creator. Lying to them about Santa certainly isn't going to help them believe. Who is the father of lies? If you put up a tree, hang stockings by the fireplace, and exchange gifts this coming Roman December, watch for the mistletoe. It's poisonous, and a Pagan spell surrounds its ritual use too. It is just a parasite to a tree (like any government is to its citizenry), but the custom of hanging it up and collecting kisses comes from Druidism. To sprinkle a little "salt" on this whole scheme, there may be a more realistic connection to "Saint Nicholas" that is rooted in the real world. At Rev. 2:15, there is a reference to "Nicolaitans". The messenger to the assembly at Pergamum was to carry a warning about the teachings of "Balaam" that they embraced. "Likewise you also have those who hold to the teaching of the NICOLAITANS. Repent therefore!" It has been said that these were a sect of religious teachers who "lorded over the laity" ~ which is what "Nicolaitan" means. I smell Nimrod all over this, don't you? I don't get the impression that OWYhy likes us to mix up our worship of Him with Pagan designs, or wants us to have any contact with it. Light and darkness cannot be mixed.

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