In view of the fact that some readers may be developing facial twitches, shuffling walk, smacking lips, neck-jerking, twisting movements, or other assorted characteristics, let's try to calm down. Let's evaluate what all this means.

Where does all this Information we are gathering place us In the grand scheme? What "religion" or way of living does all of this point to? Since the "broad road" can be exposed as diverse "sects" traced to individual men who came out of one or another sect themselves, let's just look past them all, and only look at the One Who walked out of His tomb. What is His religion? Not only is He a Rabbi, but also the High Priest, and our Bridegroom. One of the reasons He died was to end the marriage vow of the previous Covenant, which ended in His divorcing Yisrael for harlotry (idolatry). He discusses this, before the New Covenant happened, at Yesha Yahu 50. At Yerme Yahu 3, "faithless Yisrael" (His wife) was given a "certificate of divorce" ~ that's what the 70-year Babylonian Captivity beginning in 586 BCE was all about. The Husband pleaded, "Return to Me, and I will return to you." But, remember, before a wife can re-marry, her Husband must die! In latter times, these times, we finally understand. He has taken the SAME Covenant people (His bride), and Gentiles who graft into them, and made a NEW COVENANT with His bride. Hebrews chapters 8 & 9 help explain this. Yes, Elo-him died, and remained so for 3 days and 3 nights. The bride is now free to re-marry, because the Husband died. It's not a new bride, nor a new Husband; yet He died, ending the older Covenant. By making the New Covenant in His own blood, our Maker calls-out His bride, and writes the Covenant on their HEARTS, not stone. The blood of bulls and lambs did not change their hearts to obey, but in the power of the resurrection, OWVhl's Spirit comes into us, enabling selected ones to repent, be immersed, and become a new creation as children of hYhy. NAZARENES

Some "handle" is commonly used for different groups, so that others will know what "bunch" or "compartment" to put them in. There are thousands of sectarian groups; Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox Catholic, Quakers, Shakers, Baptists, Mennonites, Amish, Pentecostals, Church of GOD, Christian Church, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists, and so on. Each views all the rest as having serious doctrinal errors. Yet, the Mashiach is nothing even close to any of them. Now, we come to the "Nazarenes". We are not "organized" as a financial corporation. There's only a Spiritual "Head", and we are all members of His Body, with diverse gifts. We are all so different, we would not recognize each other necessarily by anything but how we live. MESSIANICS

This is another "handle", sometimes commonly understood to be a descendant of Abraham who believes in the Messiahship of Rabbi OWYhy. All Nazarenes are Messianics, but not all Messianics are Nazarenes. Sure, many Gentiles are Nazarenes, and Messianics. Some "Messianics" are really practicing Christianity (Constantine's invention), but using Hebrew terms and symbols. The "elect" can even be deceived, as it was prophesied. Many of them have NO CLUE of the message of the Reign of hYhy, nor know what the NEW COVENANT is. If you can read this book and still not know what these are, then I've failed miserably. I am a Nazarene, and a Messianic. I am also a "Yahudi", or worshipper of Yah. My son, Adam, has to attend school where he is often made fun of by Christians, because the other children have no idea what a Messianic is. Their "handle" is a Greek term, and they are taught by their parents, teachers, and community at large to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween (some of them), and keep Sun-day as their "day of worship". We worship by obeying, every day. What about "tithing"? Our giving is as the Writings require; and part of this is explained at 1 Tim. 5. At 5:16, the assembly of believers not only helps support the needs of "elders" (those who are aged), but widows (and their children). It even says that the assembly should not be "burdened" with legitimate widows, if she has a family that can help instead (5:16). In fact, it says at 5:8:

"if anyone does not provide for his RELATIVES, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is WORSE THAN AN UNBELIEVER." Elders, who need to eat also, are worthy of "double honor" if they direct the affairs of the assembly well. But, this is not for them all, such as myself, who have no need for help, since I am gainfully employed, as I should be. I'm still young enough to work for food. It certainly doesn't mean the "elders" receive the WHOLE TITHE, nor is it for "spreading the Gospel". YOU are the letter; YOU spread the message of the Reign of hYhy. We elders are here to teach you, so many of you can become elders. The word "elder" In Hebrew Is ZAKAN, and Is the same word for "beard", with only a vowel sound changed. It came Into the Greek using the word "PRESBUS", the root of "Presbyterian". It then took another turn In the word "BlSHOP". We're just brothers wIth a responsIbIlIty, we're not any more Important! Shaul consIdered TImothy an elder, and told hIm not to be hasty In the layIng on of hands. Armed wIth knowledge, anyone can objectIvely see that most have wandered from the faIth. The stubborn and Ignorant cannot repent, untIl they are changed InsIde, spIrItually.

Instead of unIty In the Body of MashIach, what we have Is "compartmentalIsm"; each claImIng to be followIng OWYhy, but actually each "compartment" follows a man who founded theIr "denomInatIon". They don't actually come out and say "I am of Herbert Armstrong", or "I am of John Smyth", but that's stIll the result of It. An elder named Darnel BotkIn who publIshes a newsletter (see Resources In the back), very effectIvely explaIned thIs. He quoted C.E. Tozer, who observed the same thIng. Mr. Tozer noted that If 100 pIanos are tuned to the same tunIng fork, then they are tuned together perfectly. If each of us "tunes" hImself to RabbI OWYhy, then we are automatIcally In unIty! That's one of the reasons I'm usIng the palaeo-Hebrew when I wrIte the Name; men have "monked" wIth thIngs, but the orIgInal cannot be denIed by any honest scholar. FLESH: A BODY OF DEATH!

As you know, we are approxImately 83% water, and 17% dust. We are the sum total of what we eat; plantlIfe, or anImals who ate the plantlIfe. What are plants made of? DIrt, and water! As we age, our cells dIvIde about once every 7 years. When they do, they lose InformatIon each tIme. In our DNA molecules, there are "telomeres" at each end, whIch the DNA uses as a buIldIng platform to begIn assemblIng another cell when It's tIme to. Each tIme a new DNA strand Is assembled, roughly every 7 years, a "telomere" Is lost. They act as "counters", countIng down to the poInt when there are no more, and the cell cannot dIvIde, because there are no more telomeres! We're all gonna DIE! InsIde thIs body of death, we have our spIrItual body, whIch doesn't age. SometImes, more often these days, people develop clusters of rapIdly reproducIng cells called cancer. As our cells dIvIde, sometImes a molecule Is plugged In where It should not be, but stIll "fIts". ThIs Is a mIsreadIng, and cellular InformatIon Is lost. So, cancerous cells are more "stupId", and are not as stable as normal cells. We can eat what we thInk Is good food, but sInce the farmlands have been depleted of vItal nutrients over the many decades of overuse, vItamIns and mInerals that should be there In our food just aren't there anymore. Eat wheat grass tablets—cows just eat grass, so how can thIs supplement hurt? The land Is supposed to lIe "fallow" for one year In every 7.

Normally, when a cell goes "foul", our body Issues an order tellIng It to self-destruct. Because cancer Is a mutated, stupId cell, It doesn't understand thIs command. Normally, cells have "receptors" on theIr outer cell walls whIch convey thIs message to self-destruct when they are detected by our body to have problems. The outer cell wall of cancer cells lack the abIlIty to "hear" the message to self-destruct, because they are mutants. MedIcal scIence uses "cell poIson" (LatIn: cytoxIn) to attempt to destroy these mutants. But, It also kIlls normal cells IndIscrImInately, attackIng the Immune system, arterIal walls, bone marrow, haIr follIcles, fIngernaIls, and sensItIve cells In the eyes. Cancer can be caused by a varIety of types of damage to DNA: electromagnetIc "IonIzatIon", where strong magnetIc fIelds can snatch-away an electron from one of the DNA molecules; radIatIon, such as beIng bombarded by or IngestIng radIoactIve elements, or beIng subjected to cosmIc rays, X-rays, or even solar radIatIon! ChemIcal abrasIon can easIly occur to DNA as well, as wIth nIcotIne or alcohol. . . And, sImple trauma, or rIppIng away the DNA In tearing cuts and wounds can cause a cell to mutate. IF YOU HAVE CANCER FInd a healthfood store, and buy a "tea" called FLOR-ESSENCE*. Get It fast, and use It. WaItIng too long, or tryIng It after the poInt-of-no-return (lIke after the chemo-therapy has destroyed your abIlIty to recover), makes It useless. Not usIng It after beIng told about It doesn't help eIther. Every hour counts wIthout It In your body. For some reason, the mutant cells respond to It, and the "message" to self-destruct begIns to work. Cancerous tentacles recede, and the "tumors" shrink away. SkIn cancers fade away to nothIng. IF It's used as dIrected, as EARLY as possIble, you wIll absolutely not belIeve what 3 to 6 months wIll do. FInd It on the Internet. I sell It maIl-order, and have used It for skIn cancer (caused by the sun) personally. You cannot even tell the cancer was ever there. ANTIBIOTICS AND ANTISEPTICS

To better care for thIs 'mudbag' of death we lIve In, we should strIve for proper nutrItIon, exercIse, safety, and proper hygIene. Back In the late 1800's, a doctor named Joseph LIster revolutIonIzed surgery wIth hIs study of antIseptIcs. Better than 50% of those patIents who underwent surgery dIed of InfectIons, caused by the surgery Itself. Joseph LIster succeeded In popularIzIng the Idea of hand-washIng before


surgery, and in the use of antiseptics, such as alcohol. Cinnamon is an antiseptic too. Today, the mouthwash Listerine bears his name. If you would like to have the use of your teeth for most or all of your life, pre-rinse with a mouthful of Lis-terine full strength, then brush your teeth with a good anti-plaque toothpaste. Then, rinse wM. Always brush your teeth each night before bed, after breakfast, and especially immediately following candies, desserts, and gooey foods. Tooth decay occurs within the first 15 minutes of eating sweets, and progresses rapidly. Soft drinks will cause you to lose every tooth in your head. "Diet" soft drinks with sugar substitutes contain a nerve toxin in their ingredient aspartame, which when it reaches 86 degrees, releases methanol. It is linked to neurological damage, birth defects of every description, and seizures. The phenylalanine in aspartame breaks down the seizure threshold; and its depletesserotonin causes manic depression, panic attacks, rage, and violence. The mysterious "Gulf War Syndrome" was no doubt caused by the thousands of pallets of diet drinks sitting for weeks in 120-degree Arabian heat. Our own bodies are 98.6 degrees, well above the required 86 degrees that chemically changes the aspartame! Men from the Gulf War came home, and produced children with no arms, brain damage, and they themselves had "shaking", seizurelike symptoms for months. Now you know why you can't "cook" with sugar substitutes ~ it becomes chemically altered by heat. It only seems sweet until it gets past our tongue ~ but it's deadly. Over 20 years ago, it was suspected to cause long-term memory damage. If you are on the internet, search for "aspartame disease". You don't have to believe me, the evidence is overwhelming! MAD COW'S DISEASE

This deadly disease is caused by a molecular "crystal" which replicates itself much like rock candy does in a glass of sugar solution. It goes after the nervous system in animals and humans. Only this crystal is not sugar; it's a non-living crystalline molecule (It's an epidemic of a fatal brain disease called bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE). Animals which are only fed plants don't get it. But, the cattle industry "supplements" the diet of the vegetarian animals (cattle) with food pellets manufactured from the waste products of other animals' bodies. This molecular crystal cannot be "cooked-out" because it is not alive. Eating "kosher" meats makes no difference we've learned, because the diet of the animals doesn't matter to the orthodox rabbis (we checked). Pigs are out of the question; not only are they declared "unclean" to consume, but they will eat anything. (We'll look at Mark 7 and Acts 10, to see if we really can eat pigs). You are what you eat.

[Something tells me you may not be relaxing during this intermission, but bracing even more!] CURE FOR VIRUSES

Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, doing research at the Hebrew University ~ Hadassah Medical center in Jerusalem, has found the answer to the influenza virus, and the common cold. It is a syrup derived from the plant Sambucus Nigra, better known as the black elderberry (she calls it Sambucol). The man who discovered interferon, Dr. Jean Lindenman, was the supervisor at the virology lab when Madeleine was looking for a topic for her doctorial research. He suggested elderberries; "They have possibilities", he said, "In any case, I've got 10 kilos of them in my deep-freeze". As viruses cannot replicate themselves outside of living cells, they have to invade cells to survive. "If you can stop them from invading cells, you've defeated the disease", she said. She tested the black elderberry proteins against the Influenza B virus first, and discovered that "they actually prevent the virus from invading the cell". The influenza virus invades cells by puncturing the cell wall with the tiny spikes of hemaglutinin that cover its surface. The active ingredient in the elderberry disarms the spikes, binds to them, thus stopping them from piercing the cell membrane. "This was the first discovery", says Dr. Mumcuoglu. "Next, we found evidence that elderberry proteins fight the influenza virus in another way, too. The viral spikes are covered with the enzyme, neuraminidase, which helps break down the cell wall. The elderberry inhibits the action of the enzyme. My guess is, that we'll find that elderberry acts against viruses in other ways, as well." Clinical trials have proven that this 'healthfood product' actually works, and requires no medical approval because it is not a drug! For example, in a study of patients with influenza, half were given four doses daily of Sambucol (the name given to the product), and half were given a placebo. Within 24 hours, the symptoms of 20% of the Sambucol patients had significantly improved (fever, cough, muscle pain). After the second day, 735 declared themselves cured. Among the placebo group, only 16% were improved after two days, and it took most of them six more days to feel well again. Sambucol is no more than a 'health food' officially, but interest is snow-balling all over the world. In Hadassah's virology lab, it has been seen to inhibit the AIDS virus, and encouraging results are being seen now against the herpes and Epstein-Barr viruses. You can probably find this product in any good health food store; we stock it in lozenge form for if you need it for $12.95 per bottle. I spent almost two years trying to get in touch with the suppliers when it first came out, so that people would have access to it. A friend of mine came down with chicken pox (as an adult, it could have been fatal or severely damaging to him) ~ and he was covered from head-to-toe with sores. Two days later, after taking Sambucol, he was not only completely well, but had no signs of the sores. Another case involved a mother who had been suffering from a flu for three months. She was getting worse in spite of antibiotics and the best in medical care, and was about to be put in the hospital. She talked to my wife Phyllis, and began taking Sam-bucol immediately. She was well in two days. How much money and suffering can be saved from not treating "symptoms"? Think of the lives to be saved, especially the fragile elderly ~ time lost from work, and so on. I've lost two close friends in their 70's over the years before this product was available, who both caught a flu and perished within 2 weeks from it. Once you've tried this product, you'll wonder why it isn't on the cover of every magazine. Why hasn't Madaleine won a Nobel Prize? If you think about it, the answer will come to you: it upsets too many money-making endeavors, exactly like this book does.

We've discussed how cancer is caused by abrasions and damage at the cellular level. Nicotine and estrogen-substitutes cause cancer. ("Estro-gen" is named after "Easter", the Babylonian Ishtar). Proto-cancer cells are in all of us. From now on, we can only expect the incidences of cancer to increase; currently 2 out of every 5 people will develop cancer sometime during their lifetime. That's 40% of everybody, and only about half of those will survive the traditional therapy. I've watched them die, that's why I'm telling you. Avoid cheese, or at least treat it like you would chocolate, because it clogs your arteries and intestines, making the absorption of nutrients greatly reduced. Also, clots break free and block blood-flow to the heart or brain. Buy a jug of cranberry juice every month, and force yourself to drink it. It cleans your system out.

Now, for a bit of more calming news. During this relaxing intermission, it's nice to be able to go outside and breathe in some fresh air, and gaze up into the peaceful universe above us. While we're doing this, let's consider the 5th planet, called "Jupiter".

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