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The English term was monan daeg, as translated from Latin, where mona means moon. Mona Lisa means "moon lily". We get our word month (moonth) from mona, the 29.5 day orbital cycle, but this 2nd weekday is named what it is because it has been dubbed the moon's day! The moon was identified with Artemis (Diana), but in some cults the sun and moon were the 'eyes of heaven'. Artemis is depicted with the crescent moon beneath her feet as if riding in a boat ~ exactly as you will see Miryam (Mary) in Roman Catholic illustrations. The Astral King, the sun, and his sister the moon, were the dominant figures that shaped the astro-biological mind. The futility of honoring Pagan deities resulted because their foolish hearts were darkened, because they did not honor or give thanks to the Creator, though His invisible attributes are clearly seen.

Tyr's Day: "day of Tiu". Teutonic Druid-Celtic idol

Unable to help themselves, the population of the Angles and Saxons were kept under control by various Druid priest cults. Like any other Pagan religion, the population lived in fear and ignorance, while the parasite fed off of them and kept them brain-washed. The Druids still worship the sun at Stonehenge every Summer Solstice.

Tyr, or Tiu, was the Norse deity of war, considered the son of Odin (Woden). The French call this day Mardi (Mar's Day), after Mars, the Roman's deity of war! Mardi Gras is the French name meaning "fat Tuesday", still bearing the name of the Roman deity. This festival falls the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, both to be discussed later.

Well, DUH - as expected by now, It's lijpfflg] another Pagan Idol's name! An elder In Iceland couldn't stand It anymore, and ^Jmvj'S changed the days back to numbers for that Island several hundred years ago. Hp By saying It's "Wednesday"(Woden, Odin), we are declaring it to be Woden's Day. Considered highly skilled in magic (majik), this Celtic deity was, to the Teutonic Pagan, the husband of Freya, or Frigga. The Romans honored Mercury on this day, calling it Mercurii dies (Mercury's Day).

This mid-week evening was highly regarded as a night of majik ~ the Druids met to hold hands in a circle, chant, enchant, cast spells, and do it while surrounding a burning cross, the symbol of Woden (Odin). Some believe the Celtic crux is a Pagan majik symbol, the Trifolium clover leaf representing Woden, Frigga, and Thor. Other Druid trinities included Esus, Teutates, & Taranus. Anglo-Saxon xenophobia (fear of foreigners) and Druid customs are seen today in the modern Ku Klux Klan. They still call their leaders wizards and use the Celtic term "clan", a traditional social unit in Scot Land. The word comes from the Greek kuklos, meaning "circle". A very secretive society, it rose up mainly in the South (US) after the civil war, to reassert "white supremacy" by terroristic methods. The Druids were very nationalistic, so it was difficult for Rome to conquer them. The only way "Christianity" could win them over was to absorb their culture. This is called inculturation. "Syncretisms" — the attempt to reconcile or combine differing beliefs in philosophy or religion by uniting them — mixes of two or more behaviors together, re-inventing the meaning "on the surface". Is this the real reason some Christians meet together on this night? Catholics have always had a "novena" session on this night. What is this idea we call syn-cretism? "Syn" means together, and the Dictionary defines

Cretin* (kret'n) as "a fool; and idiot. [French cretin, idiot, from Swiss French, crestin, CHRISTIAN". Sorry, look it up yourself. We will have a look at the word "Christian" as a translation of Mashian (a follower of any generic "messiah"/mashiach) a bit later. For now, let it be enough to say that the sect which was established by the true Mashiach was called Natsarim**. But most hang their hat on one text, or never question a translator's choices. Well, did you know that the word "Christian / Christians" is only used a total of 3 times in all of Scripture, and it is only in the Greek translation? Woden's emblem was the Celtic Crux, a cross with the circle (the sun). No wonder we see so many pictures of crosses with the sun nimbus behind it, and sunsets in Christian art — not to mention the "halos" of yellow around the heads of "Jesus" and the "saints". This will be shown to be a world-wide Pagan influence; Buddha, Krishna, Ahura-Mazda, and Jupiter are only a few! (**Now called "NAZARENES")

THURS-DAY (day #5) The Celtic Thor's Day; the deity of thunder and son of Woden and Freya. The same as Taranus, Thor was associated with thunder; the Dutch donder, or Germanic donner (one of Santa's reindeer!). The Romans honored Jupiter on this day, which was originally IU-PITAR, meaning Jovis-father. "Jove" corresponds to Zeus. The altar of Zeus, used at every Olympic game, is lit by a torch. The altar is shaped like a "T". Thor's emblem was the hammer, secretly interpreted as the letter "T", harkening back to Tammuz (Babylonian Duzu), the son of Nimrod and Semiramis.

FRI-DAY (day #6) ©lb Cngltsj Frigedaeg, this was Frey Day or Frlgga Day. Frigga was the wife of Woden. The fertility concept associated with this day is very ancient. The Greeks honored Aphrodite on this day, and the Romans venerated l/e/7i/s (Astarte). This day was the Egyptian's day of Isis, depicted with the symbol of the fish on her head. The fish symbol pre-dates the Egyptians, coming from the Phoenician/Philistine cult of Dagon (Jdg. 16:23, 1Sa. 5:2). "Dag" is Hebrew for fish, and the Latin is Pisces. It was chosen by Pagans because a female fish lays hundreds, sometimes thousands, of eggs ~ a symbol of fertility. The Romans believed Venus (Astarte) came from the sky in a huge egg (not a saucer). We'll go into more detail when we study the Great Mother, Queen of Heaven. Frigga's emblem was also the FISH, hence it is seen today that Roman Catholics inculturated this into avoiding red meat on this day, replacing it with fish: the "fish fry" (even the word "fry" is describing a young fish). The Great Mother

(Magna Mater) was universally represented by the fish emblem. The Greek word ichthys (ikhthus) spelled iota (I), chi (X), theta (©), upsilon (Y), sigma (E) — spells "ICHTHYS" ("fish"). IX0YS doesn't mean "Christ", but fish. With considerable craft, the fish has become a Christian symbol, due to a Greek anagram,

Era-rnp (lesous Christos Theou Huios Soter). Not to worry, it's only a man-made tradition—too bad it just spells "fish". The real "sign" of the Mashiach isn't a crux or a fish, but a "lampstand" (menorah) Rev. 1&2. The Hebrew "menorah" has 7 lamps, and represents His body, the 7 assemblies, through which flows the "living water" (lamp oil, the laws which give light to the world). At Rev. 2:5 he said He would remove their menorah if they didn't repent (stop breaking Commandments). Have you noticed any menorahs in any Christian homes or meeting houses? Soon, you'll learn why — He never threatened to remove any fish.

SATUR-DAY (day #7) This was the Greco-Roman Day of Saturn. Saturn was the Romans' deity of agriculture, corresponding to the Greeks' deity Cronus. This day was dedicated to Saturnus, as was the big party at the end of the Roman year at the Solstice, Saturnalia. Satur Day was also called Sater Day, and is unmistak-enly linked to other Greco-Roman mythology. The SATYR, a goat-legged half man with horns and pointed ears, was believed to be a drunken, lecherous demon with an abnormal sexual appetite. The 7th day and the festival of "Satyrnalia" was modeled perfectly after the satyr profile; mischievousness, drunkenness, and orgiastic revelry. As you consider the wild week-ends enjoyed today by dating couples and party animals with their "mojo" drives, it's clear nothing has changed.

Here's a big foundational girder with no rivets, installed by Constantine in the Roman year 321 CE. This 7th day, the commemoration of Creation in which we honor the Creator AS the Creator is a


"Temple in time" from sunset "Frey Day" to sunset "Satyr Day" ~ changed to his "Sun Day" under penalty of death, by only the authority of a man! All theologians and scholars admit there is no Scriptural basis for this change, but it was done by the authority of "the Church". This day which was set-apart at Creation to be a day of complete rest from work has been "superseded" by traditions that served to unite Pagans with the Nazarene sect. Constantine's historian, Eusebius, records the Emperor's edict: "All things what so ever that is was duty to do on the Sabbath, these WE have transferred to the Lord's Day". He also recorded Constantine's infuriated words, "The cursed wretches who killed our Lord . . . (the Italian Romans executed Him, Constantine's people!) . . . We will have NOTHING in common with the hostile rabble of the Yahudim ("Jews")". Remember, the Romans executed our Nazarene Rabbi for sedition, or the claim that He was a king ~ Caesar ruled as a religious king. Sabbath is the "sign" of the Everlasting Covenant, indicating who we worship. A WORD ABOUT TIME ~ Y6K is coming!

Since Creation, just under 6000 years have been completed. Given the distances in light years that we can see into the heavens (outer space), many have fixed the age of the universe at almost 20 billion years. To look at Adam 5 minutes after he was created, they might estimate him to be 20 years old too. The trees with fruit on them were brought into being fully developed. The animals, created the day after the plants, needed the oxygen from the plants, that's possibly why the animals came second. Relativity has been at work also since the beginning. When YHWH created the quasars and galaxies of stars, He brought their light to shine upon the Earth ~ that's what it says. That's why it's called super-natural. He created space-time. You just have to keep in mind just how awesome the true Creator is, instead of trying to figure out the whole scheme without factoring Him in.

The real moons and years are based on the signs and seasons, and measured in packages of years called Jubilees (Yob-hel), numbering 50 years each. However, the reprobate Pagan mind interpreted the sun, moon, stars, and changing seasons based on SEX. That's what is at the root of all Paganism! Plant and animal sex is a created thing, but the fallen state of man caused him to worship it, and established Pagan religion based on its processes, as we will see. All of history was recorded by the "winners" — usually the tyrants. So, it is only natural that their process of measuring time be what we use today. The original pattern of Roman time-keeping established by the authority of Julius Caesar in 46 BCE is still with us (There were only 10 months in a Roman year). Our Roman 'moonths' totally disregard the real new moons. The proclaiming of the new month settled into when Caesar announced it, and this act was called Caesar's calends, Latin for proclaim. Originally, the first Roman month was March. After you have read this a number of times, you may begin to see this Pagan process of keeping time is a kind of MARK on us. ROMAN TIME: THE MONTHS MARCH (1st month): Named for the war deity Mars. When the weather began to show signs of warming, the Roman armies would 'march out to war. Marching is what armies have done ever since, to conquer in the power of the deity "Mars". APRIL (2nd month): The month of Venus, also called Aprilis, from Etruscan Apru, from Greek Aphro, a short form of Aphrodlte, the Greek fertility deity. This was the primary month of the Great Mother Earth, known by many names. The Earth Mother was "fertilized" or impregnated on a SunDay after the Vernal (Venus) Equinox (when the length of days and nights are equal). This Sun-Day was called "Easter". Prior to this, the Pagan priests imposed a "fast" from sexual relations. We get the term LENT from the Germanic word lengten, which refers to the lengthening of the days as winter turns to spring. The first day of this fast, the mark of Tam-muz was placed on the foreheads of the worshippers, the ancient "TAU" (see back cover palaeo-Hebrew). The 40th day prior to "Easter" was always a "Woden's Day", giving us the term Ash Wednesday. Nine months after the Earth Mother was impregnated at "Easter" (a gestation period), the SUN was "re-born" at the winter solstice, December 25th, further explained under "December". MAY (3rd month): This month was named after the Italic fertility deity MAIA.

JUNE (4th month): This was the month dedicated to JUNO, an important Roman female deity, the wife and sister of Jupiter, identified with the Greeks' Hera. "Father's Day" was always in this month, and on a Sun-Day, because the sun was the Pagans' father. He was in his strength at the summer solstice, so you will notice this is still practiced. JULY (5th month): This month was dedicated to Julius Caesar, the first emperor. He was honored as a deity, son of the sun.

AUGUST (6th month): This word is Latin meaning venerable, magnificent, awesome. Gaius Octavius took the name "Augustus Caesar" after becoming Emperor, and had his name used for this month. He did this to honor himself, as Julius had done before. SEPTEMBER (7th month): This is the Latin word for the number "7" ~ "septenf. Now things will begin to make sense a little, but hang on!

OCTOBER (8th month): This is the Latin word october, "eighth month", from octo, meaning "eight". NOVEMBER (9 month): This month was Novembris, from the Latin word novem, meaning "nine". DECEMBER (10th month): Latin Decembris, from the number decem, ten. We get the word decimal from the Latin also.

All these months are shifted by two now, as you know. Even though we are saying "December", the Latin for "10", we number it the 12th moon. Rather than correcting this, we just keep it up. Not only that, but the whole beginning point is based on the "rebirth" of the sun! According to the Writings (Scripture), we are to begin our counting of the moons in the Spring ~ watching for the "green ears" of barley to appear, then watching for the next new moon. The Creator has spoken, but man's kingdoms ignore Him! Speaking to the converts at Galatia, Paul mentions "You are observing special days and months and seasons and years!" Gal. 4:10. The Galatians were once Pagan, enslaved in the weak, miserable principles, turning back to that which was based in what was their heathen, Babylonian mythology (you must read this in context, because your footnotes will lead you to think Paul was speaking about Sabbaths, and the way the Creator established our "watch" in the skies). He said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years..." Gen. 1:14. It is written, "This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year" Ex. 12:2. He had to tell them, because they had been captive as slaves for over 400 years, and were now "called-out".

JANUARY & FEBRUARY With only 10 months in the Roman year, the seasons were appearing later and later every year! Julius Caesar began hearing many complaints, so he appointed an Alexandrian astrologer named Sosigenes to devise the needed corrections. Sosigenes added the 2 months of January and February to the year 46 BCE, and it was called the year of confusion. He even set up the cycle of leap years, which added a day to the month of February every 4 years. January is named for a domestic deity, Janus, who was the ruler of "beginnings", and protected doorways, gates, and arches. You will recall processions through great "arches" when ancient kings would march their armies in triumphant display? February was named for the female idol Februa. The authority to proclaim new moons, and change the system, resided with the Caesar; his seat of power ruled, and he was the priest of Janus. The Roman title, Pontifex Maximus is Etruscan, bestowed on Caesar as the Pagan head of the Pontifical College of Priests of Janus: the Cardinals. "Cardinal" is Latin (cardo) meaning hinge. They assisted the priest of Janus in opening "the door" to the Elysian Fields, the Pagan "Heaven".

"Pontifex Maximus" means highest priest in Etruscan, so Caesar was the gateway to the after-life for a Roman Pagan. Julius Caesar's calendar is called the Julian Calendar. We now have the Gregorian Calendar because the title "Pontifex Maximus" was inherited by the Roman Catholic popes. The authority of Caesar was transferred to this bishop, the Roman Catholic pope! He also kept his "cardinals". This "Bishop of Rome" also uses Caesar's title, "papa" (pope), a Mithraic title. In 1582, "pope" Gregory implemented a 10-day adjustment to the calendar designed by Sosigenes, by wiping out 10 days for that year. This was obeyed by the "papal states", but the rest of the western world remained on the former timetable. It was not until the time of Benjamin Franklin that the rest of society came into line with Rome. Up to then, landowners thought they would lose 10 days' rents, but Franklin convinced them they would actually be receiving their rents 10 days sooner by obliging the pope; and so now we have the Gregorian Calendar. This same pope authorized what is known as Gregorian Chant. These "chants" stem directly from Pagan monks' hymns, originally called Orphic Hymns, or the Hymns of Orpheus. He simply "sanctified " the Pagan hymns. NIMROD YEARS

The Pagan priests were astrologers who closely monitored the positions of the sun, moon, 5 of the planets, and constellations of stars. These were the physical deities they worshipped, and they modeled time over their year based on sex. They knew the path of the sun "crossed" the celestial equator at the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes, producing equal days and nights at those events. So, who's "Nimrod"? He was the first king on the Earth, the grandson of Ham (see Gen. 10). His secular name is suspected to be Sargon I, and he built Babylon and Nineveh. It was possibly Nimrod who built the Tower of Babel, a ziggurat made of bricks; the ruins exist still. Nimrod was a tyrant, and that is what his name means! He was a "mighty hunter before YHWH". The word "before" means "against" in the Hebrew if you check a concordance. Nimrod turned the people against the truth, and began the worship of the sky luminaries. Children were sacrificed in exchange for prosperity. He wore a headpiece with a "horn" in front as ruler, a symbol of power and authority. In fact, all crowns that are modeled with "horns" are based on this design. The marauding heathens of Ghengis Khan and the Vikings of the Norse wore horned hats and helmets in their wars. Nimrod's idolatry and ruth-lessness caused his uncle, Shem, to destroy him, cutting his body into parts and distributing them around the kingdom. It is said Nimrod took his mother, Semiramis as a wife. At his death, his wife/mother consoled the people of Sumer by saying she carried Nimrod's child, and named him Tammuz. Nimrod, she explained, had gone into the heavens and was now the sun! So, the sun was the "father", and the Earth was now the "mother". Semiramis was, in effect, a deity representing the Earth. "Ish" is Hebrew for "man", and she was worshipped as "Ishtar". Babylonian pillars—obelisks— represented the generative powers of the male, and were simultaneously images of the phallus, Nimrod, and a sun-ray! Fertility rituals such as "May Pole" dances are still seen today. "Ishtar" is the same word we have today in "Easter", which superseded Passover. It's Nimrod's mother, also known around the world as Asherah, As-toreth, Ishtar, Eostre, Astarte, Maia, Gaia, Diana, Ninurta, Nana, Ceres, Ostara, Austron, Isis / Nut (the sky), Aphrodite, Venus, Indrani, Devaki, Tanit, Cybele, Artemis, Athena (pictured), and many others. The Canaan-ites called their shrines to the Earth Mother "Asherim". EASTER

This word has been ISHTAR & LILIES adopted from Pagans as an attempt to "inculturate" by syncretism a behavior that is absolutely an abomination. If you recognise "Halloween" for what It Is, then this will be no different after you learn the truth. Easter was already one of the two biggest celebrations observed by Pagans, long before Christianity came along. It is my belief that when this is exposed, it will fulfill the prophecies of Revelation 18. Go read it now. Babylon is still with us, but it is going to fall. Easter was celebrated by the Assyrians, the Phoenicians, and the Philistines (Goliath no doubt had an Easter basket). You should look up "Easter" in a Webster's Dictionary, and do further research in other sources! This festival involved the "Rites of Spring" near the Equinox of Venus, when Pagans believed the Earth Mother was impregnated by the sun. They engaged in ritual sex acts, and used symbols of fertility like eggs'®, rabbitsg, and "hot cross buns". The Babylonian symbol for the "female" was, and is, a circle with a crux beneath.

The round cakes were baked for the "Queen of Heaven" (Regina Coeli), and "Great Mother" (Magna Mater), with the "cross" symbol indicating the female. The cross also indicated the Equinox, when the Earth's orbit "crossed" the celestial equator. Hold on now, because everything will be just fine. This must sound so wild you may think I'm a heretic; but by the end of this you will be very glad to have acquired the truth. This book will only shatter myths, not the "rock" of truth.

To ensure a prosperous growing season, Pagans rolled eggs decorated with bright colors of Spring on their fields, hoping to imbue fertility. These eggs were then hidden from "evil spirits" in rabbits' nests, another symbol of fertility. "Easter" is the name of the Babylonian "Mother of Harlots", Rev. 17, and her image stands as the sungod-dess "Lady Liberty" in New York Harbor. This Colossus statue even has the "tower" headpiece, as seen worn by Artemis. The 7 horns or sunrays should be a strong indication of her true identity. Her emblem is the flower of the lily, seen illustrated with her on this page. An American society, the Easter Seals Society, uses the fleur-de-lis (French, flower of the lily) as their logo, and they have no religious affiliations whatsoever. Most "churches" decorate with the lilies on "Easter morning". Instead of inheriting the truth, they inherited Babylon! If we only study history as people, places, and dates without comprehending "why" things occurred as they did, then everything is unorganized. It's a junkpile. When you assemble it correctly, it all fits together perfectly, clarifying the path we walk on. "Satan" disguises "himself — "he" is quite often "female". We know "he" was behind Nimrod, as Moloch, Baal, Mithras, and so on; but "he" is also Ishtar. Sun-Day is "his" diversion; it's a lie. I refer to "Easter Sun-Day" as "Beaster Sun-Day". We don't have to wait for a "beast", it's here right now. The patterns and appointments found in the Writings are the ones that are snubbed, excused, and ignored you will notice.

But you say, "The word 'Easter' is in my King James Version". Translations are not "inspired", and errors exist by the tens of thousands in many translations! The word in the Greek that underlies the word "Easter" in the KJV is pascha, and it means Passover, from the Hebrew word "Pesach". All scholars admit that this is an error in translation, and it only appears ONCE, at Acts 12:4. Luke, who wrote almost 40% of the Mashian writings (NT), didn't put it there as "Easter". The KJV is the only one with this error, since translators corrected it in all others! There was a previous English translation made by the Catholic priest John Wycliffe during the 14th century. He lived from 1320-1384, and his bones were burned in effigy for this unauthorized English work. He never used the word "Church", but the word "congregation" for the word ec-clesia. Before the KJV, no one had ever used the word "Church", and soon you'll learn why.

Pagan religions through time paralleled each other, carrying the Sun, Earth Mother, and child model from Babylon to Media Persia, Phoenicia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Celts. The Medes cooked the mythology into "Zoroastrianism", producing the magician priests called "Magi". They worshipped Ahura, Haoma, and Ohrmazd as their I trinity. (Well survey them all under "Trinities" later). The Greeks' "Zeus" was their sun deity, whose mother was | "Lydla", shown here riding a1 swan. Notice her headpiece; very much like "Lady Liberty". Take another look at "Athena" and "Ishtar" on the previous page; those heads are indications that we are seeing the same person. The Britannica Encyclopedia (1934) states: "EASTER (es'ter). Ostara, or Eastre, was the goddess of Spring in the religion of the ancient Angles and Saxons. Every April a festival was celebrated in her honor. With the beginnings of Christianity, the old gods were put aside. From then on the festival was celebrated in honor of the resurrection of Christ, but was still known as Easter after the old goddess." (emphasis mine).

In contrast, the Creator says: "Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones and burn their Asherah (Easter) poles in the fire; cut down the idols i of their gods and WIPE OUT THEIR NAMES from those places. YOU MUST NOT WORSHIP SiVSfl. YOUR ELOHIMI IN THEIR WAY." Dt. 12. OK, that's pretty clear. But what happened? The hypothesis of this book states on the outset that as the Pagans were absorbed into Chrisianity, it was the policy to accept everything they were accustomed to celebrating also. Let's hear it directly from the Catholic organization itself; the Catholic Cardinal John Henry Newman's book, The Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, published in 1878, states in chapter 8: "The rulers of the Church from early times were prepared, should the occasion arise, to adopt, to imitate, or to sanctify the existing rites and customs of the population, as well as the philosophy of the educated class. The use of temples and those dedicated to particular saints, and ornamented on occasion with branches of trees (wreaths), incense, lamps, candles, votive offerings on recovering from illnesses, holy water, holy days and seasons (the entire Church calendar), use of calendars, processions, blessings on the fields, sacerdotal vestments, the ring in marriage, chants, the Kyrie Eleison — are all of Pagan origin, and sanctified by adoption into the Church." There you have it. But, you may ask, "If Easter was a Pagan festival celebrating the impregnation of Mother Earth', how did it get mixed up with Christianity?" Christianity's "Pagan Connection" started with one man more than any other. In 325 CE, the Roman Emperor Constantine I convened what is now called the Nicene Council, gathering 220 elders (bishops) together, in order to unify basic doctrines (teachings), and establish common practices. This "universalizing" produced the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). The Latin word "Catholic" means universal. There was no "Catholic" on planet Earth prior to this Council. The only Council mentioned in the Writings conducted by the first Nazarenes is mentioned at Acts 15, the purpose of which was to determine how to accommodate Gentile converts who were turning to the true Creator. The only topic: circumcision ~ and since immersion in the Name and receiving the Spirit into your heart is our "circumcision", it was decided that physical circumcision was not necessary (this is a very important beginning text to be understood by all adult male Gentiles!). Constantine's Council sought to institute new tolerances for Pagan patterns, and outlaw the patterns that the Savior lived by and taught ~ he had already proclaimed "Sun-Day" as a day of rest dedicated to the sun (321 CE), and now it came time to "syncretize" more Paganism. By not "repenting" and turning away from elementary foolishness, it was simpler to just "absorb" the behavior. Political and religious CONTROL is a slippery thing; so by keeping the Pagan rituals in place, control was maintained with a minimum of effort! "Truth" was twisted by the "spin doctors" so the opposite of truth became our custom. Rather than make 99% of the people conform to a totally new behavior, it was easier to just exterminate the 1%, and put a Scriptural "spin" on the Pagan customs. This is what overwhelmed all our ancestors, being taught these things as young children. Paganism has always been highly skilled at wrapping dissimilar things together, making things appear one way on the surface, and making the loosely understood things shrouded in what they call the "mysteries of the faith".

In order to blend practices into universal (Catholic) behavior, the real Shabbat (Sabbath) was outlawed, along with Passover and other annual "Jewish" observances. This was a prophecy revealed to Daniel. In the prophecy, four "beasts" or kingdoms would arise, which are clearly (1) Babylon, (2) Media-Persia, (3) Greece, and (4) Rome. At Dani'el 7:25, the 4th beast is clearly described: "The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on Earth (Rome). It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole Earth, trampling it down and crushing it. The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom (Caesars/Khasars/Kaisers/Czars ~ Julius Caesar up to Constantine). After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones (Constantine "fused" the sun worshippers with the Nazarene writings, and was not of the family name "Caesar"); he will subdue three kings. He will speak against the Most High, and oppress His saints (qodeshim, those set-apart, especially the Hebrew people), and try to change the set times and the law". Scripture is a pattern for our living in peace, guiding us with its "LAW". The changing of the "set times" (or sea-: sonal appointments! decreed at Deut. 16 , and Lev. 23) were ' wiped-out and re- \ placed with Pagan observances, Imposed ' by Constantine.

Instead of PEACE,

we have inherited WAR. The coveting (desiring) of power, land, and wealth is ravaging the whole Earth, and this picture illustrates one of the tiny victims of war. The fruit of the Spirit (when the Torah is lived by) produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Aggression produces poverty and death. At Constantine's Nicene Council, he put such fear in some of the visiting elders, that encyclopedias state that many ran for their lives when they heard the things being discussed! The Edict of Milan had already outlawed synagogues, but Constantine's Council boldly outlawed the Torah, fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel 7:25. Everything that we know went wrong long ago, and it became a powerful institutionalized "beast", just as the Writings called it. If there were just a few little traces that were Pagan, that would be error; but let's investigate further, so we can decide whether or not the steel framework on which we stand has any rivets in any of Its girders.

There Is not ONE encyclopedic article that does I not bring Constantine's ' (pictured here) so-called "conversion" to "Christianity" Into question. Yet, a couple of billion people today are following his edicts. He founded Catholicism, and there is no dispute about that. The 95 issues that Martin Luder (called "Luther") nailed to the door put the Reformation into full blown splendor, beginning with I '< £

shorten one's stay in * "Purgatory". The seeds of this "Reformation" began with John Wycliffe's unauthorized translation of the Messianic Writings (NT) into English. This is not intended to make Catholicism into a "whipping boy", but let's just stop and think for a moment. Does the Creator's religion, or the one that everyone believes was founded by our Good Shepherd have any popes? No? How about "monks"? Or nuns? Well, Pagans have all of these things, and always have. The "Dalai Lama" means "highest monk". Has someone "monked around" with a few things? Nuns were Pagan temple prostitutes; or virgins who kept watch over the


"sacred fires". In Zoroastrian ritual, men did this. They wore black*, being called "dark ones" because their robes became soiled too easily with the soot and ashes of keeping the "sacred fires" going. These fires were used to sacrifice human lives. Monks also wear red ceremonial robes, symbolic of the fire of the sun. Israel had no one dressed in black or red ~ the priests wore white linen. Try to picture Rabbi OWVhy wearing black! There were no shaven-headed monks, because such "trimming" was specifically forbidden by the Creator at Lev. 19, most likely because the Pagans did it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but people wear black today to funerals because the pagans often burned their dead on raised platforms. The smoke and ashes soiled their garments, so ashes became a symbol of mourning. You see corpse burning occasionally in movies. The new Star Wars movie ends with a scene where they burn one of their fallen comrades, and Luke Skywalker burned his dead father in a previous episode. The dead were burned because Pagans believed that burying them would "defile" the Earth. Fire, water, winds, and the Earth were sacred to the Pagans. Cremation is very popular still. "Holy water" is an echo of the Pagan belief that water is sacred. Since the Roman "papa", monks, nuns, wearing black, shaving heads into "tonsure" cuts, burning the dead, playing with "holy" water, "Sun-Day", and Easter are not in the Writings, then it's pretty obvious we don't need them. However, if they originated in Pagan worship, then what creature can you think of who masquerades as a messenger of "righteousness" caused mankind to embrace them?

The definition of "science" is interesting, when you consider what we're exposing here: "Sci-ence (si'ens): n. 1. Learning or study concerned with demonstratable truths." Science is the "search for truth", based on the Latin scire, "to know". To ignore "the truth" and continue to follow lies would be unthinkable; but even if people never find out the truth, they still participate in "pseudo-science" (false knowledge, untruth) if they stay in error. Pretty much the lower floors supporting Christianity as practiced today have been taken away. But, now we are going to pause, and deal with the REAL Name of the Creator. This is foundational material in a better building. It is not guile, so you will not be "beguiled". Don't overlook His Name! "The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook" ~ William James. (Bad advice). "The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him." Prov. 18:17 (Good advice).

"The Name ofhwhy is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe."Prov. 18:10

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