Wouldnt have seen it if I hadnt believed it

Our expectations can overwhelm us. Beliefs have to be tested to make sure they are facts that can be trusted in -like checking the rivets in the steel girders I referred to at the beginning of this little book. But let's take a closer look at how relevant "believing" is in itself.

Even SATAN is a believer (Ya'aqob/ James 2:19) . . . but this rebellious being will not serve and obey!

Our "worship" is really obedience, the doing of what YHWH expects of us. If we neglect doing what He expects of us, but assume our intentions will serve the same results, then we didn't understand the Fall, the golden calf incident, nor why Qayin's (Cain's) offering was not pleasing to YHWH.

"If you do well, shall you not be accepted?" (Gen. 4:7).

Qayin made up his own mind how he was going to worship YHWH, and what would be the offering. How is Christianity any different? All the Sunday assemblies, Christmas trees, and Easter baskets in the world will not be acceptable to YHWH, unless He prescribed them as a form of worshipping Him. So, our simple task is to find out what YHWH expects, then "do well" so that He will accept our worship of Him. Then, we can expect to hear the words, "Well done , good and faithful servant!" (Mt. 25:21). Doing "the Word" is obeying Him, not adding to it, or taking away from it, or adopting the Pagan cultural background as tradition has done.

Now, back to this name, "JESUS" that the world is expecting -If the True Person - the REAL Messiah of Israel comes in the name "Yahushua", most of the population of this planet will have a serious conflict to resolve in their "programming". We're here to announce Him before He arrives, so that the "wise virgins" will have the oil they need. The unwise will not hear us on this topic. They are unprepared, and will remain so. The false Messiah (anti-messiah) may appear in the programmed name, "JESUS", and perform what Mt. 24:24 & Rev. 13:14 describe as "signs" — used to deceive even the ELECT (Israel). We will not fall for it, because he has sealed us with His True Name, Yahushua. To be sure, if the anti-messiah came in the Name "Yahushua", hardly any of the world would follow after him. So, it's obvious which name the anti-messiah will likely be using.

If we are alive to live through the days of this anti-messiah, we will witness him beguiling the world with anti-Torah instructions. Not being wise in the Word (Torah, instructions), most will be deceived by him. We who have entered into the re-newed Covenant

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