(Source material from YNCA, address given in the back). The two Celtic words Hallowed Eve- ^ ning came from All Hallowed's Ev'n, and now we call it "Halloween". This is now even more popular than Easter, and rivals Christmas. The roots of this festival come to us from Druid demon worship. Witches were said to fly brooms over the crops to "teach" them how to grow. It was a fertility myth. When the first Roman Catholic missionaries encountered these Druids, they met stubborn resistance because the inhabitants of Angle Land, Sweden, Neder Land, northern Germany, Fin Land, and Eire Land were very nationalistic. The ritual we embrace as Halloween was originally called the Feast of the Dead, Samhain (pronounced Sa-ween), and was on November 1st. These pre-Christian Druids had the barbarians doing ghastly things. It was a dreaded occasion, since it was thought that time stood still, and the souls of the dead walked the land. Gifts, especially food, were left outside for these roaming ghosts, with the hope that no harm would come to the households. The Druids chose certain children to be burned alive on "bone-fires", as offerings to the sun. Parents tied yellow ribbons around oak trees as prayers to the sun to have their children spared. The fat left over from the child was fashioned into a candle, and placed into a carved-out pumpkin, or a hollowed out vegetable with a "round" (sun-shaped) design. The victim was called Jack-of-the-lantern. Prisoners and unliked people were burned alive in wicker cages shaped in the form of animals, hung from trees. All of this was ultimately to pay homage to the sun, Woden, or Odin. As you now know, this Druid deity gives us our name for the 4th day of the week: Woden's Day. FROM SAMHAIN TO ALL SAINTS

Without forcing the Pagans to drop their practices but accept Christianity, the RCC merely made allowances to accommodate the barbarians, and called it "acculturation". They "sanctified" the

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