Covenant Name: The Sinai Autograph

The truth is right beneath a false façade. Once again, to maintain control, and keep everyone from having to change anything, we have inherited the long-standing custom of only using "generic" terms and devices to refer to the true Creator. Non-specific, general terms were employed to conceal the personal names of Pagan deities, and only the "initiated" would know them. Secret societies still have special hand signs and passwords, and they control their membership with strict hierarchical designs. Examples are the Rosicrucians, Masons, Illuminati, Knights Templars, etc.,. The expressions we are "familiar" with, like "GOD", "LORD", "Almighty", "Eternal" or even the "Creator" as I've been using up to now in this book have all been used in the past to refer to Pagan deities; NONE of them, except one, was ever a name. Everyone who defends the use of these expressions uses the excuse that we are speaking "English", and these terms we are familiar with are "translations". No, these words are not even originally English. The term "GOD" was never used to refer to the true Creator, until Christianity went into the Norse areas in the 6th century CE. The original Hebrew term which underlies the word "GOD" in our English translation is either EL, ELOI, ELOAH, or ELOHIM. This word means "mighty one", strength, or awesome one. This is describing a Being of tremendous power. The Pagans' deities never became angry, or pleased, because they simply aren't there. Even these Hebrew terms are only expressions for "what" the true Creator is, but not used as His personal Name. But He has one, and ONLY ONE. Adjectives attached to His Name cause people to think He has more than one, but really there is just one; and you can prove it from a good dictionary or encyclopedia. Look up YAHWEH. It is only an attempt to "sound" the Name using English letters, and originally comes from four palaeo-Hebrew letters;


"PALEO" or palaeo means "ancient". The letters are written from right-to-left in this original script. It is called "Hebrew", derived from one of Shem's descendants, whose name was EBER (Gen. 10). A few generations later, ABRAM was born, the son of

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