Govt Aligns With Rome 135

earning a living so I can specialize in going into poor neighborhoods and little rural pockets of the world. I have to rely on the ability of the Message reaching them through the power of Yahushua's Spirit, by teaching the pure truth of the message, so it will be able to be CONVEYED THROUGH MANY OTHERS. Just because I know the message doesn't entitle me to a permanent "donation" from all the other believers who also know the message. We share a common responsibility, and the "pastors" who from time-to-time travel and visit distant places should be housed and fed by the brothers at their destination, but they must not be an undue burden, or over-stay their welcome. I know well the costs involved in printing, and I also buy gasoline. But, I also know I must work to earn the money to pay for these things, and not be a burden on those who would otherwise be led to give me 10% of their hard-earned incomes, for the rest of their natural lives.

My advice is, get a paying job; and discern how to teach and immerse others with the special gift you have received from the Spirit, and serve the Body of Yahushua properly. In the final outcome, much more can be accomplished. If we don't know what the "New Covenant" is, then we should learn what it is, and then go and teach it to those around us. It will spread on its own; like fire in dry grass, if we only teach it. People will believe it much more readily when its free, as it should be. We labor in the harvest not with our money, but with our personal efforts to reach those lost around us. We don't have to travel to find them, but the message itself will. Stand still, and watch YHWH win the battle. "Not by power -- not by might -- but by My Spirit"- declares YHWH. We don't know where the wind comes from, nor where it will go, and the Spirit is like that -- and the Message will go wherever the Spirit goes. From: Sunday Law Countdown: South Dakota Latest State To Endorse Ten Commandments Version Change" (quoted text follows): [ " During the legislative process the South Dakota Senate has followed the state house's lead and approved a bill that would permit the commandments to be posted in public schools...The bill says the words of the Ten Commandments may be displayed along with other objects and documents of cultural, legal or historical signifi-cance...No word on whether South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow intends to sign it." Now, a very interesting thing happened with this bill during the legislative process. In the South Dakota bill HB 1261 introduced to the House 01.21.2000, "the version of the Ten Commandments to be displayed was recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible" (cited from the bill) - which would be the correct version, having both the Second Com mandment intact and the Fourth Commandment about the Seventh-Day Sabbath with full text. BUT THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED. When the bill came to the State Affairs Committee, the bill text was totally changed and the reference to the Old Testament was deleted! Now why would such a thing happen? To permit display of the changed version of the Ten Commandment law of (God)? To avoid using the correct version which mentions the Seventh-Day Sabbath, thus giving honor to the Sabbath? (Added 02.25.2000) [CBN Now HB 1261 bill status HB 1261 bill text introduced HB 1261 bill text] enrolled Changed Ten Commandments now considered by Colorado legislature: From the bill SB114: "Each school district shall post in every public school classroom and in the main entryway in every public school a durable and permanent copy of the Ten Commandments as specified in paragraph (b) of

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