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will continue to obey the Commandments of YHWH, and hold to the Testimony of Yahushua. This is because He has written (circumcised) a love for His Torah on our hearts. Being observers of Shabbat, we will stand out like a sore thumb; and in fact do already to the world. The NWO beast (revived/ restored Rome/UN) may attack and kill many of us. Christian Rome persecuted both unbelievers and believers for a millennium, killing some 83 million over a 600-year period. The Inquisition was very real. We may again be labeled "Judaizers" (a term not found in Scripture).

The trap is set for most to willingly accept this Maitreya "JESUS" anti-messiah. I feel the IMAGE of the beast may possibly be the old Nimrod symbol of the sun, the EAGLE, in caricature. It's a cross emblem, honored by Pagans from around the world since the dawn of recorded history. This may even be the "star of Rompha" (Acts 7:43). Yet many think the seal of Da'ud (David, the double dalet seal of his name) is the "star" referred to in this text. What does the "star of Bethlehem" look like in many illustrations? A cross! Often, a point of light will "nazz" when you look at it through a screen, and it becomes a crux. The truth is arrived at by simple deduction;

"Once you have eliminated everything that is impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." — Arthur C. Doyle

So, the NAME of this beast, received willingly by the unsuspecting world is likely: JESUS.

The MARK is likely some behavioral trait that is practiced, and is actually a teaching of error "hidden" right out in the open for all to see (and hear):

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