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We're the US source for The Scriptures, (a translation restoring the Name to the text, hardcover: $33); and the book Come Out Of _ Her My People, by Chris Koster ($12.95). See inside back cover. Mail check, money order, or bankcard info to: STRAWBERRY ISLANDS MESSIANIC PUBLISHING 2303 WATTERSON TRAIL LOUISVILLE, KY 40299


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This book is intended to address the unanswered questions that lurk in the back of many people's minds. It exposes the lies, and reveals the truth. The origins of popular customs have been a life-long study of mine, and revealing them to others in a way that makes sense is my main goal with this effort. To most, the information presented here will be new and shocking. Please realize that anything in this study can be easily verified, and I encourage you to do some research on your own ~ in this way, you will have facts that you can believe, rather than just mysterious traditions. Try to be objective, and not "filter" the facts through what you've chosen to believe, or a denominational bias. No one alive is responsible for having woven together the Pagan designs we are embedded in, and even those who did it I do not judge.

As with any audience, there are those who will read this that are my superior in knowledge. But, the plan of our Creator is so simple, that being wise in certain specialized disciplines may be of little use. A small child can understand the secret that is locked in the Scriptures, but when the meaning is distorted, comprehension suffers. There are dozens of excuses for maintaining the status quo, but once the truth is available to the average person, hiding behind lies invented by men long-dead is useless. The distortions of the Truth came about because Paganism became mixed into it, and the "bride" (wife of the Creator) was attacked, along with the Covenant (a marriage covenant). Religion is not about money, or killing people who are different. The Inquisition burned and tortured millions of people to death for having just come in contact with a little truth.

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