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Yahuchanon 8:31,32.

The reason I did this research was to find out why there were so many hidden, mysterious things about religion, and to learn why Christian "faith" and Paganism were so closely aligned. It all seemed like such a paradox! My hope is you won't do as so many have, but stay where you were planted. Most who learn the Truth flee their surrounding friends, loved ones, and congregants, because they can't "relate" anymore. Some even wish to leave their spouse. But it is to these very people we are sent. The Truth will drive away the darkness, but if you shine it so as to blind them, they will have no part of you. You must just let an illuminating glow emanate, and then only when someone is interested in learning more. They only learn when they want to. It may take a lifetime for some, while others soak up the Truth like a sponge. Some will base what they choose to believe on a previous paradox they couldn't find any way of resolving, like where Cain could find a wife, or how the Great Deluge could have been global in scope. Within my own family, one of the dearest people to me was told that Constantine wrote the Scriptures, and this has caused a great barrier for any Truth to get through. I wonder how Con-stantine managed to stash those old scrolls in the hills of the Dead Sea, don't you? It was probably not an easy trick to get them into synagogues all over the world either. The point is, we all have to face people who need us, but we must be discerning, patient, and not judgmental. Believe it or not, you can live in the same house with someone who celebrates Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. It's your endurance that is put to the test, not theirs. Benjamin Franklin wrote, "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

Leaving Babylon is a spiritual journey, not a physical one. Behind Nimrod is Shatan, and all his lying wonders are deceiving the whole world. You may have a bath towel with a sun on it. If it has a face, it's Nimrod. The Orientals who honor the Dalai Lama or the "child of the sun" are also trapped in worshipping Nimrod. Nimrod is represented in many ways — eagles, gold balls, obelisks, steeples, cruxes, the Christmas Tree, Santa, the eye on the pyramid; and together with his mother, Semiramis, the whole world is caught up in witchcraft.

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