Dealing With Those Who Dont Understand

Please don't get discouraged by the enormous lack of love in many people's responses. Whether they are brash, new believers who have not yet "mellowed" and come into fuller knowledge, or they are deceived deceivers like anti-missionaries or Jesuits, it's hard to keep pace, or have peace in your heart, when all you get are arguments and debates constantly. Here I will briefly touch on the fact that there are 10 "lost tribes", and the anti-missionaries may be under the impression that there are only 2 or 3 tribes, now visibly called "Jews". Reading Ezekiel 36:17-38, and 37:1-28 (noting especially 36:27), they will find that the TWO HOUSES of ISRAEL (Yahudah, the southern kingdom, and Ephraim / Israel, the northern kingdom) will be UNITED as "one stick" in YHWH's hand. We are about to witness the return of the 10 lost tribes, now embedded in the Gentiles; and see the return of Yahushua of Natsarit. When He reveals Himself to His brothers, it will be a day of great mourning, as it is described in Zech. 12, and one will be reminded of how it was when Yosef revealed himself to his brothers in Egypt, after being sold into slavery, imprisoned innocently by Potiphar, and rising to the highest position of the kingdom.

Not long ago, someone wrote to me from prison saying he was about to be released, but didn't think he could return to his wife and child because they were "Christian". Since learning the Truth, this individual was only interested in being with others like himself. So, I realized that to some degree, many others have these same tendencies -- so I've put a few paragraphs together to help straighten this confusion out.

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