Dead Sea Scrolls

In 1947, a young bedouin shepherd boy was in the northwestern area of the Dead Sea, chasing after one of his clever animals. The animal scrambled into a cave hole. The boy couldn't easily get to him, so he threw some rocks in to spook him out. The boy heard a loud crashing sound, like a large jar breaking!

He entered the cave, now called "cave 1", and discovered many jars with lids containing old scrolls. He took one to an antiquities dealer in town, and it turned out to be an ancient scroll written in Hebrew! Of course he sold it, and the dealer wanted to know where he found it. The rest is modern history. What you will usually not hear is WHY the scrolls were there. As scrolls of "Scripture" were used in the Temple or synagogues, they would wear out eventually, and were carefully copied by scribes. They would not discard or destroy the worn out copy profanely, but bury it respectfully. WHY? Because these worn scrolls contained the personal Name of hwhy written on them! Every scroll was placed in a jar with a lid, and buried. Now the scrolls are either in the Rockefeller Museum, or the Shrine of the Book, both in Yerushaliyim. Every one of them has the Name on them. Since it is used 6,823 times, ~ more than any other word, you would think the "scholars" would bring it the recognition it deserves! But, you will often find these men are "sectarian", or even unbelievers that happen to be familiar with ancient languages. Just look up the word "LORD" in any concordance. The scrolls that did not contain the Name are absent, such as the scroll we call "Esther". (The scroll of "Esther" has the Name in "acrostic" 4 times, but it is concealed from Pagan eyes). The scrolls of Enoch, Baruch, Jubilees (Yob-hel), and all the others we call "Old Testament" are present. The Shrine of the Book building is designed like a huge jar lid, like the kind the scrolls were found in. This is a good place to bring up another oddity. What do the Scrolls call themselves? We use the traditional term "Scriptures", which is a Latin-rooted word, from scriptum meaning hand-writing. The most common term heard is "Bible".

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