Dawid Is Not In Heaven

Paul says to be absent from the body is to be present with YHWH; after death, the very next thing you will know will be awakening and being with Yahushua. I may only differ with some on the passage of time, but we can easily see that Acts 2:34 clearly says: "For Dawid did not ascend into the heavens . . . " and we also read that NO ONE ascended into the heavens -EXCEPT the One Who descended. So, Dawid is not yet with Yahushua, but sleeps in the grave, awaiting his resurrection. Daniel was told "many of those who sleep in the dust of the Earth will wake up . . ." (12:2). He was also told to "go his way to the end, and rest", and he would rise to "his lot" at the end of days.

I know that tradition interprets things in easily understandable ways, but really such unprov-able details like this are not salvational issues. The thief who died next to Yahushua didn't have every single detail worked out, but Rabbi Ya-hushua assured him "I tell you TODAY, you will be with Me in paradise". See the comma? Many understand it this way, how Yahushua was simply emphasizing His decision when He said, "I tell you today, . . ." We have to be careful, and not snatch one sentence out of Scripture and build a case on ambiguity. Wisdom is to be found where there are many counselors, and two or more witnesses are necessary to provide evidence of truth.

Now that you have come near to the end of this little book, you might ask yourself if there were enough "witnesses" brought forth to prove that human traditions have intentionally masked and altered the Truth. Many will not be convinced no matter how much evidence is presented, and to a large degree it is simply because they don't wish to repent — sin is fun for a season, but it will reap only death. The same amount of energy can be expended for doing what is right. We're all gambling with our own lives, and we must also realize that we are responsible for our children, and others who make contact with us. Your mission is to GO, make disciples, and immerse them in Ya-hushua's Name — this is not just for "leaders", but all of us. He will ask to see what you did with the 'talents' He left you with. When you have studied Scripture thoroughly, you will find that the CONGREGATION participates in every facet of getting people converted; we are ALL involved in teaching, immersing, correcting, and so on.

"... you are slaves (servants) of the one whom you OBEY..." Romans 6:16 "... a foolish people has spurned your Name." Psalm 74:18

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