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Pagans always believed they would go into the skies to live with their deities. Wizards and magicians have struggled to defeat death, but failed. The Egyptians went to great lengths to ensure that the dead were provided for, and did so according to their "Book of the Dead". Houdini promised to escape and return to the world, but hasn't. A young boy named Eutycus (Acts 20:9) fell and died, a young girl was raised up from her deathbed (Mark 5), and Lazarus was called out of his tomb after several days (Yn. 11). Where did their spirits go? Nowhere! Their spirits were there, but their flesh was unable to walk again under the sun without supernatural help from their creator. El Yahu (Elijah) was used (1 Kings 17:22) to restore the life to a widow's son by the power of hYhy. Those people died twice! The new creation that we will be will not be flesh like we have now, but like the spiritual body Rabbi OWWhy has ~ He is the foremost, first born of a new thing that hwhy is doing. You shouldn't, but if your body is turned to ashes and spread over the ocean, the Creator hwhy will still bring you back.

The parable of the 10 virgins explains that as they waited for the Bridegroom, they all fell "asleep". This means their bodies died. When the "midnight cry" is uttered, "Come out to meet Him", they raise in imperishable spiritual bodies. When we die, we fall asleep. No matter how much time passes, it will be as if we are re-awakening immediately when we are re-born, clothed with immortality. It will seem like no time passed at all. Your spirit doesn't occupy any space at all. A neurologist once said that the human brain is such a sensitive and well designed thing, that it could be operated by a "ghost". It is, in fact, an instrument that we are all equipped with that represents the most sophisticated machine that exists in the universe. Our "life" ~ the nephesh, or breath of life, keeps our body alive, as any animal. We have a spiritual component, created a little inferior to the malakim (angels, messengers, watchers). It cannot be destroyed, except by hYht. At Luke 12:5, OWWhy told us not to fear those who kill the body, but rather He who can destroy the "real" you in the "lake of fire" (yam esh). You don't want to get thrown into His garbage can. That's the point, and this points us to the Torah. You cannot inherit eternal life without it, and you cannot obey without the New Covenant ~ having OWWhy come in and write Torah on your heart. You cannot receive Him, and not receive the love for His Torah. "Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the Earth will awake; some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are WISE will shine like the brightness of the skies, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever." (Dan. 12:1-4). This means they will endure like the stars, unchanging. If they were already in a place called "heaven", then they wouldn't be "asleep", or coming from heaven, would they? So, if your "pastor" tells you your dead family members are "in heaven with the LORD", kindly remind him what the Writings say. If you really want to stand out, wear white to funerals.

"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; Fear hYhy and keep His Commandments for this is the duty of man." Eccl. 12:13.

The dead know nothing of what goes on in the world after they are gone, but their spirit sleeps. "If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body." 1 Cor. 15:44. Reading 1 Cor. 15:12 forward will help you see that after the natural body dies, it will be raised later as a spiritual body, and that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of hYht. Some teach that a belief in an "immortal soul" is heresy, and a myth that comes from Paganism. It is more important to note what Pagans taught about the "spirits" of the dead being transported to "heaven". That is the heresy that has been accepted. If when we die our life goes to oblivion, then we are no different than a dead dog. It is the reality of the resurrection of OWYht that we are alive in our spirit. Our spirit is living because of His life in us, so that He may be all in all. At the time the dirt is being thrown on us, we have His seed in us, and He will "clothe" us in a new spiritual body at the resurrection of the saints. This is not heresy; but ignorance of hwhy is shameful. Everyone who believes and is immersed in His Name will be saved. I'M NOT INFALLIBLE! Just for the record, let me say that I'm learning ~ I haven't nearly arrived at "all truth", and some things I'm saying in this book you must verify. Most are plain facts, which can easily be proven from dictionaries and encyclopedias. Others will require specialized tools like Hebrew lexicons or historical documents. You will only be convinced by personal research, and you should question


Hebrew Bird

basic statements, no matter what their source is, including this one. If I have a personal opinion about a topic, I'll try to be sure to mention is only my opinion ~ and you are welcome to have a different opinion! But, opinions are best when founded on a great deal of evidence.

Things like evolution are opinions, often "decided" on with very little personal research. It is my opinion that frogs only turn into princes in fairy tales.

The "evolution" of Paganism into Christianity (by men) is on display in this book, but the "evolving" of monkeys into people is not. While we're discussing it, the theory of evolution really comes apart when the fossil record is examined from the standpoint that much of the paleontology is really only proving that the Great Flood actually occurred. The "layers" of animals show that the larger, more mobile creatures fought to survive the flood better than the smaller, less mobile ones. The smaller critters are naturally on the bottom layers, being the first to get washed away. Often, the so-called "layers" spanning hundreds of thousands of years (ha-ha) will have an upside-down tree, roots-up, penetrating the "layers" for several meters. Also, isn't it interesting that the ancient world had millions of species of plants and animals, and this total quantity of species has been continuing to decline in number over time? No new species are appearing now, and what is here has always been here from the fossil record after their kinds. If evolution were true, then there should be MORE species as time progresses, not less and less! Every year, thousands of species become extinct, and no new ones are ever seen emerging. At this rate, it won't be long before no species exist, and this doesn't follow the "evolutionary" model very well, now does it? An evolutionist will say that it takes many tens of thousands of years to witness an emerging specie, but it seems that it doesn't take very long to witness the demise of thousands of species. They will say these are nature's "experiments"; but again, the total number of species is dwindling, not getting larger. If something doesn't make sense, then you should suspect that something is wrong. What makes sense is the original quantity of species were created, and are slowly becoming extinct over time.

How does this relate to "Christ-Mass"? Well, underlying Paganism turned into something else. Ancient Nimrod-oriented customs adapted because they were already socially-accepted, and "Christmas" is only the surface crust on the old winter solstice festival. "Sun-Day" is another adaptation, as is Easter and Halloween. Nimrod turned into Santa (Satan?). How much of the "smoke-screen" we accept is based on how much we want to conform to the "world" around us.

The Roman Beast

Caesar, Pope, Maitreya Watch for "eagle-beast" insignia

"He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place." ~ dan. 11:36

Historians say that Constantine was not of the royal family of Caesars, and Daniel 11:21 refers to such a person. Beginning in the record of Daniel chapter 10, an un-named Being visits him, and His dissertation continues to the end of Daniel's writings. You may be able to guess Who this was. He described many things, including the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE (11:31). At Dan. 11:28-30, an EVIL KINGDOM is described that vents its fury against the "Qodesh Covenant" (the Torah, or marriage covenant between hwhy and His bride, Yisrael). Obviously, this effort was led by Shatan. Any effort brought against the Covenant is led by the same. Daniel records the words of the Being, which seem to refer to the "sealed message" called the Gospel: "Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand." 12:9,10. This "Being" is described by Daniel (10:5,6), and is identical to the One described by Yahuchanon at Rev. 1:12-16. Of course it was the same Person, OWYhy. Yahuchanon writes that the reason he was imprisoned on Patmos was because of the "Word of hwhy" (the Torah, Covenant), and the "Testimony of OWWhy (the message, "Repent, for the Reign of hwhy draws near") - 1:9. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for those who observe "Sun-day" as the "LORD's Day" is Revelation 1:10. "I was in the Spirit on the LORD's Day.. . ." The term "LORD's Day" is only found ONCE in all of the Writings, and it refers to the Day of hYhy, or the great day of wrath ~ which is the FOCUS of the whole 22 chapters; the vision, or Revelation. Yahuchanon wasn't concerned with which day of the week it was, nor can we imagine he was thinking "Sun-day" was anything other than Baal's Day in his time. Of course "Baal's Day" was the LORD's Day, because Baal means LORD. The Time of Wrath will bring a complete end to man ruling himself, and this Earth will be ruled by the Torah:

"In the last days, the mountain of hYht's Temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and peoples will stream to it. Many nations will come and say, 'Come let us go up to the mountain of hwhy, to the house of the Elohim of

Ya'akob. He will teach us His ways, so that we may walk in His paths. THE TORAH WILL GO OUT FROM TSIYON, THE WORD OF HWHY FROM YERUSHALIYIM." Micah 4. These words match perfectly with Revelation 22, describing the "Water of Life", or living water (Torah, the Covenant). The "Roman Beast" is set against the Covenant, having altered it by changing the day of rest which gives honor to hwhy for creation, as well as the 2nd Commandment which forbids images in our worship. The 7th-day Shabbath is the "sign" of the Eternal Covenant. The idolatry is glaring, and unmistakable. The 4 beasts described in Daniel 7 are all there will be, and the 4th one will endure until the "Time of Wrath is completed", Dan. 11:36. Daniel 7:23—25 describes this 4th beast, which will attack the saints and alter the "set times and law":

"He will speak against the Most High (say his "authority" can change the Covenant) and oppress His saints and try to change the set times (annual appointments) and the Torah." This was done by Constantine in 321 CE and 325 CE, and ratified by the Roman Council of Laodicea. The 4th Beast enforced the "Sun-day" law under penalty of death, and called the faithful Shabbath-keepers "Judaizers", and pursued "the woman" (hYht's wife, bride). Shatan's "wrath" against the marriage Covenant, and the BRIDE who obeys it, has never relented. You see and hear about the struggle on the news constantly. The right to post the 10 Commandments in public view on public property has been a controversy for many years. Which "list" to post is an undiscussed part of the controversy, because Catholics have a different list in their minds than they have in their own translation of the Writings. Also, how can you have a "Sun-day" day of rest when the Commandments say it's the 7th day? How can you misuse the Name of hYht, when it is not used? Misusing it is one thing; but to never use His Name at all is also shaming Him. Certainly snarling "GOD", "LORD" or "JESUS" (being Pagan deities) brings no misuse of the Name of the Maker of Heaven and Earth. The Covenant, and the Bride of the Covenant, are the real target in the war between the sons of Light and darkness:

"Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and

Petersdom Petersplatz

"St. Peter's Cathedral" ~ built on one of the 7 hills of Rome, a hill named VATICANUS. Note the Dome, chariot wheel, and obelisk of Caligula as its axel.

sweep her away with the torrent. But the Earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth." Rev. 12:15,16—read the context. This means the wife of hwhy fled to safety, and distance provided it. "Then the dragon was enraged at the woman, and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring ~ THOSE WHO OBEY THE COMMANDMENTS, AND HOLD TO THE TESTIMONY OF OWYhy." 12:17.

If one can "change" the Torah, then it is not a Rock, but shifting sand. This makes a weak foundation on which to build. The Torah is called the "Word", and the "Word" became flesh, and dwelled with us for a time, showing us perfection. If we build on it, we will not be shaken or carried away by winds of other teachings. What hwhy has made straight, no man can bend or change! Persecution "for righteousness' sake" is written in the pages of history. When hwhy said, "Everyone is TO STA Y WHERE HE IS ON THE SEVENTH DA Y; NO ONE IS TO GO OUT", He meant what He said (Ex. 16:29). This idea of not traveling any considerable distance is supported by Luke at Acts 1:12:

"Then they returned to Yerushaliyim from the hill called the Mount of Olives, A SHABBATH DAY's WALK FROM THE CITY." If there was some change, Luke would have not mentioned it, or said what USED TO BE a Shabbath Day's walk, would he not? He wrote the record many years after the resurrection and ascension. If you have ever walked 1,000 cubits (a man's elbow to his fingertips), you know it's a considerable journey. I'm GLAD I don't have to do such a thing on Shabbath. If people in the early times wished to go to a synagogue to hear the Torah, it wasn't nearly as far as we might think. Settlements, and even cities were only a few acres. Today, we have the increase in knowledge (literacy), as well as printing, so anyone who wants to read the Torah can do so with ease. Yahudaism is a family oriented practice, but we should gather when we have the opportunity. We can't ignore one teaching in order to try to obey another, just because we desire it. Interestingly, if a person rests on the 7th day, other people have no problem guessing their "religion", because this "sign" of the Covenant reveals Who they worship and obey. My best "family" day is Shab-bath.

The Beast instituted an ordinance that required everyone to attend "Mass" on the 1st day of each week, without one single verse in the Writings to support either the 1st day as setapart, or a required gathering. My "gathering" or "convocating" is with my wife and children, who I am to teach diligently the Words of the Covenant. If I work six days (a part of the Commandment), then there is only Shabbath left to diligently teach them. And because it is such a wonderful family time, they will always love and cherish it, and strive to make it their "custom" as well. This is not evil, although some find it different from their habits. It was our Rabbi's custom, as well as Shaul's, to go to the synagogue ~ surely not far away! Why? To teach, and because that's where the Scrolls were. THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE DECEPTION

The dragon, who wages war against the Covenant and Bride of Mashiach, controls the "kingdoms" presently. He institutionalized the power of his religion, and centralized the implementation of his plan in the seat of the most powerful empire, ROME. ROMAN HISTORY

Pagans worshipped the sun, and used fire, the hearth, wreaths, circles, pillars, bells, and many other items seen today as relics of their rituals. Some of the early Roman beliefs came from the Etruscans, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, and of course Babylonians. The central foundation of Roman nationalism began at Roma, the original name of the city and language of the protoempire. The mythology of the Romans taught that the empire began with two orphaned boys named Romulus and Remus, who were nurtured by a she-wolf. Their importance to the early Romans was observed by a national day of "purification", associated with the "wolf" (Latin iupis) that preserved their lives. Each year on their February 15, a purification festival was held which was called "Lupercalia", or wolf festival. 2 youths (who represented Romulus and Remus) ran around the city in the nude, laughing and whipping around strips of wolf

skins, dipped in blood. Unmarried girls exposed their posteriors to be lashed with these bloody wolf hides, supposedly to imbue fertility. As part of the ritual, every eligible girl's name was collected and placed in a large "vat" or jar, and all the young men would "draw" a name from it. This gives us the phrase "luck of the draw". Whatever name a young man would draw out, that girl would be his consort in the festival. This was a very solemn religious process. "Lupercalia" was changed into "Valentine's Day" and moved to the 14th after being "Christianized". Instead of having nothing to do with the idolatry, it was simply altered slightly and adapted to the new "universal" religion. This is where we inherit the custom of "Valentine's Cards", and HEART SHAPED symbols. The shape of the heart is an IVY LEAF, the symbol of Bacchus, the male deity of wine and love (orgiastic). He corresponds to Nimrod and Tam-muz, and also the archer, Saggitarius or "Cupid". Another name for him is Orion, the hunter. The arrow penetrating the "heart" symbol represented mating. Bacchus is seen in art wearing a wreath of ivy leaves on his head during his mating rituals. So, even the familiar "heart" symbol comes from Pagan Rome, and echoes their idolatry, as the symbol of Bacchus.

Rome is established on seven "hills", and each was originally named by the Etruscans. There were settlements on six of these, but the seventh hill was a boggy, swampy place, where the soil was loose. The Etruscans buried their dead there for centuries. Because the graves were shallow, dogs would often go there to dig up and feed on the dead bodies! The Etruscans named this hill VATI-CANUS, meaning habitation ■ of dogs. Later, a Roman ruler named Caligula drained this site, and held enormously popular "carnivals" (Latin for flesh raising). Caligula was a devotee of Bacchus, and held orgies and drunken parties on a regular basis. (The obelisk of Caligula stands today in the center of the chariot wheel design in front of St. Peter's Cathedral (previous page). The Vatican stands on the same hill where the Etruscans buried their dead, so it is an enormous graveyard. The tunnels beneath the Vatican have entire walls made of human bones in certain places. STATUE OF JUPITER

See the pope in the picture above, pucker-ing-up to kiss the toes of the statue? This very image was made by the Romans, and was their Jupiter colossus. It was adopted and renamed "Peter", as they will explain to you if you take a tour of the Cathedral. On certain occasions, it is dressed-up in rich robes and crowned as you see it here, and kissed by throngs of Catholic devotees. The toes are worn smooth from the millions of Catholics and previous Romans who have kissed the statue's foot over the centuries. In the days of El Yahu (Elijah), multitudes are said to have bowed to Baal, and kissed him. Pagan temples often had a colossus idol inside. The "Lincoln Memorial" in Washington is such a colossus, and the inscription on the wall states the place is a "temple". Under the 3-tier miter crown of the image the pope is about to kiss, the statue of Jupiter/Peter has a round "halo", placed there by the sun-worshipping Romans. To associate images with the sun, statues, paintings, and reliefs often had round golden nimbuses or hoops encircling their heads. "It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way." Pr. 19:2. If a Naza-

rene like Paul were to see this place, he would be traumatized by the spectacle. PAGAN CLASH

As goes the family, so goes the nation. The fall of Rome had several causes, but all scholars agree that it was fundamentally caused by the deterioration of the family unit. The old phrase, "all roads lead to Rome" was quite true, and it was because of the efficient and extensive road system that the Roman Empire could conquer, control, and trade so effectively. Their quasi-Persian religion, called "Mithraism" was spread over vast distances, but its center was Rome. During the time of Constantine, a more tolerant policy was adopted toward "foreign" religions, as long as everything could be "fused" under one "universal" doctrinal format. With the newly arriving Nazarene faith, there was a clash between it and Mithraism, and the Pagan rule of Diocletian was perhaps the bloodiest one of all. As a young boy, Constantine had witnessed this clash. As a man, he embraced a policy much different from his predecessors, and tried to appease all sides. His Nicene Council established Easter's universal celebration, and blended essential Pagan customs with Nazarene overtones.


During Constantine's rule, he set up a new center for the Empire at what he called "Constantinople", now re-named Istanbul in Turkey. Since this action abandoned the historical center of the Empire at Rome, it accelerated the collapse of the Empire. The well-established "circulatory system" of Roman roads were now useless. Rome fell into ruin, and attackers from the north reduced it to rubble. It became little more than a squatter's camp. By moving the "capital" or "head" of the Empire, Constantine had inadvertently ripped the "head" off the Roman Empire (the head was separated from the heart, the road system). He had also managed to blend the solar religion of Mithraism with belief in the Nazarene Mashiach, which he confused with the sun. Mithras and "Christ" were one and the same to him. The following is an overview of Mithraic doctrine.


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