The word "Bible" is not found anywhere in the text of the Writings themselves! This is a traditional term given to the inspired words by mankind. The term has been used for so long, people have come to accept it readily.

OWYhy never used the word "Bible", nor did any Nazarene after Him. No prophet uttered the word. And, it's not a translation for what the Writings call themselves either. At Luke 24:44 you will be given insight into what our Prophet of prophets called the Writings themselves. The term was (as He said it): Torah (Law), Nebi'im (prophets), and Kethubim (writings, beginning with Psalms). This is shortened to the one-word TaNaKh, an acronym. We use the words "scuba" and "laser" as acronyms (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). A "scroll" is the Hebrew word "megillah". The Bereans examined the "scrolls", which we now call "books". In fact, the Greek word "biblia" means the same idea. But, you know that "books" are just that; books. Of course everyone knows what "scrolls" the Bereans were exam-ing. They weren't consulting the Egyptian Book of the Dead, or an operating guide to some computer hardware. Shaul, imprisoned (2 Tim. 4:13), requests his cloak for warmth, and his scrolls, especially the "parchments". Hey, that looks like they were using a different term than we do today ~ but where am I going with this? First, let's reflect on an important but overlooked item. We attempt to worship the same Awesome, Mighty, Jealous, and Everlasting hwhy that Mosheh did, Who states "I do not change"Mal. 3:6. This is what He says at Ex. 23:13: "Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other elohim; DO NOT LET THEM BE HEARD ON YOUR LIPS." (See also Ps. 16:4). Today, we assume we can ignore a little thing like that, and call the days of the week by Roman and Norse deities, even calling the planets by ancient idols' names. If we love Him, we will do whatever pleases Him. He watches us, to see if there is any who understand. He is big enough to hold the universe together, and knows where every hair is on your head. He knows if you care, too. He knows your dreams, and your thoughts. No other created being can know what He knows. The Origin of the Word "Bible" This word was originally Phoenician, then passed into Greek, then Latin. It means "books" in Greek, and is only on the cover and commentary text of what we call our "Bibles". It became the name of a Phoenician port city that exported papyrus; so, scrolls, or what we would call "books" came to be called by the name of this port, a city called BY-BLOS. Don't let the "Y" fool you! There is no "Y" in Greek. This port was about 50 miles north of Sidon, and you'll see it on your maps in your "Bible". The reason the city was named "BYBLOS" is because the Phoenicians worshipped a fertility deity named BYBLIA, and her temple was there ! ! ! See the "etymology" now? Calling the words of hwhy by the name of "BYBLOS" / Bible is yet another trick foiled upon us by men long dead. And you can bet it was on purpose. Who would be cunning enough to pull this off? A spatial being bent against us getting at the Truth, ha Shatan. Diablos is blamed again; but those in ignorance are not held accountable, except for what they know. Designs have been made to entrap everyone in a dragnet of false worship, having no basis in The TaNaKh, or Brit Chadasha. Shaul wept for what he knew would happen, and Yahuchanon wrote the Revelation of OWYht which clearly illustrated to him how Babylon would fill the Earth, and collapse on the "Day of HYht". He searches for any who understand. Without wisdom, His Torah, it cannot be understood.

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