T first glance, the title and what it suggests might enrage the average person. By reading a little, you will begin to understand the Truth ~ that what we see in the traditions practiced by Christianity were originally pagan designs. We will show how they admit this is so. We will look at the Scriptures to see if this is valid behavior. If you have ever prayed for Truth, or if you are diligently seeking it, you may find this very helpful. We inherited the habits we have from people of long ago, so no one alive is responsible. "Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened." — Sir Winston Churchill.

To better understand things, this book will restore names and other words to the more accurate 'sound' of their originals. Letters, in any language, are symbols for sounds. Over the centuries, translating the Scriptures from Hebrew into Greek, then Latin, German, and English, led to some loss of meaning. This partly explains why people have difficulty understanding what the Scriptures are saying.

The idea of translating is to find the best word in your language that expresses the meaning of the original word. We say "hello", while a Hawaiian uses "aloha" for both "hello" and "good-bye". Similarly, "shalom" is used to say "peace", and is used as a greeting, or to signal departing. Many times an original Hebrew word is transliterated ~ which means the sounds of the original word are carried over using the letters of the new language. This is commonly done when there is no word in the new language that expresses the same idea. Hebrew is the inspired language.

This is also the way we correctly "sound-off" or pronounce the names of people. Israel's former PM, Benjamin NatanYahu, has a Hebrew name that was properly translIterated in the English language. In his own ears, he can hear his name perfectly pronounced by people of any language! His name also has a meaning, but it would be improper to "translate" his name, or anyone's, just because someone of another language uses it. Your name retains the same sound out of the mouth of people of any language. If you make a friend with someone from Taiwan, they will do their best to pronounce your name as closely as they can to accurately address you as you are accustomed to hearing it. Distortions of people's names have occurred, and we will attempt to restore them to their closest originals in this book. "Noah" was really "Noach", having a "K" sound at the end of it. His son's name, "Shem", means "name". Noach may have named him this as a reminder of the Name of the Creator, which you will discover in this book. The word "Semites" is derived from Shem's descendants, the people who bear the Creator's Name, as referred to at Daniel 9:19. The "SH" sound was lost because Greek has no such sound; so, the more correct word is "Shemites". We inherited little errors here and there. Wouldn't it be great to be able to hear how the Mashiach's Name really sounded? If you can accept it, we will attempt to explain how that can be done. TRUTH and LIES Let's imagine you are 1000 feet in the air, standing on the high steel framework of a new skyscraper under construction. You are supported by each of the steel girders below you, and the massive concrete foundation resting on the bedrock of the Earth. Your primary interest at this point is your safety. The girders below must each be riveted well to one another; because if even ONE is just jammed in with no rivets, the whole structure could fall at any moment! Any girder with no rivets is like a lie, because you put your trust in it as if it were the truth. The only way to know if each girder is "true" is to closely examine each one. To appear to be a part of the structure is not enough in itself,


because you place your trust in every girder below you believing they are "true". So, this book will shake and inspect some frameworks. If you are on a framework made up of 100% truth, then you are safe. If this book can show you the "girders" that have no rivets, exposing the deceptions as the lies they really are, then you would be wise to re-evaluate remaining where you are.

"For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief" Eccl. 1:18. This effort is to inform you and make you wise, and when you become aware, you will mourn. It would be senseless to defend a building which you knew had girders with no rivets, and it would be extremely hazardous to remain there. In fact, you would warn anyone who even went near it. Why? Because of LOVE. Your concern for others can be even greater than self-preservation. Lies are poison, but Truth is like fire; it tests the purity of metals.

In the writings of Daniel 2, a metal image of a man is used to illustrate the kingdoms of the Earth over time. The purity of the metals and their successive devaluation over time is significant. First, the 'head' (beginning) of gold represents the first "kingdom" on Earth, Babylon. It's man-made, ruled by men. Following is the chest and arms of silver, belly of bronze, legs of iron, and feet composed of a mixture of iron and clay. The 'clay' is sometimes thought of as people 'ruling' themselves, as we see today in a democracy. Well, that may well be ~ but also remember that the whole image from head to toe is man's attempt to rule himself. All of these kingdoms will perish, and man will not rule himself; the whole point is that our Creator is coming to restore the Earth. It is not our task to "fix" man's kingdom, or fight it, change it, argue about its economics, lack of moral leadership, or any of that. Conquering, overpowering, killing, dividing, controlling ~ these are not things we do, but they are the things which men ruling themselves do. Lies have become "mixed" into civil government as well as moral government (Church, pulpit), yet trusted in as truth. So, we are "called-out" of the kingdoms of men altogether. If we remain ignorant, we will be found participating in a paradigm (model, process) of traditions that date all the way back to Babylon, the head or beginning. A Rabbi from Nazareth came to deliver the message of the Kingdom: "Repent! For the Reign (Kingdom) of YHWH (Heaven) draws near". "Repent" means turn back, turn around, or return. The Rabbi was saying "shub" in His Hebrew tongue, not the Latin word repent. Today, we say "what is your religion?" "Re-ligion" is also Latin; re- means "go back", start again, return. "Ligare" is the second part, meaning

"bind"; related to the word "ligament", which "binds" our bones together. So, it would appear that even the Latin word "re-ligion" carries the idea that something became unfastened! It was man and his Creator. By tradition, lies have become mixed with truth, and we will uncover, expose, or reveal to you some of the things we inherited from Babylon. They have become "fossilized" in our customs. You may not be able to comprehend everything well because there will be great emotional trauma resulting from what you are about to learn. Just hold on to the knowledge that what we will expose for the lies they are can be completely abandoned ~ and the Truth will suffer no harm at all. It is important to remain humble, continuing to learn. You can recognize a tree by its fruit. The fruit you should bear (show) is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This is the character of our Creator, and His children that walk in His teachings ~ His Commandments of love. They go against no law.

The real reason you have this information is because you have been called-out of the man-made kingdoms. What this book contains is not original, but is based on Scripture and many others' research work. Truth should be more than just entertaining facts. Ample evidence that the Writings are the Truth has been given by the fact that the Mashiach rose from the dead. He is the first "re-born" from the dead, and will never see death. He is the "first fruits" of a great harvest to come. If He spoke of Adam, Noach, and Mosheh (Moses), Daniel, and the creation of the Universe, then it happened the way the Writings explain it. ("Scripture" comes from the Latin word, scrip-tum meaning hand-writing). ETYMOLOGY

Etymology is the study of word origins. The word itself comes from the 2 Greek words, etumo (truth, true) + logos (word). So, it means "true-word". Being a student of etymology, I am an etymologist. In a way, I seek for the origins of words all the way back to the confusion of tongues at Babel. If the whole world was originally of one language, what was it? Since the Creator had a conversation with Adam and many others before the Flood, all His children spoke His language, rather than Him adapting to theirs. The Creator has been with us all through history, and all the prophets spoke and wrote in His language. Etymology can be used like an archaeological tool. The Hebrew word "emet" means truth, and later became the Greek word "etumo". Emet is the root of another Hebrew word, "emunah" which means faithfulness, steadfastness, and fidelity. Emunah is most commonly translated to the English word "faith". "The tsedek (righteous) shall live by his emunah" Hab. 2:4. THIS BOOK'S PURPOSE is to expose the origins of everyday customs and rituals that have become camouflaged in new meanings. Common activities performed today have passed down through time from archaic Pagan cultures. Pagan rituals which have been dressed-up in "new clothing" will be exposed, so your view of the world will have clarity. All this came about because mythological Paganism, superstition, belief in majik, and ignorance were tolerated over the past 19+ centuries ~ in order for our political and religious ancestors to maintain control with a minimum of effort. The model for all mankind to live by will be shown to have been abandoned and outlawed. Our modern traditions could have easily been based on what is true, but instead pagan syncretisms were used to fuse together error and truth. This overwhelmed our ancestors, so we have inherited profaned patterns. Secret brotherhoods have passed much of this knowledge down through the centuries, never allowing the common people to learn about it, because it would cause disruption and loss of control. These "illuminated" men would often speak to one another in Latin (Italic, meaning hidden), to keep their secrets safe, and because Latin is a dead language, meanings of words don't change. You will see that the Earth is ruled by man-made domains focused in 3 main areas: Ecclesiastical, Political, and MerchantHe. Presently, these are under the control of a fallen spatial being called Satan, and his many masquerading "angels of light". There is so much pagan design in Christianity that it leaves no doubt that what has been perpetrated on us is of cunning design; but it is still possible to see through it and escape. The book is written in obedience to Ephesians 5:6-11.

"Satan himself masquerades as a messenger of light. . . His servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness..."

ANTI-LAW TEACHERS vs. dying to sin

The Mashiach could have "fixed their wagon" when He was being beaten to a bloody mess, but He didn't raise a finger. The political machine is used to "exterminate" whatever threatens the authority of the religious establishment.

"Satan himself masquerades as a messenger of light. . . His servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness..."

Reading the Writings by "laity" was banned in 1229 CE, because it would be readily seen that the "system" was off-course. (CE means Christian Era, or Common Era*).

"The understanding of this message will bring sheer terror" ~ so wrote a prophet called "Isaiah" (really Yesha Yahu) at 28:19. The message: "Repent! For the Reign of hYhi draws near!" While the Torah of the Creator was taught, the vineyard (mankind) was green (growing) and fruitful (peaceful) because the living waters provided life to the soil. The Torah, or Commanded Teachings, produce peace. By removing the living waters, the vineyard becomes "dry", withers, and the dead branches will be burned up. A "key" of knowledge has been withheld from the people: the Personal Name of the Creator! When the Bridegroom returns, those unwise "virgins" who think they will have a place in the household of YHWH, will be turned away; having had insufficient light to find their way. The "apostles" knew their way, and you can too. It's narrow, straight, and very easy to follow the path, because it's written down in the best-selling textbook in the history of the world: Scripture! Men have struggled to corrupt it, ignore it, and trick people out of obeying what it says. The first woman was told by the father of lies, "You shall certainly not die" (for ignoring YHWH's law). The liar is now leading millions to "just believe", and disobey the Torah ~ it's not even for you! And, it's working like a dream. WWJD? (What Would J-sus Do) ~ well, the Rabbi would definitely still obey the Torah; after all, He is the law-giver! (The term "rabbi" means my teacher, and is transliterated 17 times in the Messianic Writings. It was used in fact many more times, because whenever you see the word "teacher" or "master", the original word was most likely rabbi). If you don't understand, then you are confused. Learning from drunken (men in a stupor who don't understand) merchants (men who fleece the sheep), the message of the Reign of YHWH sounds like "do and do, rule on rule, a little here, a little there". The message is "sealed" to them, because they have not received a love for the Truth (they have not received a lo/e for the Torah, Wisdom). "For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll" Is. 29:11. "These people come near to Me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me IS MADE UP ONLY OF RULES TAUGHT BY MEN" 29:13. Now, lets find out which parts are "man-made" and not a part of the Eternal Kingdom. "You will not see Me again, until you say, 'baruch haba bashem hYht"'Mt. 23:39 / Ps. 118:26. Nazarenes are saying it again!


Doctrines of Demons

THE OBJECTIVE of the enemy of your soul is to keep you from the truth, and waste your time so you'll die without it. He must distract you, or lead you to think other "smarter" or "educated" men have it all figured, and all you have to do is get dunked, go to a Sun-day assembly, and pay, pay, pay. Arise, shine, for your light has come! The bookstores are filled with books that explain away our confusion. There are even books now that seek to prove that the Author of the Writings is in fact Who they claim it is, using special computer analysis. Names, phrases, etc., are found to be embedded in "harmonics", where words are built into a secret code, like in cryptography. This proves that the Torah is Supernatural. Soon, you will know more than your preacher about what Scripture teaches.


CAMOUFLAGED PAGANISM "Doctrine" means teaching. It's a Latin word, related to "document" (written instruction) and "doctor", meaning "teacher". We have all been trained or programmed from birth with various traditions, rituals, and customs; all paganism is targeted at children. How we keep track of time is a world-wide type of programming. Here we will look into how we came to be trained to think of and organize time ~ in our days, months, and years.

One of the first things we do when we awake each day is check the time. Originally, the hours of daylight were measured using a sundial, and the shadow of the sun marked off 12 "hours" until it set. The marked hours on the dial pass more quickly in the winter months, and slower in the summer months. The variance in the length of an hour is less important than knowing where you are in time relative to the whole day, so this system worked fine. There was no "daylight-saving-time" trick to deal with! However crazy the sundial seems to us, the gaining and losing of an hour is at least as weird. There were always 12 hours in every "daytime". "Noon", Latin nones (9), was the 9th hour from sunrise, or 3 p.m. in the ancient world.

Each day of the week was originally referred to by a number. The 7th day also had a name: Shab-bat, meaning rest. Yes, even Adam and Chuwah, the first man and woman, observed the 7-day week. (There is no one named "Eve" in the Hebrew; this name was embraced to appease pagans because one of the names for their Earth Mother was "Eve" The name Chuwah is derived from the Hebrew word chai, meaning "life" ~ thus her name means mother of the living. The ending -ah renders it feminine, similar to the ending in Sarah. Sarmeans prince, or ruler; Sarah means princess). If you check your "calendar", you will notice the days of the week have been given names. The names were taken from among pagan peoples who honored their deities by calling the days by the names of their idols.

SUN-DAY (day #1) From Latin, dies Soil's, the Day-of-the-Sun. Since Babylon was established, Pagans have worshipped the Sun. Here's a few of the names they've used:

Baal, Shamash, Moloch, Ahura-Mazda, Dagon, Sol, Marduk, Mithras, Krishna, Amon-Ra, Aton, Woden (Odin), Zeus, Deus, and the Druid / Teutonic "God". You may recall that the Pharaoh and the Caesar (Khazar/Czar) were worshipped as the sun. This began with the first king, Nimrod, discussed later. This pattern of worshipping the sun, moon, planets, and stars permeated the Babylonians, Persians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Celts, Mayans, Aztecs, and Indians. The governments were the religion. If they were "good" Pagans, at death they would be transported to the skies (Heaven) to live with their deities. This was called Nirvana, Shambala, or Efysian Fields. The Roman Consul/Emperor Constantine I gave us the term Sun-Day, which he also called Sol Invictus Mithras (the day of the unconquerable sun, Mithras). In 321 CE he decreed under the penalty of death that all artisans, merchants, and people of his Empire cease work on the Venerable Day of the Sun, to honor Mithras. This was a Universal Edict, and is still enforced in our western culture with our "blue laws". (Interestingly, the government phone numbers are printed on blue pages in our US phone books). It was a weekly ritual of sun-worshippers to assemble at dawn on this day to greet the sun at its rising. A great pillar, or sun-ray obelisk was the solar religion's primitive high place, condemned by Scripture as a "pillar of jealousy" ~ secretly interpreted as a male fertility symbol. Various tower designs such as steeples, pagodas, turrets, ziggurats, minarets, spires, obelisks, and pyramids have served Pagans well. The Temple did not have a high place, nor do synagogues! These high places would receive the first hallowed rays of dawn. At this point, bells were rung by hand, as in a shaker-grid, and large ones were struck with oak logs swung horizontally. Gongs struck with hammers were especially fun for the Oriental Pagan, but they also used the familiar bell shape too. In the book, The Conquest of Peru, Prescott is an eye-witness to blatant sun-worship:

"The Inca would assemble at dawn eagerly. They watched the coming of the deity, and no sooner did his first yellow rays strike the turrets, than a shout of gratulation broke forth from the assembled multitude, the wild tunes from barbaric instruments swelled louder and louder as his bright orb shone in full splendor on his votaries."

The Romans considered anyone who did not worship the sun to be an atheist and a traitor, since Caesar was the sun enthroned in a man. Religion, politics, and sports were all different facets of the same thing. Sun-Day will be discussed later too.

MON-DAY (dav #2)

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