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Here in the US, as well as the UK, witchcraft and the occult have become the counter-culture of the young. The Pagan movements are seeking equal use of public facilities, especially those used by popular Christian sects. The gap between the worldly and spiritual is becoming well defined!


The symbolism used on the US Dollar Bill is over 4.000 years old. The eye is seen in the meditation room at the United Nations. The new meanings we read into these symbols represent "revisionism". Those initiated in the occult understand the secret interpretation of the pyramid and eye point back to Nimrod of Babylon. The glowing eye is indeed a symbol of "deity", but a gross Pagan one; the "All-Seeing-Eye" is the same as the Egyptian's symbol of Horus, which was called the "Eye-In-The-Sky", referring to the Sun. Nimrod again. Nimrod was the first king on Earth, establishing Babylon and Nineveh. He was a "tower builder", and most believe his secular title was Sargon I, where "Sargon" means supreme ruler. Nimrod, the name, means "tyrant", equivalent to our idea of a dictator. (The word "deity" means "to shine", and is related to our words day, divine, and diva). Nimrod established human sacrifice, immoliat-ing children through "purifying fire", the meaning of the name "Tammuz"!

The Masons were originally stone-masons. During the late Middle Ages, they organized into guilds, the proto-types of today's unions. By 1776, Adam Weishaupt of the Illuminati in Bavaria successfully melded his organization with the Masonic Lodges, which had evolved into a fraternal sect worshipping a mystic "Great Architect". This "architect" turns out to be Nimrod again, who was worshipped by the Babylonians as Baal (LORD), Moloch (KING), and Adon (LORD, SOVEREIGN) -- Adon later turned into the proper name "ODIN". Hislop's own words best describe this fire-worship started by Nim-rod, for which Shem slew him:

"The name Moloch originally suggested nothing of cruelty or terror; but now the well-known rites associated with that name have made it for ages a synonym for all that is most revolting to the heart of humanity, and amply justify the description of Milton: 'First Moloch, horrid king, Besmeared with blood of human sacrifice, And parents' tears, though, For the noise of drums and timbrels loud, Their children's cries unheard, that Passed through fire To this grim idol.' "In almost every land the bloody worship prevailed; 'horrid cruelty', hand in hand with abject superstition, filled not only the 'dark places of the Earth', but also regions that boasted of their enlightenment. Greece, Rome, Egypt, Phoenicia, Assyria, and our own land under the savage Druids, at one period or other in their history, worshipped the same god and in the same way."

(Quoted from The TwoBabylons, page 151).

The pyramid was sacred to many Pagan civilizations of history, being the top of an obelisk -called a "pillar of jealousy" in Scripture, which the Israelites would not bow to. It was interpreted as a sun ray, but also as a male fertility symbol. It evolved into various religious towers, or "high places", such as steeples or turrets. They all trace back to the ziggurat of Babel. Poles and high structures were always a part of any Pagan temple, which Scripture refers to as an "image" in places. At Nimrod's death, the Babylonians worshipped him as the Sun -- which later was represented by the eagle, seen carrying the golden orb of the sun across the sky (hence our flag-pole ornaments). The eagle seen on the right side of the back of our dollar bill was first adopted by the Babylonians, and this very same pose can be seen by investigating "Ahura Mazda" (Persian/ Assyrian for "wise lord"). This was only a title, but it was still Nimrod -- they adopted the name "Mithras" for the Sun, and used the eagle as his symbol. The Zoroastrians (also fire-worshippers) had priests called "Magi" (magicians) which bore the emblem of their deity on their chests. They wore black garments, because they were constantly working with the ashes of the "sacred fire". Hence, religious garments of Pagans are black (Israel was told to wear only white linen by YHWH). These Pagan priests made "holy water" by putting a lit torch of "sacred fire" into water. So, it will be found that every detail seen in Catholicism can be traced back to Chaldaen Paganism -and much came into the daughters of this Mother of Harlots, most especially her CALENDAR.

So, on the US Dollar Bill, the eagle and the "eye" atop the pyramid are both really Nimrod, who was worshipped as the Sun. The Latin words ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM mean "announcing the birth of a new world order". The goal of the Babylonians was also to "make a name for themselves" (become feared as a nation, identified by their unity and power together to conquer). Nationalism was made with bricks, and the pyramid of power has had men in its grip ever since. They scramble to get to the top of it. The reason for all these cryptic symbols used by Franklin, Jefferson, and the other founding fathers is because these men were mostly Masons. The Masons revere Nimrod as their FOUNDER.

The number 13 is "unlucky" because of a Medieval superstition; the Catholics had interpreted that the "last supper" (a Passover Seder) was on an evening just before a "Fri-Day", and there were 13 men at this seder; actually the "preparation day" for the "Sabbath" was not for the "weekly" Sabbath, but rather the preparation day for the annual Sabbath of the 1st day of Matsah, called "Unleavened Bread". Six of the seven annual Sabbaths may fall on any day of the week, thus the "3 days AND 3 nights" works out as long as one doesn't try to interpret it the Catholic way, Fri-Day to Sun-Day. (The seventh-day Sabbath, now called "Satyr-Day", is a commemoration of CREATION, see Hebrews 4).

We've investigated why "Sun-Day" (the "Day of the Sun" to the sun / fire-worshippers) became the Christian Sabbath in the year 321 CE. Today, a Nazarene (sect of the Natsarim), or what might be called a "Messianic" movement has begun across planet Earth, restoring all things. The Inquisition murdered all of us they could find over the ages, but now we're on the internet. Nimrod, the "lawless one", is the antithesis of the Mashiach. Without the name, or the number of the name of the beast, no man can buy or sell. The real power given to this beast comes from a fallen cherub, called ha shatan; also known by the Latin word, "Lucifer", meaning "light bearer". He is nameless, yet goes by many names. Whose image and inscription is on our currency of exchange? Well, "IN GOD WE TRUST" takes on a strange meaning when you look up the origin of the word "GOD":

"GOD (god) Common Teutonic word for personal object of religious worship, FORMERLY APPLICABLE TO SUPER-HUMAN BEINGS OF HEATHEN MYTH; on conversion of Teutonic races to Christianity, TERM WAS APPLIED TO SUPREME BEING." (Encyclopedia Americana, 1945).

All of this points to the desperate struggle of a creature who is deceiving the whole world, and has successfully hood-winked the nations to conform to a pattern he instituted long ago in Babylon under Nimrod. Alexander Hislop put it into words over 100 years ago, that the papacy was disguised Nimrod worship. His book, The Two Babylons, you can order from Loizeaux Brothers, POB 277 Neptune, New Jersey 07754 (ISBN unknown). Phone: 1-800-526-2796

The "New Covenant" promised at Yerme Yahu 31 has nothing to do with "sacraments" or dispensational "grace" — but rather is the Spirit of the Living Yahushua writing His Commandments on our hearts. Instead of beginning by debating whether or not we must obey a given

Commandment, we must first ask "why" we are separated from our Creator. The answer is, our sin separates us from Him. We can only define what "sin" is by knowing the Commandments. In fact, sin is defined as the transgression of the Commandments. Without the Commandments to identify sin, there would be no sin. Having established the basic fact that the Commandments define sin, and that our ignoring these same teachings separated us from our Maker, and continue to do so, the next step is to accept the fact that we are, in fact, all sinners — we must be "convicted" of our sinfulness. Instead of just "believing" that all we must do is accept Ya-hushua's death as our justification for all past and FUTURE transgressions, we must REPENT, or turn away from sin. We cannot obey in our "mind of the flesh", but we need help; this is how the New Covenant brings us its most powerful promise: Mashiach IN US. Yahushua literally comes into us, and ENABLES us to actually LOVE His Torah, and SAVES us from sin. We can repent of the Paganism, the Popery, the Babylonian fire-worship customs of Nimrod, but without repenting of all the things the Commandments call sin, we will not receive the Spirit of Yahushua (Acts 5:32). Like I've always told my sons, "You've got to really want it!" (This applies to achieving something they want to accomplish; from getting a higher grade, to playing a sport and scoring — Paul spoke of it using the example of a race — by running in such a way so as to WIN). Without the motivation, a person will just sit back and be an observer. Time is long passed for that, it's now time for the harvest workers to appear. Arise! Shine! For your LIGHT has come! The ideas we've summed up in this book can be further condensed into the following words of any unknown author (please take it as humor, yet truth): "The Crispians have the "can opener" (the Mashiach), and the Frozen Chosen have the can of beans (the Torah) -- all we need to do as Natsarim is show these 2 groups the New Covenant -- the Torah written on our hearts!" (Heb. 10, Yerme Yahu 31).

DEATH ROW Each one of us — no matter how healthy, free, or young — is on death row. None of us know the day or hour of our death, yet it hangs invisibly right before us all. Those who searched the occult for answers only met failure. Walt Disney had an obsession with the occult, and at the moment of his death, he arranged to be cryogenically frozen at that point — in the hope that one day medical science could revive him and extend his life. We live in bodies of DEATH. mal's natural lifespan. Humans, when compared with the rest of the respirating animals, live longer than expected. We've learned how to extend our lives just a bit. If humans were to live lifespans predicted from the pattern of weight, heart and breath cycles for the rest of the animals, they would only live from 30 to 35 years. But, each of us only has so many breaths and heartbeats, then it's over. We must use our time here wisely.

Christianity, as we know it, is what Paul prophesied would happen after he was gone. Men would rise up and plunder the flock, and lead the Body into apostasy, and follow after myths. Worse still, they have become lawless, replacing the Commandments of YHWH with traditions of men. Having said this, it may sound like I am condemning Christians -- but nothing could be further from the truth. Out of them, YHWH is calling forth a remnant, that will lead the world as Israel was intended to originally, because they are finding out they ARE Israel. YHWH has stated there is to be one "law" for the native born, and foreigner. His Torah is the wedding covenant, and the New Covenant in Yahushua's blood is written on our hearts, not like the old one in stone. Pagans did not know they were only worshipping "idols", the names they used meant just as much to them as they do to most Christians. So, if a Christian learns the true non-Pagan words, and certainly the personal Name of the One they claim to worship, how could it be they would still cling to the uncleanness and errors more so than the Truth? The answer is just as I stated: it's programming. Repenting is certainly difficult unless it has been given as a free gift (faithfulness). Being "faithful" to the programming is not repenting -- being faithful to the Truth requires real sacrifice. Friends, family, and other brothers and sisters in the old way can be powerful glue to keep change from occurring. This is what the parable of the Sower is all about. Rather than excusing and defending the long history of an apostate religion, we must plow ahead without looking back. It would be far more comfortable to remain within the structure of Christmas, Easter, and Sunday, but we must decide whom we will serve -- witchcraft and Satan, or the Creator YHWH. That's why Satan is called a "deceiver"; he has people thinking they are serving YHWH, but they are really obeying him. Looking at what YHWH says He likes, then turning away and following the Pagan format is truly a strange way of showing it. Satan is masquerading. You can't peel away YHWH's ways and find dirty Paganism underneath them, because He is not wearing a costume like Satan is.

YOUR FIRST STRUGGLE: OBEDIENCE OBED — Hebrew for "servant". Who is a servant of hwhy? The one who obeys. Like the rainbow He has set in the clouds as a "sign" of His Covenant with all living creatures to never destroy the Earth by water again, He has established a "sign" between Him and His bride, those who have chosen to obey His Voice, His Word.

Starting in Genesis, the 7th day was established as a sign which shows to YHWH who we worship as CREATOR, since this 4th Commandment was given to commemorate creation. The Great Prostitute hates the "mark" of hYht, which is the "sign" of His Covenant. The Sabbath has nothing to do with the Resurrection, but people have been hypnotized to believe otherwise. The texts we usually hear used to "prove" the disciples changed the Sabbath to "Sun-day" to celebrate the Resurrection of Yahushua are examined here, because you will find great resistance to obeying the true Shabbat. Concerning the "Day of hwhy (translated "day of the LORD") at Rev. 1:10, many have been taught that this was "Sunday", yet it is really the future time of testing which Yahuchanon was writing about, as he said he was "in the spirit", a vision of the time of wrath was being shown to him. If he wanted us to know what day of the week it was, he would have said so, by saying "on the first day of the week" like other passages did.

Let's look at the texts about "SUN-DAY", which people seem to "see" in Acts 20, and 1 Corinthians. I can understand how strong the pressure is to not rock the boat, but it is only Tradition that has "interpreted" selected texts in order to attempt some Scriptural basis for a "Sun-day" observance. You will notice that the "Sabbath" is referred to in Hebrews 4, and it remains for the people of YHWH. Paul never stated that it was any other day, nor did Luke in his mentioning it in Acts. Acts 1:12 even mentions the "Sabbath's distance" of about 3/4 mile, and the NIV footnotes verify this. This was not a "Sun-day". The best way to prove to yourself that Shabbath is the same day as it has always been is to just go through the entire book of Acts, and circle the word "Sabbath" every time it appears. Acts was written many years after the Resurrection. It was Constantine who instituted the "Sun-day Sabbath" change.

At Acts 20:7, Paul was preparing to leave the next morning, and the Sabbath had ended at sunset, and he and Luke (the writer) came together with a small group in a house, "on the first day of the week". Luke records "there were many lamps" in this upstairs room, because it was after dark, the beginning of the 1st day of the week -and Paul went on speaking until midnight. Little Eutychus fell asleep and dropped out the window!

It says they "broke bread", meaning they had a meal, like the meal Yahushua had with the two men on the road to Emmaus. (Yahushua was invited in, and "When He was at the table with them, He took bread, gave thanks, BROKE it, and began to give it to them" - Luke 24:30). "Breaking bread" is just eating.

At 1 Cor. 16:2, Paul was writing to the Corinthians to prepare for their gift to YHWH's PEOPLE (the poor in Yerushaliyim), since he would be soon passing through on his way to Yerushaliyim. This was not a collection for YHWH's "work", but rather it was for the poor, and it was only for that specific occasion! The "first day of the week" was (and still is) the first work day of every week, and so the people were to make this collection then, so everyone would do it in an orderly way - there is no "Scriptural" law of any kind to have this done at all times everywhere. The Corinthians may have met together at their synagogue on the 7th-day Sabbath (those who wished to), and then the funds for the poor were collected the following day, from the previous week's proceeds. This is not a big mystery, but it has been turned into a business by the ravenous wolves who plunder the flocks, and has been the tradition for well over 1,000 years under the authority of the Great Prostitute. Pesach (Passover) is the remembrance of our Passover Lamb, and Ya-hushua is metaphorically called the "Bread" of life, which came down from Shamayim. It is apparent that the wolves want to take 10% from their followers, and yet Paul wept for years over this, if you check what he told the elders at Acts 20:13-38. We take the emblems of bread & wine only ONCE every year, at Pesach, which is twilight as the 14th of the first moon begins Scripturally. Our "Roman" calendar is the "beast's", the golden cup filled with abominations in the prostitute's hand (man-made festivals, not YHWH's).

At 1 Cor. 5:7-10, Paul says "For Mashiach, our Passover Lamb, has been slain. Therefore LET US KEEP THE FESTIVAL, not with the old yeast . . . but with bread made without yeast, the bread of sincerity and truth." Christendom has consistently framed Sabbaths and the festivals like Passover as "legalistic", and a "yoke" of bondage -- missing the meaning. It has turned previously Pagan observances into its own "legalism", and made man-made traditions replace the Torah observances, lived by and taught by the first Nazarenes. Christianity as it developed from Catholicism, later giving birth to her daughters the Reformers, HAS NEVER HAD a Passover, but instead invented their own "method", bent on plunder and decep

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