The Place Of Plotinus In The Development Of Greek Philosophy

The Unity of Plotinus and that of Spinoza—Eastern Influences upon Plotinus--Apparent Opposition between him and the main Greek Philosophers—Tendencies towards his Mysticism in Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoics—Transition from the Stoics to Plotinus through the Sceptics—Necessity of .Regress of Thought to the Absolute Unity—Different Ways in which this Regress is conceived by Plotinus and Hegel—The Degrees in the Hierarchy of Powers in Plotinus as summing up the History of Greek Philosophy—The Movement from Materialism to Idealism and Spiritualism and from both to Mysticism—The Logical Procedure of Plotinus in his Ascent to the One—His Descent by the aid of Metaphors and Images—The Law of the Outflow of Energy from the Higher to the Lower,

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