The Philosophy And Theology Of Philo

Philo's place in the History of Thought—His Allegorical Interpretation of Scripture—The Allegorical Method, its Advantages and Defects—Characteristics of Creek and of Hebrew Thought—Effect of their Fusion in Philo—Philo's Idea of God—The two Texts : God is not as a Man, and God is as a Man—Difficulties as to the Transcendence and the Immanence of God—The Conception of the Logos in Philo—Whether the Logos is Personal or Impersonal—The two Powers of God, Wisdom and Sovereignty—Conflict of the Idea of the Logos with the Idea of God—Philo's Account of the Creation of Man—Relation of Man to God—The* Division in Human Nature—The Via Negativa as leading to Ecstatic Unity with God—The Problem of Neo-Platonism as stated by Philo,

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