The Influence Of Gkeek Philosophy Upon Christian Theology

The Double Aspect of Christianity as Optimism and as Pessimism—Its Opposition to Gnosticism in both aspects— Christianity presented at first as Embodied in an Individual— The Power of such an Individual Presentment—Its Hidden Meaning—Change from the Social Religion of earlier times— The Christian Church as a Society of Individuals—Its Hope of the Messianic Kingdom or State—Transition from the Messianic Idea to the Logos—±The Controversies about the Person of Christ and the Trinity—Their Significance as to the Relation of God and Man—How Neo-Platonism influenced their Development—Tendency to emphasise the Negative Side of Christianity—St. Athanasius and St. Augustine—Elements in Christianity antagonistic to Neo-Platonisrn—Ultimate Effect of Neo-Platonism, . 347-372

INDEX, 373

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