The Genekal Chabaotee Of The Philosophy Of Plotinus

Plotinus as the Mystic par esccelleme—Mysticism as Religion in its most Abstract Form—Its Contrast with Judaism and with other Religions—The Consciousness of the Absolute One as exclusive of all other Consciousness—The Impossibility of Defining or Expressing it—Embarrassment of the Mystic—Relations of Mysticism to Pantheism—Tennyson, Goethe, and Spinoza—Positive Aspect of Spinoza's Philosophy—The Restoration of Finite Reality through its Negation—The Presence beyond Knowledge—The Centre of the Soul in God—The Choragus and the Choir—PJotinus' Struggle for Utterance—The Transcendent God of Mysticism and the Immanent God of Pantheism, . . . 210-233

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