The Final Results Of The Aristotelian Philosophy

Ambiguity of the Doctrine that Contemplation is Higher than Action—Sense in which it is True—Religion as a Consciousness which is beyond the Distinction of Theory and Practice— Possibility of attributing View to Aristotle—His Idea of the Life of God—Its Contrast with the Life of the World— How Aristotle connects them—The Unmoved Mover-—God as the Object of Love to the World—Difficulty of attributing to God a Transeunt Activity-—The Metaphor of the Army and its General—The Dilemma of Aristotle—The Simplicity of the Divine Thought—That it includes all the Forms of Things—Difficulty of conceiving them as realised in Matter— The Identity and Difference of Thought and its Object—Conflict of Idealism and Dualism in Aristotle—" The Earnest Expectation of the Creature "—Final Ambiguity of Aristotle's Thought, 1-30

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