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Blessed arc the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Gospel of St. Matthew 5:8)

In Christian Gnostic teachings, it is said that the indwelling Christ is seated in the heart, and the Sophian teachings often say that the Spiritual Sun is within and behind the heart center. Thus, the cornerstone of spiritual practices in the Sophian tradition is the opening of the heart center and going and living within the sanctuary of the heart. It is for this reason that the majority of the methods of mystical prayer and meditation taught in the Sophian tradition begin with the visualization of the Spiritual Sun in the heart, constantly directing our attention to this holy center—the sacred heart.

The phrase "within and behind the heart" may sound odd at first, but it points to a truth in our experience of going within. As we go within the sanctuary of the heart, we discover that what we called our "heart" at the outset is not truly our heart center. Rather, it is a vital encrustation

of desire, fear, and grief that forms around the heart. Selfishness, lust-greed, and fear-hatred cloud and obscure the purity of the heart and form something akin to a husk of darkness enclosing it Thus, Gnostic Christianity speaks of the circumcision of the heart—the removal of this husk oi vjta! energy from the heart center.

We often speak of our heart "breaking.' In truth, it is not the heart center that breaks,- it is the husk of admixture and darkness that shatters. This husk is the product of the ego-illusion and is formed of pride and arrogance, envy and jealousy, lust and greed, anger and hatred, insecurities and doubts, feelir-.gs of rejection and betrayal, all of the griei and pain of our personal history, and every form of negativity we can name. In taith, our heart must be allowed to break and shatter completely. When it does, we shall discover that it was not our heart, but this binding husk that broke. In fact, we will realize this "breaking" of the "heart" is actually the heart center opening!

It is our fear of a broken heart, and seeking to avoid the grief and pain that go along with the joy and pleasure of this life, that causes tne vital encrustation. Thus, if we arc willing to allow the heart to break and to embrace the grief and pain along with the joy and pleasure, this husk oi admixture and darkness falls away, revealing our true heart which ••. innately loving, compassionate, and luminous. What we shall discover is that the heart is infinitely spacious, and that there-is room for everyone and everything in it—a state e: nonattachmcnt and nonaversion, which reflects a holy awareness of sacred unity. It is a realization of the innate goodness in ourselves and others, which in essence is the Christos, the living presence and power of God.

Quite naturally, the appearance of friend, stranger, and enemy falls away, and there is no saint or sinner, angel or demon, light or darkness There is only this presence of awareness that beholds the divine being within all things and beyond all things. It is as though everyone and everything is a face of the Beioved. It is an experience that transcends any words with which we might attempt to describe it. It is the natural outcome of becoming empty of oneself, the experience of a mystical death and rebirth in the Spirit, complete surrender to the di vine will, and allowing oneself to be utterly consumed by the holy desire for unification with divine being. Thus, in the Beatitudes, Yeshua is speaking of the spiritual life and practice of the Way to Christ consciousness,- yet he is also speaking.of the stages that occur as Christ consciousness is realized. It is an essential teaching on the Way and the Attainment.

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